Convicted terrorist escapes DPRS on motorbike

A man sentenced for six years for charges of terrorism relating to the Himandhoo incident escaped yesterday as he was being transferred from the court to Malé Prison.

Spokesperson for the Juvenile Court Zaeema Nasheed identified the man as Hussein Nishan, 18, of Roze Hose in Himandhoo of North Ari Atoll.

Zaeema said that the man escaped by the time he was transferred to Male’ prison by a court officer from the Juvenile Court yesterday around 3:00pm.

”A court officer took him to the Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Service (DPRS) and the department requested a court officer to take him to Male’ jail,” she said. ”It is the responsibility of the DPRS to take prisoners to the place where they are to be kept.”

She said Nishan fled on a motor-bike which stopped near Galolhu Male’ Hiya.

”The court officer immediately informed us about the incident,” Zaeema said, adding the department “immediately informed the police.”

She said the court officer did not manage to see the registration number of the motor bike.

Zaeema said there had several recent cases where prisoners had escaped custody, but noted that this was the most recent incident.

”We do not have a vehicle at the court [to transfer prisoners,” she said, ”and we have very low security procedures.”

She said Nishan was charged for terrorism in 2007 for attacking the Armed Forces of Maldives in Himandhoo when he was only 16 years old.

”The case was sent to the court by the Prosecutor General’s office on 24 July 2008.”

A source in DPRS told Minivan News that the court officer went with Nishan to DPRS around 4:00pm yesterday.

”We told him to transfer Nishan to Male’ Jail,” he said, ”and when we called after a while to check where he was, Niham said that the man escaped.”

He added that Nishan had cooperated during the trial.

Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed the case was reported to the police yesterday afternoon.

Shiyam said Nishan had not yet been found and added that the police are searching for him.

Spokesperson for the DRPS Moosa Rameez did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.

President Mohamed Nasheed has previously vowed to the people of Himandhoo that the government will grant clemency to Himandhoo inmates convicted for terrorism.


14 thoughts on “Convicted terrorist escapes DPRS on motorbike”

  1. Why is the government offering clemency to known terrorists. Who want nothing more than to enslave women, deny education to them, and take us back to middle ages?. Un-freaking-believable!!!

  2. Check the pockets of the the people responsible.. their will be money flowing in... Else there will be extreme elements inside DPRS as well...

    Isn't their something called responsibility... and resigning...

  3. somebody should resign over this disgrace. those beardies will be hiding the terrorist

  4. Heads have to roll, with negligence of this magnitude. Is DPRS accountable to anyone?!

  5. I think the government should forge ahead with plans to release as many prisoners as possible.. it's for the betterment of the people after all. Then we can all wallow in crime, drugs and everything else that's hideous.

    Additionally, I think DPRS should give their hardworking officers a rest, especially when dealing with convicts who've been sentenced for terrorism. Convicts and persons in custody should just be asked to go to the court, or jail or to the jetty to go back n forth to prison by themselves, they'll have friends after all; and of course they should be encouraged to take some time off and spend time with friends and family and assorted mullahs n so on.

    I'm sure the HRCM would also be delighted with any action along those lines, don't you think?

  6. hahahaha total idiotic story.court dont have vehicle,"court officer did not manage to see the registration number of the motor bike" is he are blind?or maybe he say sorry you can go home?hehehe. OMG!!! velcome to stupid democracy.

  7. when will the director genral of DPRS resign?, jail had been burned down twice. prisoners escape in daily basis, if this is not incompetency so what is? if this is not corruption then what is corruption?

  8. so those are the guys to be rehabilitated by the ministry of Islamic affairs. the only thing fanatics lack here is a small armed army. soon adhaalath party will archive this with all the access they are getting been in power.ween adha

  9. we should divide Maldives into three equal parts. that is one for criminals and those who want to live one for the rest of there lives, the other for the fundies, beardies and who want to blow up themselves and finally the other part for the free loving, peace and mind there own business peoples part. an there should be free pass from the later part to the rest of the two parts always...i think this could be the solution.

  10. does all beardies or short pant or women with black hijaab want to blow uo themselves?? What kinda logic are you atheists and valueless people speaking of?? How do you justify the Hiroshima bomb by USA in WW2 or september 11 tower attack or daily Israel attack on innocent women and kids BE EXPLAIN?? DON'T THINK FROM YOUR ASS..THINK FROM YOUR BRAIN THAT GOD GAVE YOU! "TREAT OTHERS AS YOU MAY TREAT YOURSELF OR BETTER" Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

  11. Niyaf; that is not a Hadith, you liar! that is the golden rule, can be found in many religious text. all except in islam. the closest islam get to in this is....something about treating your BROTHERS (ie, others who you consider muslims) good, or as the way you want to be treated. this is the basis of morality and ethics. and islam doesn not have it. no wonder people who follow islam strictly end up being maniacs!

  12. Whats wrong with this? after all this is not a country, should I call a jungle, or perhaps worse than a jungle, even in jungles 15 animals dont go and rape 1. They have more decency......aaaah let me live in a jungle, let me breath freely......

  13. Our system is full of loose ends and this is what we are seeing today. A convicted terrorist can be transfered in a taxi with the DPR guy. After 3 years the convict has not shown any remose and it is very like he will now start taking revenge back. All the eliments of a perfect mafia run crime city like Colombia is what we see now.


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