Salaf dismisses feminist campaign to withdraw support for ”The Call”

Religious NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf has hit back at feminist movement Rehendhi and the ‘Enough is Enough’ group after they called on sponsors to withdraw support from the upcoming Salaf-hosted event, ‘The Call’.

At a press conference today, Salaf said it did not consider the voice of an unregistered, underground NGO “as an official complaint”.

Mohamed Sobah, Secretary General of Salaf who spoke on behalf of the NGO, said that “all NGOs and all Maldivians support the event”, which will feature talks and lectures from visiting Islamic scholar Dr Bilal Philips.

”There might be a few people who are concerned that a professional western scholar is to arrive to the Maldivies,” Sobah said.

Sobah said that as Salaf was a registered NGO,  it did not have to deal with “unlawful, unregistered and underground” groups.

”No one has officially complained about the event,” Sobah said. ”It is surprising that they fear to face us, and it is confusing because they use the internet to raise their voice while we are accessible easily anytime.”

Sobah said that the two visiting scholars, Dr Bilal Phillips and Dr Abdul Raheem Green, would deliver seven lectures on different topics.

”We are working to enhance the security and solving some other technical problems,” he said. ”We hope this event will be a very successful event.”

On May 5 Salaf has announced it would host ‘The Call’, a series of religious sermons to which it expects more than 10,000 people to attend.

Dr Bilal Philips was brought to the Maldives by Salaf last year. Many people attended the sermon and reportedly more than 100,000 people watched it via media.

The Maldives’ self-styled ‘underground feminist movement’ Rehendhi last week announced joint letter writing campaign with the ‘Enough is Enough’ group in protest against Sonee Company’s intention to sponsor the lecture.

They issued a press statement condemning Dr Philips’ preaching at last years’ Call, accusing him of “preaching that it is Islamic to marry off young girls as soon as they reached puberty, irrespective of their age.”

Sonee Company, reported by Rehendhi as one of the targets of the campaign, said it did not wish to comment on the matter at this time.

Correction: The original press statement from the Rehendhi group referred to ‘Sonee Company’, not ‘Sonee Hardware’ as previously stated in this article. Minivan News apologises for any confusion caused.


41 thoughts on “Salaf dismisses feminist campaign to withdraw support for ”The Call””

  1. @Ash - on the previous related post.

    NO one supports marrying off 9 year old girls. It's just an allowance in Islam that the minimum age for marriage is the age of puberty. For instance when you fly, do you always carry your free baggage allowance limit, NO.

    The minimum qualification for a job is grade 8, but who employs them nowadays. Even if you employ them, you will have to spoon feed them for the job, and that is not an easy thing to do.

    Likewise no modern man would prefer to marry that young a girl, even if the allowance is there, because he would first have to change her diapers and wash her "puppu" and vice versa for women if they want to marry young boys.

    These FEMINIST=SEXIST=RACISTS don't understand that.

    They will spend their entire life playing solo or duo duos. What they don't understand is that they have to tie the knot SOONER rather than LATER!

  2. I shall boycott Sonee Hardware for supporting peodophiles and people who destroy Maldives culture. Who else is with me?

  3. Hmph, they seem to forget a time when they were once the minority.

    I believe it is the best for them if we remind them, again.

  4. I have already boycotted Sonee Hardware for supporting NGO's that preach and promote child marriage, religious intolerance, Human rights violations against women, and the girl child, terrorism, and an NGO that calls for cold blooded murder... It's a shame that businessmen in such a small community risk their businesses by getting involved in such atrocities! Shame on you Sonee!!

  5. This Maldivian is against Bilal comming to Maldives. And lot of NGO's don't support this event.
    That guy actually said that its ok to marry off 9 year old girls. Those who support child marriage can support 'the call'. For people like us its a distortion of this beautiful religion. Shame on Sony, unless they are willing to marry off their young daughters they should not be sponsoring the event.

  6. Sonee and other sponsors are contributing against the struggle to protect maldivian girls from sexual abuse. They have failed to give a reasonable defense for funding this preacher. The best most local scholars could do was to deny hearing him approving child marriages.
    Leena: I stand with you.

  7. Leena - I am with you. This Salaf group are a group of mad monsters.



  9. they are going to destroy Maldives. so the people who love this and support this of cox the majority!!! when the day you suffer i ll watch you and probably feel sad. i have decided i m off this country for good coz i don t want to be a extremist no i want my kids to grow in a suppressed society which ultimately be.

  10. @heck, don't you think its an invite for pedophiles to marry young girls and legally rape them?
    We could even start child tourism if we allow that.

    Children need protection. And all scholars don't agree that our prophet Mohamed (PBUH) married Aicha when she was 9, some say she was 16. So why do you want to promote such a disgusting thing in the name of religion.

  11. Who is Mohamed Sobah to say "all Maldivians" support this event? I for one am completely against this and I am a Maldivian and also I am a Muslim... This Sobah character (if he has that) must be one delusional man...

    Will it take an open protest by Rehendhi and Enough is Enough to prove that moderate Maldivians are serious? Even if Rehendhi and Enough is Enough wish to remain "underground" (although most of us really know who actually run those two groups because this is such a SMALL SOCIETY after all), I have enough brave Maldivian moderates with me to stage an Anti-Child-Abuse Protest near the venue of Bilal's lecture.

    Believe me, it won't be nice because I don't think Bilal can talk so easily when there is a loud protest nearby. So we are asking you to solve this issue diplomatically and peacefully at this stage, because if you are hell-bent on bringing in foreigners to muddy Maldives' waters, don't expect Maldivian moderates will remain silent. Numoshey guraa baarah dhaigannaan!

  12. “all NGOs and all Maldivians support the event”
    -Objection! When will these people stop talking on "all Maldivians" behalf. For your information all Maldivians DO NOT support Bilal version of Islam in regard with underage marriage as indicative of the comments here.

    ”It is surprising that they fear to face us, and it is confusing because they use the internet to raise their voice while we are accessible easily anytime.”
    -It is ironic that you are confused since you are accessible and then somehow call upon death on someones life when he merely displays his opinions!

    FYI, only perverts and sickos support the likes of people who openly and without hesitation vouch for underage marriage in the name of religion or whatever. The problem is normal people itches and irritates of the mere thought of marrying off their 9 year old girls.

    If Bilal's version is used, there is room for the father to abuse or take advantage of his daughter by selling her off in his business or personal deals to another close old friend. These situations are rampant in Saudi Arabia where the mothers are in court pleading the judge to give back their daughters.

    For a level headed person, the question arises- has the girl developed the mental capacity fit for the responsibilities of a loving wife in all its various aspects and forms? Heck, does she even understand the meaning of love? Its not about sex 24/7, you see. This is where the labeling of "pervert" comes, it is not ONLY the physicality that is beholden in marriage.

  13. I shall start buying from Sonee Hardware and many others would.. getting Sonee Hardware new customers for any that they lose. God in the end replaces the weak ones with new in support of those who supports Allah (swt).

    It is we that pray for Allah (swt) to help us, not the other way. Allah does not need our help in any way or in any time and does not need our blessings as he can replace the weak ones anytime and anywhere. That is just a small part of his magnificent power!

    So who ever supports events that raises the words of Allah (swt) high, he will surely be blessed in a form and time of choosing by Allah (swt). That is why only believers can understand this concept, not just a mere person who calls himself a Muslim without knowledge or faith.

  14. Oh and to me at least.. it seems that Minivan News is the only place where that is giving a chance to these underground little groups to talk and make themselves look big. Childish lesbians.

  15. I would like Noya to give a source supporting the statement as follows:

    "These situations are rampant in Saudi Arabia where the mothers are in court pleading the judge to give back their daughters."

    I really would like you to get a source for this and then compare it with the statistics from western countries. 😉 I am very interested in seeing evidence and giving an open ear to see if Saudi Arabia has more crimes or your beloved Western nations.

  16. “The call 2010”? What does that 2010 stand for? Are they so inadequate as to acknowledge what a useless calendar system they have? Islam, become civilised first and then we will listen!


    * ROL
    * Nalahiya trading
    * Sonee sports
    * House of knowledge
    * VTV
    * Copier plus
    * Jaya
    * Masmirus
    * Palm tree marine
    * Faseyha press
    * Munihome care
    * Clique college
    * Dhon manik
    * Jazz workshop
    * welding eng works
    * Club escape
    * Lemon grass
    * Alobion
    * Formax
    * Sun Ocean
    * Thithi group
    * Beehive
    * TEMP

  18. Muad MZ, Why dont you just google underage marriage cases in saudi arabia or any other arab country since it will be easier for me rather than pasting all links here, hope you dont mind:)

    Anyways, the point is, is the girl grown enough to make a sound judgment to give consent to marriage since marriage is consummated with the idea to live with your partner for the rest of your life? Pretty huge one for any grown up I know of. What do you have to say about her mental capacity at the age of 9? What about the various contradicting versions of the hadeeths concerning this issue and what about the numerous disagreements amongst the scholars. So are you suggesting that we amend the constitution to accommodate this as well??? My plea is dont be too delusional or ignorant to gobble everything up in the name of religion or any other bigotry. The same god gave you mind and reason to think these stuffs through.

  19. This bloody Villa TV must be boycotted as well. Why do they entertain these mad bulls. Sonnee group must be having too much money.

  20. "“all NGOs and all Maldivians support the event”

    Typical arrogance of the Salaf in full display here.

    I have not appointed this NGO to speak for me, nor has there ever been a democratic referendum that automatically allows the Jammiyyathul Salaf to speak on behalf of ANY who is not a registered member of that vile organization, much less other NGOs in this country.

    So No. As a Maldivian, I absolutely protest and condemn this move to bring in that man to promote the Salaf's literalist dogma.

    Also, I would advise them to refrain from over-reaching their mandate, and stop speaking for people they do not represent.

  21. Muad MZ: "Childish lesbians."

    I almost forgot. The mandatory homoerotic statement that is now a part of every fundamentalist 'argument'.

    I see that slander and libel mentioned in the Koran does not apply to those who think they own the religion.

  22. All NGO' s support this? When did Sobah become a spokesperson for all NGO's?

    I hear from the brothers inside Salaf that Soba is a mini dictator who has driven away many volunteers and well wishers for the Salaf movement.

  23. They are suprised that people are scared to openly criticise them and remain underground. Best joke I've heard in a while. These bigoted thugs spread fear and intimidation. The law should prosecute those who call for violence and intolerance.

  24. You guys / girls have to struggle. The call 2010 goes on .No one can stop the event.

  25. I support the idea of bringing a stop to child marriage. To do that we have to determine at which age the child becomes an adult or the right age to marry. Since the law Makers in Male is taking the US laws as a template, I fear specially the likes of Filmy Moosa might one day say, look Texas and New Hampshire of USA allows females to marry at age of 14 and 13 so why not us. So to start with and to give a lesson to the US child moleters, I say we start boycotting all US related matters and immeadiately stop bringing the terrorists of G.Bay to Maldives asa protest to promoting and allowing child abuse. Anyone with me or is it this Rehendhi and Enough is Enough seeking attention or are they ready to walk the talk.

  26. Un registered = illegal?

    My grandfathers chess group (outside a hotaa) is unregistered. Can Salaf please clarify if they are illegal or not?

  27. Let's boycott all the sponsors and start attacking them in the media and in poster campaigns.

  28. If this islamic scholars can say things like that infront of big audience, our beloved Maldivian also can say " he is not a muslim" infront of everybody, there is nothing wrong with that too,
    I personally hate these scholars who talk shit about our human nature.

    People stop wasting your time in the evening, do something productive to earn some money after the prayers,instead of sitting there infront of this preacher and not understand anything what they say...

    Do not believe them, believe what you are supposed to believe which is "Quruan"....

  29. i think we should have a demonstration.

    All those who support the Call and all those who dont support the Call. A public statement. Or just go out onto the Streets and say they dont support the Call.

    Im pretty sure that nobody from "Rehendi" Group, or "Enough is enough" group will have the GUTS to even show their Faces in such a Protest ?

    Lets see, if Rehendhi is just a bunch or Cowards or if they any courage to stand up for what they Protesting for ! Come on Rehendhi. Show ur faces ! Stand up for what you are saying !

  30. Why should Rehendi group show their faces when most commenting here (including me) hide behind a pseudonym?

  31. "our beloved Maldivian also can say ” he is not a muslim” infront of everybody"
    wat the f**K! from that moment he is not a Maldivian..& for ur information, The Call will happen & the majority of Maldivians want this to happen..r u blind or what?..u guys can always c thousands of ppl attending such events & more ppl watch it on TV..
    We r muslims & we love our religion, don't eva try to play it..we dont care rehendhi or wateva!!

  32. Yup "Muas MZ" we should support Sonee, i think the few so called the non Muslim Maldivians have seen the crowd on Dr.Zakir's Dharus. Insha Allah sonee will get more customers......

  33. Let's have a demo as Romeo suggested and see how much support this rehendhi masquerade party has got. I fully support Muas [email protected].

  34. Let's have a demo as Romeo suggested to see how much support the rehendhi masquerade party (or rather duo with multi psuedos) have got. Fully support muas [email protected].

  35. If two persons are willing to marry at puberty then which is better ? to allow them to marry and have a noble life or leave them to enjoy consensual sex outside marriage , break after some time and again find another mate and go on enjoying life like an animal...And to those who are calling to boycot these lecturers le me remind them that its a free world,and come out of hiding and fight with intellect if your claims are true

  36. Minivan news and rehedni as well as enough is enough is campaingn for SONEE and other sponsers of the event. Hoq perfect this game rolls over. Maasha Allah. its like God has chosen these groups to make people more aware of these companies and those who have boycott them long ago has now started to rely on these companyis. Maasha Allah agail. Rehendhi and enough is enough or any other group who claims they love this country and islam the most, just show one thing that you have done to spread the dheen of Islam. im damn sure that all you are anti islam missionaries.

    come on ladies. come infron and challanege islam if you have GUTS. dont get scared. if you are on right path and making ISLAM victorious just pop up. im sure you have no courage and you will end up like a molly in a hole. shame on you.

    every body lest start make our deals with sonee and othe companis who help to prevail the relegion oh ALLAH.

  37. I am feeling so scared to witness most of the comments! It truly seems to fit how the average Maldivian mindset is set to be. It's such a pity if you men and women out there think that being a true Muslim is all just about accumulating all the negative actions of SOME people or rather twisting the actual meaning of the HOLY QURAN and sayings if prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
    unfortunately,it might sound hard to accept for those who'd find Discos, resort over night trips, casual sex, a bit of getting drunk, couple of occasional weed puffs, weekends to cmb or bkk or anywhere abroad and getting a sense of absolute FREEDOM , Tight fitting "whore look a like" out fits as AN ABSOLUTELY OK THING to absorb your life with.... our Muslim mindsBut guess what... That could be just the mere fact reasoning why most of us Maldivians simply HATE IT whenever anyone tries to shed light on truths on ISLAM. can't you see how much of our aqeeda and Eema'n has been seduced by the western ways.... (that too by just what we have grown up watching on TV and over the last decade or so since the Internet came along)....We still have time. .. I'm no scholar but may Allah guide us all and grant us the strength to accept the simple fact that "the ways and lifestyles of the kafir or non believer could NOT coexist in the lives of true Muslims"

  38. MINIVAN news in birugannany haggu goih fethuridhanethy.minivan news aky laadheeny kanthah thakah tharuhybudhay bayakah vathy.ehen noon nama emyhunnah keyh.kaafarun abadhuves muslimun dhuni ein naththaalan massaikah kuraane.BALAALAA NAZIM.

  39. MINIVAN news in birugannany haggu goih fethuridhanethy.minivan news aky laadheeny kanthah thakah tharuhybudhay bayakah vathy.ehen noon nama emyhunnah keyh.kaafarun abadhuves muslimun dhuni ein naththaalan massaikah kuraane.BALAALAA NAZIM.NAYGE MI COMMENT JAHAANE KAMEH VES.


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