Court case could deprive Maldivians of Hajj pilgrimage, Islamic Ministry warns

Minister of State For Islamic Affairs Mohamed Didi has expressed concern that Maldivians might not be able to make the Hajj pilgrimage this year if a court case contesting the choosing of eight groups authorised to transport pilgrims is not resolved in time.

The Civil Court issued a stay order or temporary injunction (Dhivehi) on Thursday (April 11) instructing the Islamic Ministry not to proceed with the chosen Hajj groups pending a ruling on the legality of the selection process.

The order was issued after four Hajj filed a lawsuit against the Islamic Ministry for allegedly deciding not to evaluate their proposals. The four companies claimed that the ministry violated procedures and guidelines in place for choosing Hajj Groups.

A quota of 874 pilgrims for the Maldives was meanwhile divided among the eight companies selected by the Islamic Ministry.

The quota was reportedly filled an hour after the eight chosen Hajj groups were officially authorised or licensed to serve pilgrims, prompting complaints from the public.

Permanent Secretary Mohamed Didi told Minivan News today that the Islamic Ministry had to sign an official agreement with the Saudi Arabian government to finalise the approved Hajj Groups.

“We have already sent the names of Hajj Groups that we have allowed and the Saudi government will call us to sign the agreement any moment now.  If we had to say no we can’t sign the agreement because we are not sure these Hajj Groups would be able to take people to Saudi Arabia this year as planned, then the Saudi government might not give us another chance,” Didi explained.

If the Civil Court case was not resolved before the agreement with the Saudi government had to be signed, Didi warned of the possibility that all Maldivians wishing to make the pilgrimage this year through local Hajj Groups would miss the opportunity.

“We will respect the court ruling and we are waiting for the court to reach a conclusion on the case,” Didi said.

The lawsuit was filed at the Civil Court by Almanasik Hajj Group, AlFath Hajj And Umra Group, Alsafa Hajj Group, Classic Hajj and Umrah Group.

Performing the annual Hajj pilgrimage at least once in a lifetime is among the five pillars of Islam.


10 thoughts on “Court case could deprive Maldivians of Hajj pilgrimage, Islamic Ministry warns”

  1. The Arabian Deception squeezing the poor of their sanity, their kids education funds...oh my...

  2. Silly Maldivians. Spending their life-savings on a terrorist-breeding state which is in cahoots with infidel America and evil Israel, so that they could go camping in the desert, like the pagans of Arabia did. The last feythaambaru cleverly incorporated this superstitious tourism trade into his religion to make big money and the dinars have been flowing since - not just into the pockets of the Arab overlords but also into their minions' all across the colonial empire - an example being the Maldivian tour operators and Pure Gold and Zakat Inc. (also known as the Islamic Ministry). Maldivians being the fools that they are will keep on giving everything they have to these Arabs and their mullahs only to get cheap hotels, racism, influenza and garudhiya on Eid. LOL. Pathetic.

  3. As it is heard, this is not a case that the groups who went to courts had to go if the Ministry and this Didi had some common sense!

    It is said that some papers related to ID card or some other thing, that should have been there were missing.

    I would guess the Ministry being Islamic had an obligation to do justice to everyone through communication and dialogue!

    If they had followed Islamic principles as ordained, this would have not happened, I am a hundred percent sure about it!

    However, it is heard that there is vested interests of some high profile personnel within the Ministry which is not so alarming!

    I would believe that the Ministry would have to accept a share of blame and whatsoever if they did not mention at the time of call that any bid that had any documentation missing shall be nullified and will not be presented for evaluation.

    Being the Islamic Ministry, it could have been merciful, and evaded this uncalled incident!

  4. @homo

    just out of curiosity is that the only self identity you have is being a "homosexual". Dont get me wrong, am fairly liberal with what other people want to do with themselves (regardless of how filthy it is), but its pathetic that the identity you want to be represented as is a homosexual. Insecure much?

  5. The holy place of worship by the Muslims was used as a holy place of worship by the pagans for hundreds of years.

    In recent times, there are whole heap of people traveling to an isolated town in Northern Australia on a pilgrimage to witness fish that had rained on the town. Yes, fish had literally fallen off the sky. This is a natural phenomenon that has been occurring since time immemorial, oblivious to the desert dwelling Bedouins of the 7th Century. How it happens is, a whirl wind scrapes off the surface of the sea with extraordinary force and pulls fish or whatever that is in its path and dumps it somewhere else.

    One such event during biblical times was the “Manna and Salva” (Apparently, a bird that tasted like chicken, possibly quail) that came down from “heavens” for the people of “Bani Israel”. Apparently, the jews (Bani Israelites) got bored of eating “Manna and Salva” and complaint to Prophet Moses that they wanted to eat Onions and Garlic!! Since they couldn’t get it, they went on strike, apparently the first ever strike that had taken place!

    Oh well I have been to Umra but I am wondering if similar events have analogies for the inquiring mind. If I question about those events, would I be considered as a heretic or being blasphemous?

    So called “Godmen” have used such natural phenomenon to instill fear in the faint-hearted and weak minds for eons. Shouldn’t one be cautious and conscious of the dogma that is forced into our throats?? Is it being weak in our faith or being strong enough in establishing the veracity of such dogmas?

    If you don’t believe please Google:

    There are other instances where strange objects have fallen out of sky.

    1794: French soldiers stationed in Lalain, near Lille, reported toads falling from the sky during heavy rain.

    1857: Sugar crystals as big as quarter of an inch in diameter fell over the course of two days in Lake County, California.

    1876: A woman in Kentucky reported meat flakes raining from the sky. Tests found the meat was venison.

    1902: Dust whipped up in Illinois caused muddy rain to fall over many north-eastern U.S. states.

    1940: A tornado in Russia brought a shower of coins from the 16th Century.

    1969: Golf balls fell from the sky on Punta Gorda in Florida.

    1976: In San Luis Opisbo in California, blackbirds and pigeons rained from the sky for two days.

  6. @Homosexual on Sun, 14th Apr 2013 9:38 PM

    "Silly Maldivians. Spending their life-savings on a terrorist-breeding state which is in cahoots with infidel America and evil Israel..."

    There's a certain amount of truth to what you say. Regardless of the historical importance of Makkah, we can all agree that it's a historically significant cultural site. The Saudis, in their typical tasteless manner have converted this place into a Vegas of Arabia.

    You think I am joking? Overlooking the Haram are ghastly hotels such as Hilton, The Clock Tower etc, all catering for the super rich. Is that what Makkah and Hajj supposed to cater for and symbolise? Of course not.

    And how about the Paris Hilton Boutique in Makkah? Oh yes, faithful people; now you can reserve a place in Heaven (with the obligatory rivers of wine and virgins), and at the same time, pamper yourself in this world thanks to Paris Hilton.

    Ah, what more can a Muslim ask for? Who wouldn't want to save up for that? These silly "kafir" will never understand that Muslims are guaranteed a spot in Heaven. Hence, we can enjoy the best of both worlds.

  7. Correction:

    "Regardless of the historical importance of Makkah, we can all agree that it’s a historically significant cultural site. "

    Should read:

    "Regardless of the religious importance of Makkah, we can all agree that it’s a historically significant cultural site."

  8. some of the comments here could be classified as really muruthahdhu vun !

    why is a newspaper registered in Maldives posting such openly anti-islamic comments ?

  9. @Geronimoo

    Please don't be gullible in swallowing whatever that is fed to you. Be a rational thinker. I am sure you have the kind of grey matter upstairs to engage in an independent inquiry for yourself. Please choose your religion out of your own choice, as Noble Quran has rightly mentioned, there is NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION (Quran Soora Baqara verse 256). Don't follow a particular faith just because of your parents. The reason why most of us are subscribing to a particular religion is because of our parents. Had we been born to either, Christian, Jew or Zoroastrian parents, we would probably be following one of those faiths. It is simply an accident of birth where we have no choice. Apparently, 95% of the people do not change the faith that they were born into. Geronimoo wake up man, we are in the 21st Century ennu.


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