Comment: The NGO sector should protect human rights, not promote its abuse

In present day Maldives, the NGOs are organised in a more professional manner than in the past. Though it is not to say that the NGO sector in the Maldives is weak and requires strengthening, however the question today we all deliberate is what the NGOs can do in the democratising process of the Maldives.

Political pressure on NGOs

It is an indisputable reality that in any political environment, NGOs will be pressured by various political parties to take political positions. Nonetheless, the role of NGOs should be to work in the best interests of the Maldivian citizens. NGOs should be the voice of the people. NGOs should act neutral, be accountable and act as watchdogs. If there are critical issues to be raised against the government or political parties, the NGOs should have the credible evidence to situate their positions.

NGO coalitions

Nowadays, we see the NGOs join hands to work on various issues. NGOs realise the strength in standing together to pressure the government, people and the political parties. We have successful ventures of NGO partnerships such as campaigns like ‘JUST’, ‘I choose to Vote’ and others.

Unfortunately, we also see a trend where the names of NGOs are used to disadvantage or in the name of religion. I don’t believe that religious activities should be allowed to be conducted under the banner of NGOs.

In majority Islamic countries, religious groups conduct religious activities under a religious placard so that the two can be distinct. Hence, religious groups with the intention of grabbing power by targeting vulnerable groups  can be monitored and watched.

NGO coalitions

At present we see the movements of two types of NGO coalitions. One movement is mobilised to work for the cause of humanity and development, while the other interest group is mobilized to conduct religious activities.

The just cause of humanity and development is transparent and identified for a specific purpose. Dissimilar to this, the NGO coalitions mobilised for religious activities are dangerous and leave question marks.

The concern is that these types of coalitions are NOT moved to strengthen the understanding of Islam that we love in our country. But the secrecy in which they empower conservative Islamic scholars, brainwash people to isolate themselves from the normal course of life, lobby for the removal of girls from schools, isolate and intimidate girls and women and prevent vaccinations being given to children and so on in the name of Islam. These conservative coalitions are dangerous and need to be watched and monitored.

Conservative radical NGO coalition

The names of Adhaalath and Salaf come to our minds when we think about conservative movements. Adhaalath is a political party but lobbies for conventional Islamic way of life similar to Salaf. Salaf is an NGO that has hijacked Atoll radio.

We saw how Salaf managed to take control of Atoll Radio. Initially, there were speeches by Salaf scholars; slowly the radio channel management taken over by Salaf. Salaf was devious in promoting its way of life through Atoll Radio. Now, the Salaf group promotes their conservative ways of life and underline points by stating that Salaf scholar says this or that.

Salaf and Adhaalath sponsors conservative Islam through different mediums and strategies. The earliest recruitment came in the form of the NGO coalition movement against the policies on liquor, then the movement to raise funds for Pakistan Relief.

The latest exploitation of this radical movement is to fight against coeducation in education system. Why haven’t they come out strongly or protested an outcry against the abuse of children and abuse of women that is happening almost every day? How can we as Muslims tolerate such inhumane acts towards our children and women? MP Muthalib promotes the Salaf and Adhaalath agenda stating that if a law comes into force that protects violence against women, than it would prevent men having multiple wives? This is the level of their thinking when they talk about Islam, and it demeans our much-loved religion.

If you investigate closely you can see their motives in exploiting the NGO sector by mobilising the majority island based NGOs and counting them as their partners, reaching 172, but actual decision makers on behalf this conservative NGO coalition is the majority Male’ based NGOs Salaf, and political party Adhaalath, and the Teachers’ Association that seems to have lost the cause of founding their NGO in the first place.

The decision-making process in the so-called NGO coalition is undemocratic and controlled by only a few people. Do you really think that within such a large NGO coalition it would be easy to make decisions and mobilise unless the island based NGOs are not controlled?

We do not want what happened to Afghanistan to take place in Maldives. The Taliban controlled and turned Afghanistan to a conservative country in the name of Islam so that Taliban could have total control of Afghan people.

NGOs should work according to their mandates

All the registered formal NGO institutions should only work for the people of the Maldivians and closely try to fulfill and achieve their mandates and objectives. It’s vital to NGO sector to be responsible and accountable to people with their mandates, money they get and also create a peaceful environment during the political transition. The NGO sector should learn to be neutral, non-partisan and be watch dogs for human rights violations in the Maldives.

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39 thoughts on “Comment: The NGO sector should protect human rights, not promote its abuse”

  1. Excellent article by Fathimath Afiya. We are now waiting for a barrage of attacks on her calling her all sorts on names and what nots by our so called 'Muslim' brothers. Shame shame. March on, you brave woman!

  2. The most hilarious scene was seeing about 50 people protesting infront of Muleeaage, against co-education. Hilarious cause these 50 people were representing 172 NGO's.

  3. I think the writer here has misunderstood what an NGO is.

    The Wikipedia defines NGO as follows:

    "A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a legally constituted organization created by natural or legal persons that operates independently from any government and a term usually used by governments to refer to entities that have no government status. In the cases in which NGOs are funded totally or partially by governments, the NGO maintains its non-governmental status by excluding government representatives from membership in the organization. The term is usually applied only to organizations that pursue some wider social aim that has political aspects, but that are not overtly political organizations such as political parties. Unlike the term "intergovernmental organization", the term "non-governmental organization" has no generally agreed legal definition. In many jurisdictions, these types of organization are called "civil society organizations" or referred to by other names."

    According to the definition above, religious organizations can be NGOs.

    In a pluralistic society there are different interest groups. It can be religion, human rights, environment, aging, drugs, etc.

    The problem with Maldives is that while a certain group promotes a certain version of Islam there is no other group promoting other versions.

  4. 127 on Sun, The likes of yamyn, ahmed aliased, wine lover...etc are all loud too. Even they cant keep quiet even when something is wrote in the same thinking as theirs.
    I found the article the same as any of those published in Minivannews. The victim being Islam. The "much-loved" religion as the author here claims. Anyone who investigates that will certainly wonder how much the religion is loved in this country. I think the article itself tells how much it is loved.

  5. This is really an excellent piece of article. I am certain that Adhaalath and Salaf can play a better role by preaching on serious issues of the society that have relevance to the religion. They should do what they are good at, rather than pin poking their head over the education system of the country. What makes them expert educators?? Why do they side track advicing about pedophiles, abuse to women & children and other similar issues.... I have also heared that the women who wear black hijaab in the Maldives is because of fear and pressure from their husbands. How can one accept ones faith with fear.? Now what is the guarantee that such women are not prone to physical & verbal abuse from their husbands?... why do such people encourage to marry more than one women; there is clear instructions on the circumstances stated in the religion for polygamy. Why is Ilyas Hussain's beared getting shorter and shorter day by day??? Why is that when women make eyebrows its 'haraam' but when they trimme and shape their hair growths its not 'haraam'? Now I wonder, who in the world is wanting to assassinate him and venture whats really 'haraam'. These are extreme craps to get the attention of the ignorance, this is why its certainly important that our women and men are educated to shoulder self- responsibility. "Yaa Rabbul Kaainaath, Yaa Rabbul Aalamin, please save us from being another Pakistan or Afkhanistan". If they like that, they can go and live there and preach whatever thay like.

  6. @ Praxis

    Yes, in a way, you are right. There are no other groups promoting a better peace loving form of our religion. The ONLY form which is being taught these days is the intolerant, violent version, or better, the Adhaalath+Salaf version. This is the main reason for people like Jaleel (Mussab, whatever they call him) to go and blow themselves up killing hundreds of innocent people. There are so many blogs out there promoting violence, and people just tend to believe in it because they think that no matter what a bearded guy who knows how to read arabic says, it MUST be true.

    This country has a majority muslim population. That's why it is so easy for groups like Adhaalath and Salaf to hijack religion and abuse it, for political and financial benefits, plus recruiting new soldiers to fight wars going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    They will not stop at all in making the views of other scholars who disagree with them look like clowns. However, people ARE slowly coming to realize who the wahhabis are. Awareness is the key to fighting back. I mean seriously, HOW many maldivians, or even the wahhabis themselves know how wahhabism was formed, and what it has done to the muslim world since the 19th century? And why do the speakers on Radio Atoll try to hide this history so much? I remember one guy saying that it was a word invented by the British to "divide the muslims." Right.

    The foreign scholars they bring here are brought to spread their views. Bilal Phillips said that you can marry underage girls. People will easily tend to believe what this guy is saying is true, because he is a "scholar". So it should be true right?

    Maldivians have been split up, not only due to political factors. Maldivians have been split up by religious factors as well. Wahhabism has gained a good foothold in the Maldives, especially after the tsunami when they went on a mass propaganda spree to tell people that it was God's wrath on them.

    People like Fareed can tell you the exact percentage of people who would enter hell. People like Ilyas will tell you how badly women should be treated, and the only use for women, is basically sex. Again, people will tend to believe all this because well, these guys have epic beards and are..."scholars".

    However, when people like Maumoon or Afraashym talk about religion, these conservatives just swoop in, saying how wrong other scholars are and how right they are. I'm not much of a political person, but by all means, Maumoon did a great job in controlling the spread of Wahhabism. Nasheed made a huge mistake in making a coalition with Adhaalath Party. I mean seriously, Adhaalath Party is one of the most UNPOPULAR parties in the country. They failed ALL the elections, and didn't even have a candidate in the presidential elections. They were just originally backing Gasim. Why? They HAD NO support.
    Funny thing is, NOW they are in the ruling government, and play the role of the divine controllers of Islam in Maldives. No they are not.

    Wahhabism is a minority, which is responsible for problems in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Why do we need it in Maldives? Be aware, listen to what real scholars have to say about this dangerous sect. Don't just listen to what a random bearded guy with a short trousers has to say. Do your own research.

  7. Women shud not be abused in the name of religion.I am really frustrated and shocked to see our children not getting vaccines in the name of religion. Arn't we mentally fit to be with people without having bad thoughts circulating in our minds. If anyone is not he/she should seek doctors help.

  8. Well I am naive... The Islam that I was introduced to entailed struggle for social justice, for freedom from the fear of gangs, it entailed confronting greed and corruption etc... The Islam I see taking over in Maldives lately is just a whole lot of trivial debates about the length of trousers and beards and how exactly to pray and I was thinking, these guys have not grasped the essence, the meaning of all of that.

    The only NGO's which seem to be really thriving are the religious ones...

  9. and... wonderful artice Fathimath Afiya, I am very warmed to hear you talk of the beautiful Islam of Maldives...

  10. i agree with praxis comment, Afiya needs to do more researches on what is NGOs and the Differences.

  11. Being transparent about the funding for NGO's is the test of its sincerity. Special interest groups like resort conglomerates can even source funds indirectly to NGOs and can call it Maldives Foundation or whatever.. I would call upon everyone not to trust any NGOs unless they make their source funding transparent, perhaps on their website.

    In todays connected world, NGOs are often used to do the dirty work.

  12. Very insightful article. NGOs need to be more responsible on the messages they spread.

  13. What this fathimath Afiya is saying is a shame to us muslim women. What do you think islam is? Do you think muslims are people who are islamic inside the mosque? That we should cover our selves only when we pray? What kind of religion are you talking about? These NGO coalition and adhaaalath has done more good to our country than the government has done in the past 2 years.They saved our country from alcohol being in the inhabited islands, they collected a record breaking amount of money from our generous citizens to send it to our brothers and sisters in Pakistan. So, what did your so-called modern day NGO's like democracy network,transparency maldives and hrcm do? Nothing absolutely nothing which benefits our people. I as a mdp activist am proud to say that these people have joined hands and stood for the sake of our country in time of their need.

  14. Afiya. You are so outright and strong.

    The issue is the definitions here. There are all kinds of NGOs such as relief oriented, development oriented or even religious or secular.

    What cannot be compromised in an NGO is human rights and what common values NGOs must have which is democracy, transparency, participation and fairness. An NGO must help the society to grow. Which ever methods are adopted to achieve their goals, it cannot undermine human dignity.

    In other words NGOs are humanitarian movements with different approaches aiming to raise the human existence on to a higher level. NGOs that disintegrate and de-fragment a society should not be allowed and the Home Ministry is responsible to ensure that any NGO that breaks up and endangers a society should be audited.

    The misunderstood meaning of democracy and the timidness of our policy makers is reflected in what is going on. The Government should declare values that they are not willing to compromise like the issues on girls and women.

    As if having more wives is a religious ritual that takes Muthalib to Heaven.Why don't he take the more recommended option of not having more wives, curb his desires and go to Heaven to get 40, 75 or even 150 virgins.

  15. Afiya you should be afraid very afraid. We are fifty but due to the protest conducted by fifty people websites like this are filling with articles of hypocrites and atheists.
    We dont need quantity to scare the living daylight out of thses hypocrites and atheists.
    They dont have the gut to do a protest even with more than fifty people. Shame on you.

  16. One Fathimath Afiya writes in defence of human rights while another Fathimath Afiya forms a coalition with NGOs promoting human rights violations. Salaf, Islamic Foundation and other big names in the NGO sector get backing from a hundred or more smaller NGOs, most of them community based organisations, when they want to pressure the government or public on issues such as co-education. Who funds these NGOs? Earlier this year the underground feminist movement Rehendhi called on Sonee Group to stop funding Bilal Philips' lecture organised by Salaf. It is no secret that big businesses are funding NGOs promoting human rights violations. To get deeper into this matter we have to go into the alcohol ban protest that managed to gather thousands of people at Lonuziyaaraiykolhu of Male and made MDP nervous. The alcohol ban protest was to a large extent funded by the resort owners. This may be seem unbelievable but this is the shocking truth. For resort owners who had resorts located near Male, the idea of alcohol being available at Holiday Inn or any other hotel of Male was not very appealing. The prospect of alcohol being allowed in other inhabited islands of Maldives was not a pleasant one for them either. Thus resort owners such as Mohamed Waheed Deen of Bandos and the Sun Travel group heavily funded the alcohol ban protest. It seems ironic when you think that all those people were chanting and screaming in a protest largely financed by money generated from alcohol. Waheed Deen has close connections to Tourism Emplyees Association of Maldives (TEAM) and Society of Women Against Drugs (SWAD). In fact, SWAD's office space is provided by Waheed Deen in a building next to Bandos Male Office. When you get this information, it is not surprising that Fathimath Afiya of SWAD and Mauroof Zakir of TEAM were so active in forming a coalition of NGOs for the alcohol ban protest. This coalition is still active and to a large extent it is this coalition which lends support to larger religious NGOs. TEAM also used to receive funding from Qasim Ibrahim. TEAM is a highly politicized organisation. The President Ahmed Easa is an MP from MDP. Mauroof Zakir is active in politics now in MDP. This does not prevent them from having connections with Qasim Ibrahim. In the end it is money and politics that is driving these dramas. Adhaalath Party's links with Qasim Ibrahim is well-known. Human rights or religion is not an important factor in this game. In another island another girl is raped, another boy is molested, another woman is bleeding. Life goes on.

  17. aisha, you didn't save the country by banning alcohol sales in inhabited islands. you actually denied us a lot, and i mean A LOT, of tourism revenue. which we could've used, and needed.

    your idea of helping the country is..... nonsense in the real world.

  18. Perhaps this is an auspicious time to delve deeper into NGO finance and politicization of NGOs. In the islands, the community-based organisations always depended on the support of the government for their activities, whether it was organising a volleyball tournament or a music show. Under the Gayoom regime, just before the presidential election, the NGOs received some form of assistance, whether a few footballs or music instruments. Aspiring parliamentary candidates also wasted no time in assisting such CBOs during parliamentary elections. This was how NGOs were politicized in the islands.

    In the last remaining months of Gayoom regime, when New Maldives caucus was formed within DRP, the aspiring politicians who belonged to this caucus formed an NGO named Open Society Association (OSA). The founders of OSA were three members of Gayoom's cabinet. A scandal broke out when it was discovered that OSA sent fax using a fax machine in the Attorney General's Office. Indeed, for such NGOs it is not easy to distinguish the neutral space where NGOs should operate.

    Democracy House (DH) is another politicized NGO operating in the Maldives. Its founders include a prominent lawyer who is also an MP. This NGO operates out of the office of the law firm owned by the lawyer-turned-politician, who incidentally needs a lot of cash. It is very generous of him to lend office space for an NGO when he is in dire need of some cash. However, that is not surprising when he uses the NGO as his puppet. DH also has close links with senior DRP politicians.

    It is also no secret that MDP is trying to influence the NGO sector. It has already started wooing the NGOs in islands prior to the local council election. The government has also appointed Mahir Easa, a virtually illiterate man, as the State Minister for Home Affairs to oversee the NGO sector in the Maldives. His job is to dissolve all NGOs that criticize the government.

  19. @aisha's mum, are u really aisha's mum as in commenter aisha above? Amazing...

  20. Why does Islam has to take a battering every time? Why is the writer trying to defame Islam just because somebody did this or that? Why paint all in the same brush?

    The writer goes with the mainstream media which sees no good in Islamic values, which does its best to slander Islam as if the whole world's problem are due to Islam. But is this true?

    Care to open the eyes a little bit wider?
    And think about what caused Taliban in the first place? Who created Taliban? Why did the Talibs arise and take up arms? Is it not to counter the evil and chaos that their country has been forced upon by the invading armies of kufr?

  21. Guess what!! Transparency Maldives, Detainees Network was funded by the very founding members of MDP!! Its still operated by the core MDP members and secular elements of MDP! So i am not supprised by one author called Afiya who is writing this article to protect her pro Secular/athesit NGO's!!! NGO's needs to be truely independent of these vested elite group who has nothing but to protect their corrupt wealth and power like Gayoom and his family (Yameen, Hameed,,) did for 30 years!! Gayoom was a secular from his inside and pretended to be Islamic Scholar! But cause many youths to hate Islam like many current leadership post people like Dr.Shaheed..Mariya and many! These secular/atheist are too coward to confront for their they want to distroy the Maldivian youth with many junk things like alcohol, drugs and music (mind u the crap music not the quality music)!! moreover there are some gays/lesibians who are too cowards!! Afiya when you say salaf has hijacked Atoll Radio..shall i say u secularist/athesists have hijacked the rest of media..MINIVAN IS HIJACKED AND PROMOTED BY SECULARISTS/ATHEISTS!!!! Every god fearing, non alcohol drinker now in Maldives knows and admits this fact!! Minivan promotes Secular values and constantly mocks ISLAM!!! read the history!

  22. maldivian resort worker . go to hell and rot there coz u will, u r bringing shame to islam and even maldives and it just ways.

  23. @guess nobody.

    I am a God fearing Muslim. I am not an atheist. I pray and give alms. But I am a secularist. I want to make Maldives a secular state. So where do you place me?

    Fathimath Afiya, the author of this article, is a God fearing Muslim too. From what I know she is not an atheist. I don't think she is a secularist like me. She also wears hijab. She is educated and respected in the society for the charity work she has done.

    The tide is turning. You still have the option of migrating to Yemen. If you want to live in the Maldives, learn to live peacefully, respecting the views of others as well. Not all Muslims in Maldives subscribe to your version of Islam.

  24. Maldives Resort Workers blog is operated by one or two individuals working in a resort. While they have exposed the rampant corruption in the tourism industry and the unfair treatment of workers by the greedy employers, the blog is increasingly becoming a mouthpiece for people who want to spread fear and fanaticism.

    When Saeed writes the following sentences in his eloquent English, one wonders if he is an apologist for Sayyid Qutb:

    "And think about what caused Taliban in the first place? Who created Taliban? Why did the Talibs arise and take up arms? Is it not to counter the evil and chaos that their country has been forced upon by the invading armies of kufr?"

    What utter nonsense. The Talibs did not arise and took up arms to counter the invading armies of Kufr. The Talibs were created by those armies, trained and equipped. In the end the Taliban became a modern day nightmare, denying education to girls, confining women inside the house and unleashing terror in Afghanistan. The horrific tales of Afghanistan under the Taliban rule can never be justified with verses from any holy book, let alone the Quran.

    If the Maldives Resort Workers blog wants to focus on solving the problems the workers face in the industry, they should do that instead of becoming apologists for Taliban.

  25. Afiya,if you are the individual from SWAD, please don’t unwrap your dummy jaws, cause the drugs are the most crucial state of affairs that we encompass in this country, and why is that your NGO on no account utter a word on the dishonesty and ineffectiveness as regards to the Drug situation in this country .. You ought to be assisting the newborn government’s fifth pledge by querying on the subject of infamous 6 drug cartels? plus placing weight on the Police to locate them, and customs to slash the supply of the drugs!

  26. guess nobody on Mon, 18th Oct 2010 12:09 AM

    Are you admitting that Atoll Radio and the so called NGO Coalition is controlled and hijacked by Salaf. Now Atoll radio can be called Salaf Radio. Islam do not encourage Taliban style of terrorist attacks on other Muslims and closing doors to development. This is why a research shows that Afghan Men Struggle With Sexual Identity. If we promote co-education in Maldives, we will have this in Maldives as well. Would not the conservatives love it.

  27. Why do people have to be God fearing instead of God loving?

    Secular voices do not mock Islam. Secular thinking is allowing people to practice Islam or religion in freedom. Secularism means Government should be free of religious rule. Not to be shaped into a uniform thing like those in an army where every thing and every move is controlled by a bunch of power greedy politically motivated Islamists, who does more injustice to Islam and who try to brainwash the minds of the people and end up confusing them.

    Open your mind and try to think.
    In Heaven what do you look for as your reward - virgins and the rivers of wine or something beyond and more divine than the worldly pleasures being promised. You actually believe that God's rewards and punishments are those perceived by men in this world with their limited knowledge and thinking.

    In fact mixing Islam into politics does more harm to Islam because people have a hard time to believe the truth and purpose. That is why there is so much resistance. On a social level, most people are religious. That is a fact.

    Now ask yourself, a person who is forced to be a Muslim, would he be a Muslim? Or would someone who is a Muslim out of choice be a Muslim. What should the mandate of an Islamic movement be - is it to force people or is it to show and guide people what Islam is?

  28. One brave woman writes a very true article about the current situation in the Maldives and immediately gets attacked by the Wahabis (rilwan - she has to be afraid, why??? of you? haha).

    I also agree with aisha's "mom" - Adhaalath and Salaf didn't do a good job banning alcohol on inhabited islands. I think you misunderstood - this was not meant for locals!!! It would have been valuable revenue from tourism which is badly needed in this government.

    Great job Fathimath Afiya!

  29. Some people seem to have a constant fear of always the same things:

    gays and lesbians
    drugs (incl. alcohol, excl. cigarettes)
    The West
    latest: codeducation
    being mocked

    Can't you tell these problems to a psychiatrist who can handle you instead repeating such things over and over in internet forums while trying to threaten people who use their brain? Thank you.

  30. Some people seem to have a constant fear of always the same things:

    Latest: single sex education
    Being guided to the truth

    Can’t you tell these problems to a psychiatrist who can handle you instead repeating such things over and over in internet forums while trying to threaten people who use their brain? Thank you.

  31. @Aminath
    Why are you so worried about men getting virgins (Hoor'al Eeens) in heaven? May be you know that a pious muslim woman will be 40 times more beautiful that one such virgin. Will the husband even look twice at the others then? They would probably be serving the married pious couple bringing them food, etc. Read the Qur'an and the authentic hadhiths for better understanding of these things.
    The most pleasure a person will get in heaven is not in sex but by getting the chance to look at God Almighty because nothing will compare to that! And that is what every pious muslim man and woman is striving for.

    @Hassan Shareef:
    How do you know this Afiya's intentions? Do you mean to say that anyone who is charitable earns his/her reward? Some do it for show off, some do it to get own satisfaction etc. But ONLY those who do good deeds to please God Almighty will get the great reward.

  32. @Marina

    I don't fear any of the things you mentioned in your list. In fact, I don't bother. The reason why we talk about it is because they have to interfere other people's lives. That's the problem. The country wants to evolve, not become another Afghanistan.

  33. NGO's play a vital role in developing and bringing out the problems in their communities in most countries. But, here in Maldives, NGO's are not trusted because of a valid reason - MOST OF THEM ARE CORRUPT themselves! The head of a certain NGO which goes round harassing the government and all the teachers saying that the teachers are not given enough or any consideration is one person whose classes were taken away from him for being extremely careless even with multiple advising and warnings from the school head. And the second in command in that organization was given a strict warning for sneaking into a lady teacher's sleeping area, while she was asleep during a camp. Did he go inside to sit beside her sleeping form and recite Holy Quran in case she has nightmares? Are these types of people for whom people will have any respect or trust? Some religious scholars who goes around voicing out that tourism brings in 'haram' revenue; AND they spend their vacation in resorts - encompassed in the luxury of the 'haram' sector. And there are some heads of NGOs who beg all the senior businessmen to get funding for their NGOs to do this and that for the community (usually to cure drug addicts)and then have an 'URGENT' reason for which they need to fly off to Singapore or Malaysia - using the funds they accumulated for the benefit of the community. What do we call these people? Can we ever believe their words? Will we be dumb enough to march behind them when they themselves do not follow the truth of what they say?
    I call upon the NGOs to make sure that you practice what you preach. Or just shut up and stay at home or wherever you tend to laze.

  34. Lets be honest! Secular values are totally against Islamic values..if some of the commentors are ignorant..thats their problem!! SECULARISM AND ISLAM IS NEVER COMPETABLE!!! Islam call for peace, while Secular ideology accepts Atheism, Gay, prostitution..and more "old" crimes!! Its accepted in secularism!! Islam respects women..while secularism makes women simply sex symbols..exploits them and their small kids for few dollars!! Secularism, capitalism and many of these ideologies serves the capitalist, elite rich and power corrupted class of society, and finally pay a "wage/salary" style of slavery!! Look at the despirate people living in NY, or any other western or eastern or middleeastern country!! Perhaps many islamic powers are not the ideal model of true Islamic system as they are heavly corrupted by "new world order"!! World has not seen true Islamic rule with proper justice system and yet you guys critize Islam (yet claims to be Muslims..BIG JOKE)!!
    Maldivian NGO's?? Wel, why can't Adaalath or Salaf or any other Ngo stand up for its ideology?? You claim this is democracy!..oh yes.."demon"craacy!!! Only can the "old" crimes have its place in the society and others are outcasted!! Remember we don't need anybody to protect Allah's SW message and truth! You secular bunch can plan, plan, plan..grand plans..but Allah SW plans are far superior..and you sometimes call it because your arrogance and ignorance "forces of Nature"! Death is for sure to come to all..then we shall be witness for our deeds and our claims!! lets wait and see!! Victory is for Allah ultimately..not to USA-CIA, Al Qaida, Saudi dictator, MiddleEastern puppets, Afgan or Iraqi so called liberator or fighters of Islam, Maldivian puppet leaders and the rest! Allah Sw would know what you hid and reveal..what we know is we cannot trust these politicians anywhere!! Whether in MDP, DRP, Adaalath, QP, ..etc!! We only trust in Allah SW and ask ONLY help from GOD, and we ONLY submit to GOD ONLY!! Minivan can spread its version of Islam and secular ideology!

    Check more on what Secularism:
    Definition: The view that religious considerations should be excluded from civil affairs or public education.

    Check more
    "The idea of secularism in Islam means favoring a modern secular democracy with separation of church and state, as opposed to Islam as a political movement. Secularism in the Muslim countries refers to the ideology of promoting the secular as opposed to the religion. It is often used to describe the separation of civil/government matters from religious theocracy. Secularism is often condemned by Muslims who do not feel that religious values should be removed from the public sphere, though "Muslim theologians have long distinguished between matters of din [religion] and dawlah [state]."[1] Secular states had existed in the Muslim world since the Middle Ages.[2] The quest for Secularism has inspired many Muslim scholars; however, it has acquired negative connotations in some Middle Eastern countries and is often criticized by conflating it with anti-religion and colonial intervention."

  36. Don't worry too much, guess nobody.

    First of all, politicians are not talking about secularizing Maldives.

    Even if, in a secular Maldives, you will be able to practice your faith freely, you can still submit yourself to God.

    Just let other people have the freedom to decide what they want to believe in.

    You are right, strict Islam, with Sharia, is not compatible with a secular state, because it detaches religion from state matters and gives, amongst so many other things, more rights to women and children. In a well functioning secular state, our children are not married off underaged to a sexually disoriented male, and women have the right to divorce their husband if they feel their marriage doesn't work out.
    In a secular state, students do not have to worry not to be admitted to A-levels if they fail in religion during their O-levels.

    I know you don't like all that. But don't worry, this is not going to happen in the Maldives soon. Most of our people are too stupid to realize what's even going on at the moment.


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