Criminal Court convicts two persons listed as “dangerous criminals” by police

The Criminal Court yesterday sentenced two persons named by the police as “dangerous criminals”, after the court found both guilty of stabbing Ismail Firdhause of Feydhoo in Addu City on 24 February 2011 when he got off the Hulhumale’ ferry.

The Criminal Court said that Ahmed Shareef of Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll Rathafandhoo and Maadhih Mohamed, 20, of Gan in Laamu Atoll and another person attacked Firdhause on that day at around 9:09pm inside Hulhumale’ ferry terminal.

Delivering the verdict, the judge said that they both Shareef and Maadhih were sentenced under Act 18/2010 of the Gang Violence Act, and because it was the first time both have been found guilty of a crime that violated the Act, Maadhih was sentenced to eight years and Shareef to 12 years in prison.

Last month the Criminal Court judge handling the case had claimed that police had “not cooperated” with the court and raised the possibility of releasing both suspects.

Both had denied the charges against them, however the court granted the police authority to hold them in custody until their trial was concluded.

Maadhih and Shareef both admitted that they were in the area when the incident occurred but denied that they were involved in it or that they knew anybody in the gang that attacked Firdhause.

In previous hearings, Maadhih said that the incident occurred while he was inside the ferry terminal and was trying to get to Hulhumale’ where he worked, while Shareef said the incident occurred as he walked out from a nearby coffee shop and happened to pass by.

Shareef and Maadhih denied hitting Firdhause or that they were in possession of any weapons when the incident occurred.

Currently there are 14 persons identified by police as “dangerous criminals” held in police pre-trial custody. Maadhih and Shareef are the first two to be convicted.

One among the 17 identified as ‘’dangerous criminal’’ is currently held in detention India after he overstayed his visa after travelling there for treatment for a major head injury he received after a gang attacked him with a machete.


7 thoughts on “Criminal Court convicts two persons listed as “dangerous criminals” by police”

  1. Becuase its the first time you killed an innocent man, you get 8 yrs and 12 yrs in jail respectively. What a joke. So how many times you guys have to kill a person inorder to qualify for a life sentence or a death penalty? Our criminal court is a big willy. The men should have been hanged to death for such a crime, It doesn't matter its the first or second time, they have killed another person and they deserve death as penalty.

  2. Just see how perfect Maldivian judiciary is!
    What can we expect from these Bedouin mentality idiots?

  3. If the police has given evidence that transparently proofs that they killed someone, these people should be given death sentence if the family of the victims wishes it so.

  4. @ Ziyan and hassan ahmed

    There's nothing wrong with the sentence! Why do you question their judgement? it's not like these kids did drugs or had sex, they only stabbed a person!

  5. @heck : "they only stabbed a person"..... u should definitely get your head examined!!!!!!!!


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