Judge’s public sexual misconduct charge upheld

The High Court yesterday (27 August) concluded a case appealed by former Civil Court Judge Mohamed Hilmy and his wife Aiminath Ali after the Criminal Court ruled that they were guilty of having sex in public.

On December 21, 2011, the Criminal Court ruled that the pair were guilty as charged and sentenced them to six months banishment and 15 lashes.

Hilmy had argued that his arrest was part of a police set-up.

The High Court ruling stated that, according to the statements provided by the police officers that attended the scene, they first saw a motorbike parked on the road near the beach area and, discretely approaching the beach, saw the pair sitting on the shadowy beach with their pants down.

According to the police officers the shadows of the pair were visible each time the Hulhule’ tower light passed them and as they walked closer they noticed that Aiminath Ali had her pants down to her feet, Hilmy’s trousers were down to his knees, and Aiminath was sitting on Hilmy’s lap.

When the police officers approached within six feet and turned the searchlights on the pair, Aiminath Ali got up and moved quickly to put up her pants but one of the police officers ran and held her hand. Police said she tried to pull her pants up using her other hand but another officer came and handcuffed her.

According to the police officers Hilmy got up and started running but he was also stopped and handcuffed.

The officers reported back to their superior in Hulhumale’ police station – Sub-Inspector Muthaba Abdulsattar – and he instructed the officers to take pictures of the couple as they were.

Hilmy, who has heard high-profile cases including former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s request for an injunction against the Presidential Commission, and the Herathera Resort dispute, was suspended from the bench soon after his arrest.

Shahinda Ismail, then President of the Police Integrity Commission, confirmed to Minivan News at the time that a complaint was filed by the Judges Association (JA) and the Judicial Services Commission (JSC), alleging that the judge was arrested through a police set up regarding an issue that had arisen as a result of his work in the courts.

“In their letter, the JSC said the JA are saying that he has complained to them, that he was walking in with his fiancé and police came and handcuffed both of them and basically undressed them by force,” she said.

The police denied the accusations at the time in a public statement.

“The two had to be taken into custody on suspicion of sexual behaviour in a public place as they were at the garbage dump in the south of Hulhumale’ with their pants down,” police said.


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  1. So a victim of sexual harassment is being charged with sexual misconduct. My my my the brave and shrewd officer who handcuffed a woman trying to cover herself.

  2. “... suspicion of sexual behaviour ... with their pants down,” police said.

    Well, well, the whole world has seen the ugly belly of a man (certainly with pants down) hanging over his underwear, and swinging his manhood in front of a prostitute. That man is sitting very comfortably on the Supreme Court bench.

    In the Maldives, that sort of behaviour seems to be "sexual conduct" rather than "misconduct"!

  3. What next? Arresting pigeons that have sex on window sills? Or cats that have sex in the woods? Cutting flowers before they can be pollinated? LOL. Dhivehistanis are obsessed with sexual reproduction - an unhealthy obsession born out of repressive Islamic morals.

    So we have these 100 percent Islamic judges, who punish girls for sex, having sex in public. We have gay politicians who in the morning say homosexuality is a sickness and at night sleep with their boytoys. We have the mullahs saying women who don't bodybag themselves are inviting rape and the Wrath of Allah, while they go and drink Bonaqua with such women. And we have the police who throw drag parties but arrest people who have sex on the beach. The new dictionary definition for hypocrisy should be Dhivehistan.

  4. woohoooo! I like this news. police are getting hornier by the day. Hey! The cop who handcuffed the lady must have surely read the best seller' Fifty Shades of Grey'??? Or er.....heard about it!

  5. STOPP your RESPECTLESS comments.
    It is by far much better for you all to go home and follow the commands of Allah (SWT). And who of you all is without any failure can open ypur mouth.!!!!

    SHAME on you that a reverted Western Muslima has to say you this.....

  6. @sara

    It is time for your imperialist oppression on our land to end. We shall strike down the three pillars that hold up your kingdom of sin.

    The trade of oil. We shall develop cheap, clean sources of power and go completely carbon-neutral.

    The trade of heroin. We shall shut down the demand for your drugs and build a society where we will punish the pushers, not the victims.

    The trade of slaves. The brave freedom fighters in Sinai are already fighting against the wicked bedouin.

    If you have any problems with us (maybe you consider us laadheenee), why dont you bring your al-lat and al-uzza to fight us? Wh- oh wait, they're just stone idols. Fake - like your faith.

    For a new dawn, for freedom from the arab caliphate's foul exploitation! Now and forever!

  7. I am ashamed to have started to read this article. Shame on you Mr. Ahmed Naseer. Please edit your unprofessional language.

  8. @maldivan man
    What a poor-minded statement!

    And keep in mind I am not THE WEST...
    I am simply Sara 🙂 😉

  9. @Dhiraasaa

    I agree with you. Thanks. It is time to fire this so called " journalist"

  10. @sara

    Let's shoot the messenger, right?

    The details provided prove the hypocrisy of the authorities, from arresting officers to the judges sentencing them.

    Laws against indecent exposure exist to protect the general public, especially children from perverts etc

    They were consenting adults in a secluded area. Even so if laws were broken the officers were working within their authority to arrest them. But the manner of arrest is clearly a violation of human decency, it was sexual harassment.

    If the couple were charged with indecent exposure or sexual misconduct, the arresting officers should be charged for the same crime, they prevented them from covering up.

  11. @ peasant

    Thanks for explaining ... only one more question...

    Who is telling you that the prescribed "facts" in this article are true????

    And if it would be the case... is it necessary to blame this individuals and their families????

    Is this what our God wants????

  12. What I don't get is why they took pictures. How can it be evidence? As Gasim says this is the age of tekunolojee where you can edit videos to make judges look like they're fornicating with Russian escorts. So why take pictures?

  13. @sara, you are more poor-minded. Why? Because your cult is the root cause of sexual repression - the fact that your allow your filthy rich elite to engage in the same things you so vehemently protest against.

    So yes, I'll call you an imperialist tool of foreign oppression. And once again, if you don't like it, come down here to Maldives and bring your fake gods with you.

  14. @sara

    "The High Court ruling stated that, according to the statements provided by the police officers that attended the scene...."

    Re read the article, it is the statement given to the court by the police themselves.

  15. Yes @peasant
    Whatever the truth may be....
    But my question was.... is it really necessary to blame those individuals and their families un the media??? Can you understand what a damage this can cause to their lifes or even to the lifes of their kids if they read this article sbout their parents one day????

    You see man who ever you are.... this was my
    main concern from the beginning of my

    I understood the minivan article... but do you undetstand the point of my comment???


  16. Sara,

    You must be new to minivan if you think that this article was meant to deride the victims and their families.

    I live in this country and believe me I can understand the brutality of our police, the selectiveness of our laws, the prosecution of victims is rife.

    sara on Wed, 28th Aug 2013 8:08 PM

    I agree with you. Thanks. It is time to fire this so called ” journalist”"

    Minivan is the only news outlet which points out the hypocrisy.

    You wanted Minivan to fire their journalist, so no, I do not understand your comment.

  17. @peasant

    It's just the ol' "hide you head in the sand, pretend to be pious and shoot any messenger" attitude the wannabe religious have.

    I still dont see any stone idols of tyrannical bedouins coming to stop me, though.

  18. Sexual misconduct case puurges on while the judge who frequents the brothels in sri lanka comfortably sits on his high seat in the supreme court.

    Tsk tsk tsk


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