Civil Court orders police to return all seized assets of accused drug lord

The Civil Court has ordered police to return all the assets seized from Adam Naseer that were confiscated during an investigation of his activities in 2010.

After the Criminal Court acquitted Naseer, the Civil Court ruled that there were no legal grounds for police to withhold the assets and ordered them returned in one month.

The Civil Court ordered police to return all the cash, three HSBC gold visa card, one HSCB silver card, one mobile phone SIM card, two HP laptops, a paper with the HSBC card’s pin code written on it, one CD, three papers containing information about Dhiraagu, a prepaid SIM card’s guide book, one Fujitsu laptop, his passport, one car and motorbike registration,  one speedboat registration and two cheque books.

Police searched Naseer’s home in Addu Atoll on June 30, 2009, where they found over MVR 6 million (US$461,500) in cash and a tin containing drugs outside his house. Police subsequently alleged that he was one of the top six drug lords in the Maldives.

However the Criminal Court acquitted Naseer on the grounds that the state had not been able to convince it that the money found inside his house was earned through drug trafficking, or that the tin containing money outside his house belonged to him. The state appealed the case at the High Court, which upheld the lower court’s verdict.

In May 2010 Naseer sued police seeking the return of the money.


6 thoughts on “Civil Court orders police to return all seized assets of accused drug lord”

  1. Its either send Abdulla Gazi back to Girifushi or return everything to Adam Naseer. You cant have the cake and eat it too.

  2. What about the interest he would have earned had that money been in the bank?

    Better still, how about the profits he would have got, if he had it to roll over a few more coke?

    The court must be sued for not advocating to get these lost revenue from the Government!

  3. Filthy court. Filthy bloody Judge. Filthy Ablo Ghaazee and Filthy Baaghee Waheed and stinking little Nazim with 5gm less Baaghee Commissioner Riyaz. Lovely Champa Uchu!

  4. Well, we all know who this guy is and he was standing accused of the just causes.. Lets see...what did i miss...? got any deal any of you? willing to sell..

  5. I hope this guys, his supporters and other drugggies, who are a menace to their own families, friends and themselves are caught big time. They are destroying our youngsters with their poison and cheap dosh.

    The ideal situation is to realise their mistakes and mend their ways, as many such saddos do elsewhere in the world. But, for sure some would be too timid and weak too make that brave decision.


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