Convicted criminals being brought to court for extention of detention, says Criminal Court

The Criminal Court has claimed that police have been arresting and bringing already convicted criminals to the court and requesting extensions of detention, despite the fact that the individuals are supposed to be behind bars.

On March 18 the police brought a person to the Criminal Court who had previously been sentenced to 45 years imprisonment after he was found guilty of theft, objection to order and three drug related charges, said the Criminal Court.

A second person was also brought before the court who had been sentenced 10 times on different charges and was supposed to be serving 27 years imprisonment, the court said, after he was found guilty of five robbery cases, two cases of objection to order, two cases of driving without license and one case of possession and using of drugs.

”The court’s documents show that those two persons were handed over to the concerned authorities to implement the verdict,” the court said. ”They were brought before the judges on March 18 on charges of robbery and were caught that night while the police was conducting a special operation to curb the violence in Male’.”

The Criminal Court that night ordered police to handover the two criminals to the penitentiary department within two days.

”The court queried why a person sentenced to 45 years prison and another to 27 years, who are supposed to be in jail, were released into society. [Police] replied that it was the Home Ministry that released them,” the court added.

Head of Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Services (DPRS) Ahmed Rasheed told Minivan News that there were many challenges the department had to face when handling the prisoners.

”There are people who escape, people who are released for house arrest, people who cannot be kept inside the cells because of their medical condition,” said Rasheed. ”A very infamous criminal named Mohamed Ibrahim Didi, also known as ‘Kiyawa’, escaped recently.”

Kiyawa, Rasheed said, was brought Male’ to report to the hospital as he had a severe knee injury.

”The doctors said his knee needed to undergo an operation and that he needed to be admitted for a month before operating,” Rasheed explained. ”One day, late in the afternoon, he fled from hospital. There are reasons why a person who cannot stand on two feet by himself escapes.”

Rasheed said in other incidents when prisoners escaped while they were being transferred from island prisons to Male’.

”Somehow their relatives, friends and lovers get to know that they are scheduled to come Male’ at this time for this purpose and will be at the jetty when prisoners arrives, they will all circle around and gather,” he said. ”Some of those times, the prisoners friends will come by, threaten the prison officers and flee.”

He said that currently there were more than 70 prisoners released on parole.

”There will be 15 prisoners in Thilafushi in the work corporation, and there will be fugitives as well,” he said.

Rasheed said a legal framework needed to be established to solve the issues.

”There has to be a lawful system where good prisoners can be granted clemency, such as a reward for a prisoner who learns by heart two books of the Quran or the whole of Quran. If such a law was established then prisoners cannot escape by having a friend in the President’s Office.”

He also noted that there were times DPRS officers were attacked during prisoners’ escapes.


6 thoughts on “Convicted criminals being brought to court for extention of detention, says Criminal Court”

  1. "Rasheed said a legal framework needed to be established to solve the issues."

    What more legal framework does the good Rasheed need? What legal framework will stop a prisoner with a broken knee from "escaping"? What legal framework will stop a "welcome" party snatching away a prisoner from the office of the good Rasheed?

    I fail to comprehend the logic of our good Rasheed. A prisoner with a knee so bad that doctors had to keep him hospital "escapes" and his office cannot find him? This is quite astonishing that this should happen on an island of 2 sq. miles. Furthermore, I've never heard of a case of a person having to be admitted in hospital for a month before a knee operation.

    In most countries there are certain procedures on how prisoners are transferred from jail for varous purposes. Part of this process is not allowing any "welcoming" parties near prisoners.

  2. you never give up do you. just need to say something stupid. if can't do you a job properly, just resign and give the stick to someone who can actually turn things around.

    This so called 'medical trips' had cost the economy as a whole more than building a well equipped treatment facility at the prison itself. more robbery , gang violence, its the whole shebang.

    Mr Rasheed i beg you. if you don't have the intellectual capacity to do a good job, please say it and resign. Thats accepting you weakness, and it means you are actually trying to make it better

  3. What... A serial killer can walk away just by learning two books of Quran.. mr. Rasheed, you are not fit for the position you are in.. This is not junior school.. You are dealing with sophisticated criminal minds... Resign now.... I call for the resignation of Mr. Rasheed... This is utter bullshit

  4. Rasheed, aren't you the same ba$#erd who've been put into that position by the former dictator Gay-yoom? YES, you're.

    And the same prisoners kept fleeing in the same manner. Especially, Kiyavaa and other people used to do it all the time. Even, the police statement confirms that you guys are aware of certain hard-core criminals of whom you guys should take extra precautions/security measures.

    And after all these years, in the reign of Gay-yoom why haven't you placed your so-called 'Best Legal Framework'? Or is it that Gay-yoom, as like in most of his administrated ministries SIMPLY couldn't or DELIBERATELY didn't form it?

    How could you stupid a$$#0le even think that people will keep quiet as in the reign of Gay-yoom's tyranny? People will talk about you and how you either mismanage or DELIBERATELY wont let your office function properly. WHY? Just to keep the society in chaos so that Gay-yoom and his cronies may make use of the loose convicts to get their dirty errands done. This is a confirmed statement. There are many convicts and convicts-to-be (sentence on hold) who're willing to almost anything to get their freedom. This is what people are observing in the city. I've heard such guys talking in the cafe's.

  5. Everyone Shuting at DPRS WOW!!! You guys ever know whats happening in the real world ? Some Board is there now who releases people from jail , this board is under president and some mdp key activists taking advantages.

  6. While there are lot of talks by Government officials on their attempt to improve prison system and on containing criminals, what we see is in reality, little has been done on the ground.

    I was of the impression that the countless appointed officials in Home Ministry are actually making sure that a new system is in place and are making real changes.

    However, reading what this Rasheed has got to say, now Ive little confidence that if anything effective has been done so far.

    If people so incompetent as Rasheed continues to do the same thing the same way what they have been doing over these years, we have little hope to expect anything different.

    BTW if you have a friend in President's Office is it still possible to get away with murder?!! If people in charge in prison system believes so then we are still in a bad situation.


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