Convicted criminals brought before judges on fresh charges

A person previously sentenced to life imprisonment for drug trafficking has appeared before the criminal court charged with vandalising a shop and assaulting the shopkeeper, the Criminal Court has said in a statement.

The Criminal Court in a statement said that Ismail Waheed of Galolhu Sundance had been handed to the Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Services (DPRS) to implement the verdict of life imprisonment, and was under the impression he was behind bars until he was brought before the court by police on fresh charges.

Waheed was found guilty of drug trafficking and sentenced to life imprisonment after 25 packets of illegal drugs were discovered on him.

The Criminal Court said police had been ordered to keep Waheed in custody and hand him over to the DPRS within 15 days.

DPRS Director General Mohamed Rasheed told local media that Waheed escaped prison when he was brought Male’ for medical treatment, and had been at large as a fugitive.

According to Rasheed, Waheed’s family requested he be taken abroad for medical treatment and he was brought to Male’ prior to the journey.

On March 18 police brought a person to the Criminal Court who had previously been sentenced to 45 years imprisonment after he was found guilty of theft, objection to order and three drug related charges, said the Criminal Court.

A second person was also brought before the court who had been sentenced 10 times on different charges and was supposed to be serving 27 years imprisonment, after he was found guilty of five robbery cases, two cases of objection to order, two cases of driving without a license and one case of possession and use of drugs.

”The court’s documents show that those two persons were handed over to the concerned authorities to implement the verdict,” the court said at the time. ”But Ttey were brought before the judges on March 18 on charges of robbery after being arrested during a police special operation to curb violence in Male’.”


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  1. the reason for all these issues is very clear. Its the incompetent dept of penitentiary. The employees there are uneducated and most of them were part of these gangs before joining dprs. There are few really skinny old guys there who even cannot walk properly. What we need is complete overhauling of dprs...


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