Civil Court returns missing Rf10,000 to owner

The Civil Court of the Maldives has returned Rf10,000 (US$778) after the money was lost by its owner.

The Rf10,000 was found by a person the court identified as Abdulla Zuhury of Hithadhu in Seenu Atoll.

Zuhury found the money on the pavement near Sultan Park on October 22, and handed it to the Civil Court, Chief Judge Ali Sameer said.

The Civil Court then issued an announcement informing the public that it held lost Rf 10,000 and asked the owner of the money to claim for it.

A person named Mohamed, of Alimasge of Hulhudhu in Seenu Atoll, came forward to claim the money.

The court decided that Mohamed was the legitimate owner of the money after he told the court the color of the bag the money was in, the area it was found in, and the denomination of notes.

The court handed the money to him declaring that later if the court found out that he was not the owner of it, it would be handed over to the court again.


4 thoughts on “Civil Court returns missing Rf10,000 to owner”

  1. Now we hope that such stories of goodness of Maldivians will be expressed publically more often. There are so many Maldivians who do proud to the country. See how little news coverage is given to these things while politics and Islam is what the media goes crazy about.

  2. Mr.Zuhuree is one of he best employees of Audit office, i am proud to be working with him. such a nice person.

  3. What a really nice man. I just ran across this website and the first thing I have ever seen about the Maldives is this wonderful, honest person. Bravo!
    Hue Ayala
    Houston TX


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