Criminal Court extends detention of MP Adil to 15 days

The Criminal Court last night extended the detention of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP for Maradhoo Area Hassan Adhil to 15 days, following his arrest yesterday on charges of child molestation.

The Criminal Court asked police to hold Adhil in detention at a location determined by the Home Ministry, after a closed hearing to which journalists were denied access.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that Adhil’s detention was extended and that the MP was in police custody.

Yesterday morning an arrest warrant was issued by the Criminal Court for the arrest of the former opposition-aligned Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) MP, who jumped to the ruling MDP in September last year.

Following the signing, Adhil claimed he had switched parties “not by anyone, I took this step because of the pulse of the people.”

”I believe that the government is conducting many development projects at a high speed, and I signed with MDP for the development of my area at the request of [my constituents].”

Leader of the DQP Hassan Saeed declined to comment on Adhil’s decision at the time.

Report of the investigation of the MP appeared in newspaper Haveeru last month, which based the story on a source within the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM). However HCRM President Maryam Azra denied knowledge of the investigation and the story was removed from Haveeru’s website.

MDP Chairperson Mariya Ahmed Didi told Minivan News yesterday that if Adhil was found guilty “then of course the party should [take action]. The party does not condone such acts. But we should only speculate after the court has come to a verdict.”


19 thoughts on “Criminal Court extends detention of MP Adil to 15 days”

  1. This case, this trial, this everything should be more public and more transparent. As a public figure, the Maldivian community have a right to information about their elected officials, even their moral character.

  2. In Male’ its over populated and people are forced to live in aprox 200sqft with their whole family.. and for sure they wont be able to have sexual relations happily full satisfactorily even with their own wives..

    So what would you expect from them? Sexual desires of everyone wont be the same.. Some people will get wild and go forward out of the boundaries transgressing the limits..

    So the only solution to minimize the crime rate is to legalize the things which the majority wants.. Legalize massage parlors, (safe sex) prostitutions etc. I mean whats the problem in having sex with own girl friend.. Thats something personal in between them. If we make laws to influence peoples private life.. this country will never see the minimization of the crimes like raping (human/animal) child molestation etc.

  3. See, I told earlier. If a person with a beard had committed child abuse, this would have been a big issue.

    But see, today all the people who are holding hands with infidels are getting locked behind the bars for dirty crimes.

    Wrath of Allah.

    This is extremism. Raping, abusing children, homosexuality, bestiality is extremism. These are things promoted by Western Democracy.

    People think and think. Now it's the time for us to implement Islamic Sharia.

    Chop the hand if a person commits theft, stone a person if commits adultery, kill a person if commits murder, lash a person if commits extramarital sex...etc.

    Then you will see a peaceful society.

    May Allah save us from infidels. Aamen.

  4. @joker: Great idea, then the government will incorporate a state enterprise by the name of MNMPMP (Maldives National Massage Parlor for Members of Parliament) which the parliament will attempt to sieze by the creation of the MMP (the Maldives Massage Parlor).

    @John: Yes, yes Shari'ah will cure all of our ills except for our dependency on foreign investment and development loans. We could experiment with the implementation of whatever legal system we desire if and only IF we have the financial independence to do so.

  5. I heard once on a BBC programe before MDP came to power, MP Maria proudly said that "I was a British trained barrister". Can you please tell me how the british society will react on this matter. Shame on our politicians. Even slightest accusations of such kind against a public official will not be tolerated in any society like British. I was a big fan of Maria, but I'm seriously aghast by hearing what Maria said, "we should only speculate after the court has come to a verdict".... shame on the whole idea... I wouldn't be surprised to hear that MDP MPs walked out of the Majilis led by Maria because of the Adil's arrest. In fact I expect MDP MPs to protest in the Majilis to allow Adil to attent Majilis sessions. Wake up Maldivians! join a campaign against current MPs not to be elected next time.

  6. Thanks a lot Mr John, I totally agree with you my dear......We can never enjoy a Democracy without the implementation of Islamic Shariah, like a murder should be killed instead of giving him or her to keep killing people. Stoning shall of-course control adultery, lashing shall control extramarital sex and chopping hand shall control theft.

    I don't know what's wrong with these MPs, Speaker of the Majlis, the Chief Justice and Head of the Government. If we all look at a product like an engine, we always read the Manual of the manufacturer so that even an engineer could carry on its repair & maintenance work.

    In our case, as we all believe in Islam, we have a Guide which contain a complete code of life known as the Quran and also we have the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). I don't really understand what's wrong with these educated BOSSES of this beautiful island country. Allah (SWT) has given us a natural beauty, crystal clear waters and the white beaches so that we can sell this product to those who visit this beautiful country and make money. The only thing we see these BOSSES doing is simply enjoying life using people's money and doing nothing as if someone is enjoying the art od doing nothing. Shame on you BOSSES!!! Are you waiting for the Doom's Day? The Hell-fire is indeed waiting for the BOSSES like you. So please be ware of the consequences!

  7. John,

    You Sir, are a manifestation of luminescent intellectual brilliance.

  8. John, I am sure you do not need to stir the pot every time you can.

  9. @ John, you are right.
    The maldivian society has come to a disgraceful state that now we need islamic shariah law enforced very strongly upon us. Every where in our land we find murderers, paedophiles, adulterers and even bestiality has started. Its absolutely disgusting. Strong shariah law upon us can only now make us stay in straight path.

  10. Execution of Islamic Shariah for crimes such as murder and adultry and Theft will have the same effect as enforcing policing to address the dollar shortage ,

    In both cases the root causes must be addressed and a concerted program to resolve these issues must be implemented with a view to re-invigirate the rule of law.

    Absence of fear for tyranny may have brought the country to democracy , but the absence of fear for law will soon take away the opportunity for democracy and pave the way for tyranny again

  11. It is not wise to adopt Islamic shariah law in a country like Maldives. Maldives only pretend to be 100% Muslim. the country's government, judicial system and the parliament are not trustworthy. The people of Maldives are yet to be uneducated. Perhaps the best for Maldives would be schooling and counciling

  12. Lets now fool ourselves.

    This is either yes or no. Very digital. Islamic or not.

    If we want Islamic, they by all means DO so. Start chopping and stoning, banning TV, stop tourism, adultery, nudism, etc.

    If you don't want that, decide once and for all, on letting go of these values.

    And head full speed with the benefits (and regrets as well) of life in the 21st Century.

  13. Did the Home Ministry decide to detain him in Aah Rah or some place???

    RULE OF LAW, Mr Home Minister means that the pedo Adhil gets thrown into Dhoonidhoo or Male' jail... like all other pedos and criminals... during investigation. No special treatment for Adhil...

    Looks to me from what Maariya says and Home Minister's concern over where he is detained that MDP elite plans to stand by Adhil the pedo....

    So far MDP has not even condemned the actions... if Adhil was still in Gaumme Party MDP wud be pounding down on him and having demonstrations calling for his resignation for sure... but now there is DEADLY SILENCE


  14. Oh for Heaven's sake. How many children are being raped every year and did you care? No. Based on the comments I can only say that there's so much interest in this case for political reasons. And Jenny if Adhil was NOT FROM MDP would you have been so dramatic. Please!

    I don't care which party the guy's from as long as this is investigated fully and a verdict reached. If the guy is guilty give the highest punishment in the law.

  15. Hmm…. This country is becoming Sadhoom. We have MPs and teachers abusing children, Ministers acting in blue films, government officials showing their private parts on internet, people f..king goats and chickens, taxi drivers raping their customers, daily killing on the roads, pirates in the resorts, retards as counselors….and a president always drunk.

    This is anneh Dhivehiraajje

  16. He should be removed right away until he is cleared. Child abuse is not a joke or any petty thing specially in Maldives. I believe MDP must not wait and take action accordingly if he is found not guilty then he can be accepted but as long as he is accused he should be treated as accused not an innocent.

  17. @Joker - you think that child molestation is any less in places where the things you mention are legalised. You may want to do some research on these things before making public comments as such.

  18. Follow full Islamic Teachings is the only way to a peaceful community. Every one knows that but don't want to acknowledge the facts.

  19. It is no wonder that child molesting etc., and etc., on the priority agendas of the world!

    Daily killing, slaughtering and dumping of human beings including children and infants, by unmanned aircraft isn't a big thing!

    This is what the world has come to!

    Human Rights only know to help criminals and children molested. They cannot help about the rights of a human to live!


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