Civil Court issues injunction on land sales

The Civil Court of Maldives issued an injunction yesterday to temporarily cease the auctioning of plots in the Male’ southwest harbour, pending a ruling on the case filed by the opposition joint coalition challenging the legitimacy of the process.

‘’If the opportunity is given to continue the transactions, the court believes its potential consequences may be irreversible,’’ reads a statement from the court.

The four opposition parties in parliament, Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), People’s Alliance (PA), Jumhooree Party (JP) and Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP), contested the policy in court on the grounds that the cabinet made the decision in violation of the Land Act 2002, article three of which states that the president should declare policy.

As the cabinet has not been approved by parliament, the coalition argues it did not have the authority to hand over the task to Male’ municipality.

Moreover, the coalition claims that the transactions violate article 250[a] and article six of the constitution.

On July 20, the President’s Office announced the cabinet’s decision to sell off 11 plots of 50,000 square feet of land as part of the policy to develop the southwest harbour area.

”Proceeds from the sale of this land will be used to finance the development of entire harbour area, and build multi-purpose buildings to lease,” the President’s Office revealed at the time.

Over Rf100 million has been raised so far from the sale of four plots in the first phase of the auction.


4 thoughts on “Civil Court issues injunction on land sales”

  1. I think some some one, like Velezinee will say that the the judge is corrupt. All the cases shall be ended in favor of MDP.Otherwise the judges would be corrupted.

  2. No! The Judge is not corrupt! We are!

    Leave party politics, government and even Velezinee out!

    Based on common sense; is it possible to believe that we have a good enough constitution, parliament and a judiciary system for healthy governance?

  3. I am not for auctioning land from Male for different reasons. You can count of your fingers how many can bid for this land. The land is too fact you cannot place a monetary value on it any more. Thirdly why not pact it for 50 over years or ninety for that matter. There are different ways to do it. It was not a good decision and I hope that this sales does not happen... rather an alternative is sought for...

  4. It does not take too much education to understand right and wrong. Judges lost their dignity and respect when the people saw how they were greedy for money and scared of politicians with power. They were more worried about their own safety or getting rich to have a nice life instead of using the high status given to them to protect the weak and victims of street crimes, etc.

    It is not a once in a while thing we see with the Judges, it is a constant corruption for one case after another.
    If you have money and you have political influence, you are guaranteed to win.

    The courts know that if the corrupted judges were hunted, each and everyone of them will end up in prison for not just one, but multiple crimes of corruption and misuse of power.

    Hence, there is no legal status for the judges. I would not give a second thought to what the judges say. The police should not take the courts seriously and the government should not give any importance to the childish cries of the courts.

    They have a long long and hard road to get back trust from the public if they are ever serious about getting it back.


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