Comment: Rehendhi a Minivan News plot to promote “national sissyness” and “lesbian relations”

English translation of a statement published yesterday on the website of the religiously conservative Adhaalath Party.

Signs of actions are now being seen from Minivan News that it has started a special campaign against the (Religious Lesson) ‘The Call 2010’, which [Islamic NGO] Jamiyyathul Salaf is preparing to host this month.

We have been informed that Minivan News, which even from its onset has been involved in openly protesting against such religious activities and trying to instill doubt in ordinary people, is a website led by President Nasheed’s (younger) brother Nazim Abdul Sattar. Even before, on various different occasions, the (Minivan News) website has been openly insulting Islamic slogans, and many people who love Islam have already called to have the website banned.

Jamiyyathul Salaf is organising ‘The Call’ 2010 which is to be held in the first week of June. ‘The Call’s’ first lecture was held in 2009. Based on the Special Lectures by Dr. Bilal Philips, ‘The Call 2009’ paved way for, especially, many religion-loving youth to get wide-ranging religious information.

‘The Call’ 2009 was so successfully conducted due to the generosity of many religion-loving people. Sponsorship is now open for ‘The Call’ 2010. Thereby, many religion-loving Maldivian businessmen, from among the Maldivian businessmen, are now contributing generously.

We have noticed that Minivan News has kick-started a special campaign to prevent such donations (to The Call 2010). Under this campaign the first among those targeted are the leading businessmen of Maldives.

A petition letter has been prepared and posted on Minivan News website calling for Sonee Sports not to give any aid to The Call 2010.

Although Minivan News writes that Rehendhi is an underground feminist movement, this latest campaign started by Minivan News is similar to the former such campaigns conducted by Minivan News.

We have been informed that the Rehendhi association was borne out of the Minivan News [team] in order to promote national ‘sissy-ness’ and in order to call for lesbian relations among women.

When Sheikh Fareed this year gave a religious lecture about Valentine’s Day, female underwear with words written that could offend Islam were sent to Sheikh Fareed, in order to harass and insult his lecture.

Before sending these items to Sheikh Fareed, photos were taken of these panties which were then published on Minivan News. And various articles have been written on [the Minivan News] website regarding this.

No doubt you will not lose anything by spending on such events that disseminate true information and enlightenment about Islam. Enormous blessings are promised for those who spend on the promotion of Allah’s religion.

We call upon Maldivian businessmen not to give in to the threats posed by Islam’s Enemies and the Devil. Surely, the Devil will spread in people’s hearts fear of becoming poor. The Giver is Allah.

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33 thoughts on “Comment: Rehendhi a Minivan News plot to promote “national sissyness” and “lesbian relations””

  1. Israeli forces have attacked a flotilla of aid-carrying ships aiming to break the country's siege on Gaza.

    At least 19 people were killed and dozens injured when troops intercepted the convoy of ships dubbed the Freedom Flotilla early on Monday, Israeli radio reported.

    The flotilla was attacked in international waters, 65km off the Gaza coast.

    Avital Leibovich, an Israeli military spokeswoman, confirmed that the attack took place in international waters, saying: "This happened in waters outside of Israeli territory, but we have the right to defend ourselves."


    Minivan News, This is why we the Maldivians do not want to have any ties with such rogue states. A country build on stolen lands of Palestine. A country which has contradicted numerous International Laws.

    But, for people like you, its okay. Bcoz you are terrorists & extremists like them.

    InshaAllah, your horrendous works to disrupt the unity of Maldives will not succeed.

  2. Whats wrong with some national fun.. It should be encouraged..

  3. Adhaalath Mullahs' macho posturing can not not hide their sissy-ness. There are literally afraid of women. Any woman who is not a slave is deemed a threat by them. How more sissy can you get?

  4. Maldives relations with Israel has nothing to do with Minivannews. It has everything to do with President Nasheed who is ready to give thumbs to any scheme that may make him some money to fulfil his pledges or help him get an international award. It does not matter whether it is strengthening relations with Israel, settling suspected foreign terrorists in the Maldives, or violating basic rights of individuals (such as the rights of the Gitmo prisoners who are to be transferred to the Maldives), President Nasheed will take it if someone tells him that it will make him money.

  5. I agree that Minivan news has a secret agenda but I do not believe Rehendi is a lesbian group. I call on the maldivians not to get violet against Nazim or any minivan news journalists.

  6. it seems that "President Nasheed’s (younger) brother Nazim Abdul Sattar" and minivan news is propagating negetive issues about Islam in the maldives, i wonder if they are forgetting that there is a reason for them to be in this world, or maybe for them it is to create corruption and mischief in the lands. anyway i wish Allah would give them hidhaaya in this world and in the hereafter.

  7. Must be the most screwed up nation on this planet. Welcome to the Monkeyland.

    I know .. I know, even monkeys are smarter.

  8. This press release shows the level of maturity in our ruling class of today. Lets make a new rule: "Any one who is incapable of maturely and constructively debating a topic with out bringing out their racism and homophobia looses their credibility and argument and is no longer entitled to voice their opinions" we can call it Adhaaltha's law akin to Godwin's law

    That being said who is up for searching these idiots computers ? 10 bucks says there is stash of lesbian porn on each and every one of these mullahs computers. If any thing is to be learned from the american conservative movement the loudest homophobic voices are the ones who are secretly conducting the acts they so vehemently deny.

  9. Adaalath party is a political party...and they want POWER to rule this country according to their Islam. And groups such as Salaf have their own agenda too. So what's new or wrong with Minnivan news having their own agenda?!

    Basically I don't see any one or group working to promote the interest of the common man or to protect human rights in this country. If so why doesn't any of these parties have the guts to speak out against all the violence in this country today? When Nazim publicly said that he doesn't believe in Islam, it becomes a huge issue but when Maldivians, who are supposed to be muslims go stabbing, raping and killing people it's Ok...neither Salaf nor Adaalath have the guts to do anything about that or say that such people should be put to death!

    Yeah, the basic issue here is women. As far as Adaalath and Salaf are concerned women should only obey the commands of men and when they don't see that happening, they get all worked up. These supposedly religious people don't even know the actual rights and protection Islam gives to women. Its really sad that such men with a sense of insecurity are hiding behind Islam. Why not just admit that you are threatened by women and that you don't have the true islamic faith to stop your eyes and minds from wandering?!!

  10. adhaalat are closet sissies hiding behind tangled beards and wearing divided skirts. has anyone seen that Sheikh Ilyas wearing that gold-embroidered sissy dress for his Friday sermon? Adhalat party not a party. It is a picnic of mad maldivians indoctrinated in madrassas.

  11. Absolutely nothing wrong with being sissy. Being macho leads to violence and death threats, i take being sissy any day!

  12. Adhaalath will definitely rule this country, the way its heading now. Because still majority of Maldivians are Muslims and they follow Islamic culture and norms.Those who write and comment against Adhaalath dont understand the strength of Adhaalath party in Maldives politics now. They are the people who are leading prayers every week they get the opportunity to lead Friday prayers and convey their messages to mass. Who else in Minivan News or MDP government have this opportunity. When Maumoon is in power he at laest can lead these prayers. But there is no way MDP top clans can do this.

  13. Rehendhi calls for lesbian relations among women?? Rehendhi site says they are "an underground feminist movement, led mostly by women, that fights against rising fundamentalism and the associated erosion of already scarce liberal attitudes towards women in our society". So the pious Adhaalat fellas suffer from a special form of dyslexia that translates that into "calling for lesbian relations"... hmm. Oh well I suppose they cant help it.

  14. I think there are some people in here who have got a wrong impression about Adhaalath. Let me just share some of my personal experience about this extremism. Adhaalath is not an extremist party. It never promotes violence. I have even met and talked in some instances with Shaheem, Majeed and Hussein Rasheed. They have a moderate view about religion. However, I am perceived that is a more violent and extremist group.

    And on the otherhand, I've experienced that some of my Aetheist Maldivian friends considered people as more moderate if someone does not adhere to the practices of religion.

  15. If Religious Scholars want to engage in extreme side of religion, this will inevitably invoke action by the other extreme. So the religious scholars must be held accuntable for provoking this anti-religious sentiments in Maldives.

  16. Talk of national sissyness will eventually lead to campaigns for de-sissification - similar such islamist movements are taking place in restructured Iraq.

    How the elimination of the "twin threats" of sissy-ness and homosexuality will take shape in Maldivian society is to be seen. Maldivians are culturally and traditionally a sexually liberal people (I'm not saying whether this is good or bad, just that it is the case). Religious posturing is just a national trend.

    Instead of trying to emphasize the similarities between ourselves (men, women, children, Salafis, liberal humanists etc.) Adhaalath underscores the pretensions of the superficially pious against a background of generally liberal Maldivian citizens.

    We all tend to err in everything we do. We all have the basic instinct to crave food, sex, attention and companionship. There is nothing wrong with any of the above. Discipline and moderation in all activities is advisable. Not just due to divine commandments but also because of the social and economic benefits of being disciplined. Avoiding excessive sex protects us against health risks and social marginalization. Avoiding dependence on drugs, food, cigarettes and holier-than-thou-iness (Adhaalath's natural attitude) prevents us from numerous other ills and wastage in economic terms. Explaining the reasoning behind such restraint in a practical light is, I feel, much more useful and excites less rebellion than assailing our populace with empty platitudes and threats of godly arsony.

  17. we should stop the activities of adhaalath and salaf immediately if we want to see the country boosting its development. they are deceived people people who dont know what God said in the Quran and and they dont even believe what is in the Quran in most of the places. May Allah Guide the one day.

  18. Adhaalath has got the religious scholars of the Maldives backing them. But you're implying them to be deceived?? thegadda?

  19. "Lesbians". ROFL! The Adhaalath party tickles me!

    Thanks for the translated laughs, Minivan! Keep 'em coming!

    I'm going to have a great day now!

  20. P.S.

    I sincerely repent the sins I just accumulated by laughing at the holy, bearded "scholars".

    Perhaps I can yet redeem myself by applying for an Adhaalath Party membership.

    Forgive me, mighty sheikhs! Do please let me into your homosexual-free heaven!

  21. I protest the sissy dress Sheikh Ilyas wears to Friday prayers. And also the pakistan style pyjama's men keep wearing these days. And jubba dresses without underwear either. Please de-sissify yourselves.

  22. Aaniya ves eiy rehendhi eh tha? hehehe
    than every local in this country will know what is this all about...!!Every Maldivian knows Adhaalath & salaf..
    but who z in this so called Rehendh or enough z enough..? no1 even want t know abt them..if they have d gut, we will c them this time..lets c..

  23. Thi ulheny handhaan nethigen ....SUNAMI eh aikan ..gaumuge emmen kiriya kiriyaa thibee vaanuvaa neyngifa....biruvethi vey ..thifaadah ulhuneema Allah koafaa lavva faane ...eyrun kithanme fuppaafa Kuda sappey, Aniya, ainthdhatta, adhives mikahala baivaaru meehun nukuthas hama kureveyne evves kameh noanaane ....biru vethi vey Allah kiba fulhah ..
    mihaaru thi magu furedhigen dhany alifaanaa dhumaalah .... thaubaa vey ..rangalhu goiy neyngey kamah vaneenama
    ekanthah engey meehun kairin hoadhaa balaa ...faadu faadu nubai amalu thakaa basthah kiyaigen emmen emmen jassan noolhey ...minvan news akee abadhuves dheenaa dhekolhah masaiykaiy kuraa baeh ...hee nukurey kaleymen nah thihen abadhu thibe veyne kamah ...allah ge koafa athuvedhaane komme vaguthegga ves ...gaboolukurey ...maru vaane ...
    kon isaanakah maru nuve hureveyne kamuge guarantee othee ...kithanme molhas kithanme laari ginayas kureveyne kameh neiy....
    thaubaa vey ...Allah heyo gothugaa thaubaa vaa alhunge thaubaa gabool kuravvaane ...

  24. Non of this is new to Maldives believe me!

    Maldives has had a long history of diverse cultures.

    We did live nature with topless ladies before the "Club Nature" came to the Maldives!

    We have had Portugese here before tourists came!

    We have had many more things that came to us and went away!

    This is a land and peoples are adoptable to its needs. Every one of our peoples will have a unique quality that they cannot trace themselves!

    It is difficult to see the need why everyone has to and want to put their two coin worth to spoil this broth!

  25. I had hoped that the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and the Adhalath Party with its many distinguished scholars would provide strong direction and leadership to bring justice to our people and educate us on being better human beings. I had hoped that our Islamic Scholars would touch, move, and inspire us to move away from the forces that draw us into darkness and destruction and bring light, consciousness and love into our hearts. I believed this to be the mandate of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs . I had hoped that the Ministry of Islamic Affairs would seize the opportunity they have been given to heal our people from the wounds of injustice, and address the failure of the past regime in the spiritual development of our people and act with responsibility, sensitivity, and authentic understanding of the dynamics of Maldivian society.

    I don’t believe that the Adhalath Party is delivering these with the incredibly narrow and inflexible positions it is taking on religious matters and its failure to address the fascist movements growing in our country in the name of Islam. Even more worrying is the targeting of women who do not accept the attributes of women of other cultures being promoted by this party as prescriptive norms for muslim women and the promotion of practices that disempower women and marginalise women in our country.
    The MDP has taken a step forward to bring integrity and unity to governance by its condemnation of the Vice President over his criticisms of the Chief Executive in public and its decision to terminate its agreement with the QIP. But allows the Adhaalath Party to undermine the work of other ministers of this government and the principles enshrined in the Manifesto of the MDP. The MDP Manifesto pledged freedom of expression as a fundamental pillar of democracy and the protection of children and the development of women. But the party leadership fails to act when the Adhalath Party violates this freedom and endorses people who sanctifies the marriage of our girl children, and labels our women who stand for our children and the empowerment of our sisters as lesbians.
    In Islam we believe the Niyai (niyath) is the source from which all actions follow. Intention creates the paths we walk. Is the Niyai of the Adhalath Party to follow the MDP Manifesto? I believe the time has come for the MDP leadership to review its relationship with the Adhalath Party and for the President to choose Islamic Scholars who have the capacity, wisdom and commitment to deliver the mandate of our manifesto on which we elected our President.

  26. this is salaf claiming war with the government just because they didn't kill nazim to make maldivians more afraid... ...salaf mee hama faku dhivehin birugannavaigen nubai nulafaa viyafaaree magu thanavaskurumah hadhaigen ulhey NGO eh.... .aaii busted....bodu bolheh! nuvatha 70 hooraleenunge bodu kuda bolhutha!!!!!

  27. Two things are infinite : the universe and human stupidity; I’m not sure about the universe.But I am 100% sure about human stupidity.
    What ever the bullshit articles and comments are about you guys sucks and have no idea what u are up to.

  28. I'm not sure about the human stupidity, but Maldivian stupidity ... Yeah ...

  29. Adhaalath copied Nazim's move: by mentioning the L word, Adhaalath has stirred a national debate on lesbianism, and soon, like how ordinary Maldivians today now accept Atheism because one Maldivian brother declared he was a "non-Muslim" (whatever that means), more Maldivians will soon accept homosexuality (gays and lesbians and other sexual orientations).

    If my gaydar is right, Adhaalath has a secret mandate to introduce lesbianism into Maldives. I totally understand. Lesbianism is a socially approved and accepted male fantasy. If Adhaalath wants to promote patriarchy in this manner, then I think we should all support Adhaalath and ban Ban the Adhaalath Facebook groups and all other Facebook groups that aim to prevent Adhaalath from officially ushering in homosexuality into Maldives.


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