Court delays Humam’s hearing in Dr Afrasheem murder trial

The Criminal Court has delayed the hearing in to the trial of Dr Afrasheem Ali’s murder case scheduled for today, after Humam’s defense lawyer claimed he had not received the police forensic report.

According to local media, the hearing started today as scheduled, to hear forensic experts on the forensic report police had prepared.

However, as the hearing started Humam’s lawyer Abdulla Haseen told the judge that he had not received the forensic report and asked the judge if he could give him a two day period to review the report, to which the judge replied that the court could only give him 10 minutes as it was the duty of the lawyer to obtain the forensic report earlier.

After giving him a 10 minute break to review the forensic report, the judge began the hearing and told that the court was unable to provide the report to the lawyer because it contained names of people that the Prosecutor General had requested to hide.

Concluding the hearing today, the judge announced that today’s hearing would be delayed to tomorrow for this reason.

Dr Afrasheem was a well-known religious scholar and the MP for Ungoofaaru constituency. He was stabbed to death on the night of October 1, on the staircase of his home.

State prosecutors accused Humam, along with Ali Shan – who is also facing the same charges – and a minor identified as ‘Nangi’, of going to the residence of Dr Afrasheem and murdering him with a machete and a bayonet knife.

Humam initially confessed to the murder, but later withdraw his statement claiming it had been extracted under police duress.