Court releases murder suspect citing lack of cooperation from Health Ministry

The Criminal Court today released Ibrahim Shahum Adam, a 19 year-old who was arrested in August last year for allegedly murdering 17 year-old Mohamed Hussain.

Adam was presented to the Criminal Court with a police request to extend the period of detention, but Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed noted that the Criminal Court had already extended the detention of Shahum by six months for investigation which had not yet been concluded.

Police blamed the Health Ministry, and told the judge that the investigation had not concluded ministry had not responded to a letter police sent in August 2010 requesting the medical report on the death of Mohamed Hussain.

Judge Abdulla told police this was not reasonable grounds to keep a person in detention.

He said he regretted that police and government authorities were not cooperating to make the society peaceful and noted that the court alone could not succeed in this, according to a report in newspaper Haveeru.

The paper also quoted Judge Abdulla as saying that ”keeping a person in detention for not getting a response to one letter sent to the health ministry is too much.”

Judge Abdulla also acknowledged that police were not getting the cooperation from government authorities.

Hussain was stabbed in the leg near the Social Centre in Maafannu, Male’.

He was admitted to Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital and treated for more than eight hours in the Intensive Care Unit, but the knife severed a major artery and despite an emergency blood transfusion he died the following morning at 6:15am.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that police had always fully cooperated with the courts to the fullest extent possible.

”We cannot do or say anything regarding something beyond our borders,” said Shiyam. ”It is the responsibility of the police to obey the courts and we will follow the court’s orders.”

State Health mMinister Abdul Baary Yousuf told Minivan News that he  had no information regarding the issue and referred to the Permanent Secretary Geela Ali. Ali is currently outside the country.

Judge Abdulla Mohamed did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


26 thoughts on “Court releases murder suspect citing lack of cooperation from Health Ministry”

  1. this is how this government function. no one to take responsibility. No one can be fired because they are connected to the President Nasheed or MDP hardcore activists. In this government you dont have to perform your job is guaranteed by the President or MP's or the strong head around the President. Now they will blame the police and the court for releasing a murderer.

  2. Nepotism at its best. Health Minister is our president's sister-in-law. I do not think Health Miniser will take responsibility for this and resign.

  3. Why is the Maldives Police Service sending a letter to Ministry of Health to obtain the medical report of a person treated in Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital? They should get it from the Hospital or the Health Corporation. It is like blaming Ministry of Tourism for the wedding conducted by a resort managed by Sun Travel.

  4. Yes very true. At the end of the day the leader of the country and the elected MPs should be responsible for a system which allows criminals to walk free. Yes we can talk freely now, but the judiciary is messed up. But at the same time the people are to blame since we all are really the ones voting for each one of these MPs. When it comes to time to vote, we still tend to vote for someone that talks big, but doesn't really do much. Or someone well known, but doesn't really use his status to help others. This adds to the silly party conflicts we have seen which has wasted so much of parliament time. Then when they really want to do something.. they give their full attention to it.. only when its to raise their own salaries. Seriously? we are all pretty dumb to elect these MPs.

  5. Look at our Judges!!! He is acting like a child (or a thui lady acting before her first lover)....

    A professional Judge shall not release a Murder suspect to public justifying that he got no cooperation from the Health Ministry....this is the problem our country is unable to solve...Now where are the MPs, where is the Chief Justice? Where is the Head of Government? Where is the Head of Peoples' Majlis? Where is the Head of State?

    And for what all these Honorable authorities are?

    If a normal Judge like Judge Abdulla releases a Murder suspect to our society, means these Honorable authorities are responsible or irresponsible??? Do these Honorable authorities still love their country or they simply like their pay, security, medical insurance and respect of the people for no reason?

  6. Why is the judge punishing the community for the failure of the police or minister or doctor or whoever else?
    Is it permitted to judiciously terrorize a community if there is reason to believe the alleged are dangerous?

  7. What's the problem Abdullah Ghaaaaazeeeee?
    If they are found not to be guilty at the end of the trial they'll be multi-millionaires going by the standard to be set by MP Yaameen. 6.4 million for hours.
    Count up. It's going to be a handsome profit.
    Give the boys a chance to make a fortune, will you.

  8. @Naju. You are talking of a guy who is a "suspect" in a gang fight which took place in Mazia football ground during a tournament. Isn't 6 months enough for the police to provide evidence? Is it the courts responsibility to investigate the case and ask health ministry to provide the report? I don't think that is professionalism and that is their job. I believe that in this case it is obvious that the police had failed to conduct a proper investigation and provide any evidence to the court. I guess 6 months is enough to lock a suspect without any evidence.

  9. It is time we have a Day of Rage like they had in Egypt and get rid of everyone including the Judges, The MPs and get decent people to run our country.

    All these Party Apparatchiks are destroying our already struggling country.

    We must say NO to Gayoom and NO to Anni too if he going down the same path.

    Party Politics is making an already bad situation worse. It is one thing to make good speeches but another to get things done.
    If a Court can release a murder suspect because the Ministry of Health is refusing to respond to a letter from the Police for a medical report, then what is happening to our country?

    I blame the Police and PG for this fiasco. He should be able to get a Court Subpoena for this medical record from the Ministry of Health.
    This letter was sent in August 2010 and since this was just one letter, what is the Police doing all this time?
    They should have used all legal means available to get this report but it seems that they do nothing.

    What is the Majlis doing? Trying to score boy scout points over each other.

    It is time that the DRP act like the official opposition and hold the Government to account for these kind of things instead of trying to arse lick their former dictator(Zaeem) and try to get him to power again.
    The more infighting DRP has the more the Government knows that it can get away with anything.

    Lets get rid of all these goons and have another Parliament and another Maldives as this lot has not done the job.

  10. When we look into details of this case we can see from both parties the judge and government had failed to do the job. The carelessness,non of them took this issue serious and the burdens and yokes on their shoulders.This is a murder case.There is no case worse then this'MURDER'.All should take the responsibilities and take RIGHT action.It is very disappointing that SUSPECT HAS BEEN RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC.without further investigation.We all need to be well matured to govern this country.It seem like no one in this country can commit a crime.we all are free to do whatever we wish.No country on this universe has this much freedom.
    I urge the government to take this issue very seriously and act from this second.If fails to do, please all of you who are responsible needs to resign!!!There people who can take the responsibility to do the job.

  11. Isn't it time Maldives had a coroner's court? Why hasn't the Majlis established it? What kind of a country is this, where the health minister has to act as the coroner?

  12. Eminem, how about our MPs? Shouldn't they be in the same bracket too as they do not seem to understand the purpose they were chosen to be MPs.

    All they are concerned is about increasing their salaries.

  13. This judge has to resign immediately. His excuse to release a murder suspect is unacceptable. This is not first times that criminals have been set free by corrupt judges. It has to be said though that Health Ministry owes an explanation to the public as to why the requested letter was not given to Police.

  14. And maybe a year or two later, we might hear that the same guy murdered somebody else, and the police would catch him, and say..."he was formerly arrested for murder and later released too"....

    Same story, different day.

  15. If this is deliberate attempt by Aminath Jameel to subvert the due course of justice she can get away today but tomorrow, on the Day of Judgment due course of justice takes place to its logical conclusion and she’ll be answerable to all her misdeeds! Aminth Jameel you are no better a certain Rehendi Khadeeja who once ruled the tiny nation. More ladies like you there will be slaughter in our nation. No wonder you’ll be loathed by many.

  16. Typical and irresponsible, incapable and unconcerned as the Health Ministry goes, the Minister and Baree and admin has never been able to deliver either as individuals nor as a body....

    If each party had any conscience for Maldivians they are suppose to serve (while all live on the money of Maldivians), they would have been more responsible. But no one in this scenario is fit to be in their positions..... Safe anneh dhivehirajje - playing it safe is the only thing they do,And great at pushing the blame at each other

  17. Stop blaming the judge! He had no option but to release the guy. The judge and the law can only pass sentence when someone has been found guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

    When there's key evidence missing, as in this case, how can the judge pass sentence. Does the judge have a 6th sense given by God? Even if he did, he cannot act on that since that would be illegal!

    And before you blame the "government"; think about this? Who is the "government"? It it the Executive, the Legislature or the Judiciary? We have separation of powers; all these form the "government".

    When someone writes a letter to the Health Ministry, that gets handled by the Civil service. The Permanent Secretary is ultimately responsible for the lack of action here. The Minister cannot be blamed for this. The administrative affairs of the Executive are run by the Civil service!

    I believe the victims family should take the Civil service to Court for failing to provide vital information in a criminal muder case!

  18. Indeed, it's also interesting to note why the Police had to approach the Health Ministry instead of the Hospital directly for this information.

    No one has explained that. Probably, no one knows where to ask anymore. We've "decentralised" too much!

    Let's see a whole new chapter of blame and counter blame start when all these recently elected councillors start office! God help us all!

  19. The only way to solve these stupid issues is this:

    (1) Reduce the Civil service by 50% starting immediately.

    (2) Reduce the political staff by 90% immediately.

    For God's sake, we have less than half a million people to look after in this country. It's total incompetence that we need such a huge bureacracy to run a country so small.

  20. aminath jameel is not the president's sister in law. She is a cousin of speaker abdulla shahid (drp)

  21. @ahmed

    you are not quite right.. aminath jameel is a member of our president's family. Abdulla Shahid is not a relative of Aminath Jameel. Please read Haveeru News.

  22. A criminal can't convict a criminal and that is the case with Abdulla Judge. Based on the reports by Health they inform Police to get the report from Health Corporation. This type of justice serves no value o the country.

  23. the government should release documentation of these cases where abulho ghaazee has failed the people. most people cant put 2 and 2 together just from the news. they need someone to draw it to them.

  24. What is the use of sentencing these people. It seems both Shahum and Aseel Ismail are on Facebook being praised for their murders?


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