Corpse of newborn baby found strangled with underwear, hospital confirms

The body of a newborn baby boy discovered in a park in Hulhumale’ this morning was found with underwear tied tightly around his neck.

Spokesperson for Hulhumale’ Hospital Dr Ahmed Ashraf said the baby may have died from asphyxiation.

‘’When the baby was found the knot was a bit loose, but the marks on its neck shows that it was tied tightly around the neck,’’ Dr Ashraf said.

Dr Ashraf said the baby was dead when discovered, and was first brought to Hulhumale’ hospital before the police took the body for forensic investigation.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the baby was male and appeared to have competed nine months gestation.

The dead baby is the third to have been found abandoned in the last few weeks. On Friday the corpse of a three-month premature infant was discovered in a Coast Milk tin in Villingili, while on May 5 another premature baby was found in a plastic bag in Male’s swimming track area. A medical examination later concluded that the baby had sustained cuts, bruises and other wounds.

Police have since arrested two women in connection to the discovery of the infant found in the tin, including a 30 year old suspected of being the mother and a 24 year old woman police said had confessed to helping the first deliver the baby prematurely.

In November last year another abandoned newborn was discovered alive in some bushes near the Wataniya telecommunications tower in Hulhumale’. The child was put in the care of foster parents.

Birth out of wedlock remains heavily stigmatised in the Maldives. An unreleased 2007 study by the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) found that the stigma of having a child out of wedlock compels Maldivian women and girls to opt for abortions, and while a taboo subject, the practice was found to be widespread.

Some of those interviewed for the study said they knew of girls as young as 12 who had undergone abortions, and each knew at least one person who had terminated a pregnancy.

Abortion is illegal in the Maldives except to save a mother’s life, or if a child suffers from a congenital defect such as thalassemia. Many women unable to travel to Sri Lanka resort to illegal abortions performed by unskilled individuals in unhygienic settings, or even induce abdonminal trauma or insert objects into their uterus.

Other studies focusing on HIV have identified associated risk factors contributing to unplanned pregnancy including high levels of promiscuity and limited use of contraception.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that the infant was a nine-month old baby. This was a confusing translation and has been clarified as the infant was a newborn.


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  1. how inhumane! its scary that its becoming increasingly common!

  2. We need to start using DNA analysis to find out who the parents are of these abandoned babies. No one should be getting away with MURDER!!

    I can understand some of the issues surrounding unwanted pregnancies, but does the mother (parents) not know about the orphanage ? There is no need to KILL these babies!!

  3. How sad and disgusting. The people of this nation call themselves muslims and perform such dirty acts. Killing has become a fashion for Maldivians. Horrible thing to see.

  4. from the news articles it looks like all of the media in this country assume this is done by maldivians...can we tell a maldivian baby from a bangladeshi, indian, sri lanka etc?

  5. This is horrible. I can't imagine the terror that 9 month old felt. Some people are evil. Just EVIL.

  6. Ahmed Nazeer, get your facts correct.
    It is a new born baby's body that they discovered in a Hulhumale park. Not that of a 9 month old baby.

    Thank you for spotting this confusing translation. The age of the baby has been clarified as a newborn and a correction issued. -Minivan News team

  7. I wonder though: would it have been different if these women got a professional abortion? Are we angry because it was in a Coast can and not three feet in the ground in a foreign country?

    Home abortions has been going on for years, but we are suddenly riled up because of the particular circumstances of this particular cases?

    It would also be quite possible that these mothers could have killed themselves along with the child inside them if social pressure was the motivator.

    note to emotional readers: Im not in support of abortion, especially not in the manner as in this article.

  8. America and the west experienced this problem sometime in the 1970's. They legalized abortion to stop it. I ask the people of reason to start a legal abortion campaign.

  9. Bull...Maldives must be the only country where the women don't have any shame getting pregnant out of was common practice even in the olden days for unmarried women to get pregnant,and it's been since long that maldivian women have been giving birth and killing babies mercilessly after failing to follow contraceptive methods..

    They kill not because of any social stigma as Maldivian men dont think twice about marrying a women who had given birth out of wedlock,infact the men like such shameless women...These women get pregnant and kill simply because they DON'T want to care for the babies..there are so many women who get repeatedly pregnant out of wedlock and happily give birth in hospitals and give away the babies...they go home and get pregnant once again..Don't blame the society,blame the upbringing...they just don't have any sensibilities and sentiments...All Maldivians are killers..better keep a policemen behind every woman..LOL..that won't help either..Hopeless people!!They just should get submerged under sea water sooon..Sea levels please rise and drown these sodom natives!!!

  10. TIP for the killers:Don't kill,keep the babies in a blanket and at night time..keep near the kudakudhinge hiyaa or at the doorstep of a house whose owners don't have children...Just don't hurt these little souls..what have they done to you?Sheikhs,instead of talking about wearing burga's tell the ladies and men not to fornicate!!

  11. Hey! Where is Mullah Shaheem, what is he doing?
    Why can’t the Mullahs take the devil out Maldivian women!

  12. I do hope that this new wave of infanticide isn't going to become a trend in our country. I blame the public who shows outrage at attempts to educate them on contraceptives as much as I do the perpetrators of these callous crimes. Idiots, the whole lot of them!

  13. Why do we keep pointing fingers at Maldivian WOMEN? Just because they give birth doesnt mean a man is not involved in these vicious crimes. it takes two people to make a baby. We dont know whether the killed babies belong to victims of incestious rape or child abuse. the shame of having children out of wedlock is so immense that people are willing to do whatever they can to save themselves from being labelled as nahalaalah dharin vihaa anheneh. And add rape or child abuse to that out of wedlock pregnancy. We should be pointing fingers at the Juciary system and the MPs for ignoring these sick social problems and concentrating more on winning more seats for one party or another. Now they've caught two people who killed villimale' baby. Next thing you'll hear is that the judiaciary has decided to put them to jail for 3 months and released back nito society . And legalizing abortions would be the furthest thing from the Parliamentarians' minds. Society is given no awareness. There are no protocols to follow when such a horrific thing happens. And common sense is overridden by religious beliefs. Majority of the people in this country are not religious. But they are all promiscuios. TO solve this problem out of wedlock births need to be less frowned upon in society, adoption needs to be weolcomed with open arms and for special cases such as pregnancies due to child abuse and rape, abortions need to be legalised.

  14. Legalizing abortion in USA did not stop teenage pregnancies, apparently, it was the abstinence programs introduced in 199o whiich dramatically reduced teenage pregnancies by 29.

    Uk also legalized abortions as far back as 1968, it still has the highest teenage pregnancies in Europe, studies show that there is a correlation between teenage pregnancy and delinquency, and is higher in poorer point is that the problem is a more complex one than how minivan is portraying, what is needed is understanding the root causes and adopting a holistic approach.

  15. Legalizing abortion would mean that the happy go lucky men and women of Maldives wearing the veil or without the veil,with a beard or without a beard would merrily go around fornicating whenever possible..These Maldivian lot love to behave like animals and given a chance every woman over twelve or ten will be impregnated possibly by their fathers,brothers and by other men and the females would happily follow the legalized abortion rules and fill up at the hospitals to abort the thing in their wombs...And the hospitals would have nothing else to do as it is,with no knowledge about avoiding pregnancies there are 100's of births every day in all the hospitals and if abortion is legalized these women and men will have a field day..Not that they don't happily go to hospitals even now making false stories of marriage or otherwise to abort the babies..they will go to any lengths with the sex thing,the creepy Maldivians!! pedophiles,adulterers,bestiality followers,homosexuals,sex with own children and step children,even own mothers and fathers LOL..that is Maldives for you! And the Mullas and Sheikhs meekly sit at the mosques and talk about keeping a beard and wearing a veil!!! They seem to believe that the solution for every problem is a veil and a beard...What they don't know is their beloved veil and beard followers are the worst!!

    Sheikhs,talk and educate the lot..or else you will also soon be like the people of Sodom and washed away in a storm or a tsunami one day!!! Godforsaken country!!

  16. cry heart .we should be shame of while doing such a low grade we are muslims but we are killing our own children why? is there any answ?have a heart have merciful on chilldrens they are the gift of god that is more valuavle then every thinh in this world plx plx dont kill babies if u will kill the baby then dont try to to get it.tha sad thing is inb our nature if naturally by god will we are not able to get baby then we cry we pray to god to give us a happiness of baby once he answer our question and bless us with a baby we forget to thank him n on the other hand once we are blessed with baby may b we dont have that much wealth to take well care of baby to give him her good education we look forward for one solution and that is to kill tha innoccent baby ,be fear of god think what punishment may u will get LAA HAULA WALAA GUHVATHA ILLA BILLAHI


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