Criminal Court releases Gabbarey, ”a potential threat to the society” warn police

The Criminal Court has released Ibrahim Abdulla ‘Gabbarey’, who was arrested and kept in pre-trial detention for conspiracy to conduct assault and battery and disrupt the peace.

He was arrested along with 49 others during a special operation police conducted to avoid potential clashes between gangs after the murder of 21 year-old Ahusan Basheer.

The Criminal Court cited Ibrahim’s medical condition and lack of evidence as reasons for his release.

A police spokesperson said that Ibrahim was potential threat to the society if he was at large.

”But the Criminal Court has today released him,” he added. ”He is on our list of the nine most dangerous criminals.”

Ibrahim was recently attacked with a machete and barely survived after suffering a major head injury. He was taken abroad for further treatment.

Police statistics show that Ibrahim was arrested 14 times for allegedly committing several offenses.

Ahusan Basheer, 21 died last month after a group of assailants stabbed him near NC Park in the Galolhu district of Male’.

”He was stabbed four times in the back and three times in the chest,” police said in a statement.

Police arrested Ibrahim Shahum, who was recently charged in a murder case and released by the court after being kept in detention for six months, in connection with the case. He is currently being held in pre-trial detention.


34 thoughts on “Criminal Court releases Gabbarey, ”a potential threat to the society” warn police”

  1. Can you please let us know the name of this corrupt judge. If he was to use Shariah, for the sake of the society, he would have used his God given brain. Shame on this Judge and those like him. People should know the names of these judges so that they are a disgrace to the safety of our society. It is again not the criminals that is the main problem, its the Judges who does not know how to implement punishments in fear of getting hurt themselves or due to bribery. If they are scared, than give some medical excuse and quit. Atleast you can save face in a small society as ours. Well when it comes to money, we know its hard to quit once your in debt.

    Transparency is a must in the justice system. We need to make sure the accounts of the judges and morality are checked by the public closely and not given to politician and silly big talk parliament to deal with.

  2. He's been arrested 14 times and still there was not "enough evidence" in Court? wtf!

    Now, someone needs to explain how our Police handles suspects. Do they just pick them off the street and handover to the Courts saying, "Hey Mr Judge, I think this fella is guilty"?

    Sounds like that's what's happening.

  3. Muad, now, do you see why implementing the death sentence would not be a solution to these problems?

  4. Oh man.
    They do it again.

    Why don't we introduce a national award for the most number of stupid judgements a judge may make? With specials merits given to the extent of damage to the society, he can cause by his ignorant verdict.

  5. We don't want to know who the judge is or who did this and that. What we wanted is safety and security. We have elected a president to bring stability, security and safety to our people. If he can't deliver it, he better resigne. We don't care how the independent institutions operate. The president has the legitimate authority to do everything he can to stop violence and injustice. There shouldn't be any excuses in the name of democracy. I urge the president to immediately announce 144 and reform the whole country from inside out, and aslo by getting rid of corrupt thugs, including some MDP figures.

  6. Another animal released into our society to harm the public. Why can't these criminals be killed and dissapeared from this earth?

  7. Believe me, whether it’s Maumoon or Anni, DRP or MDP, not a single human goes inside those detainee units are coming out sane. Killing you psychologically and slowly. Innocent or not. By the time the investigation is over, call your self a mentally ill psycho.
    At least try to realise the reasons behind these crimes.
    There will be a day when these psychos will take care of the people who is responsible for making the youths as criminals in this country.
    And I wish to see that clean up day and a crime free country.

  8. Just a statement by police does not make someone a potential threat to society. If there is evidence show it to the judge and if he does not accept it show it to us the public.

  9. I applaud the judges for having the guts to allow even the most hardened criminals in our society to walk out of court for a lack of evidence. the more the public becomes aware of the incompetence of the police, the better it will be for us in the future.

    i for one don't want to live in a country where anyone, no matter who, can be brought into a court and then charged and sentenced without evidence. This is why we have the justice system. this is how democracy works. if the police is having trouble fathering evidence because of a lack of resources, lets provide it. if we don't like it, lets rip up the constitution and go back to a dictatorial system of government..

  10. Please do not read this comment as a defense of everything and anything that the judiciary does, but some things need to be understood by the general public.

    Please first note, the wording of the above news headline "Criminal Court Releases...".

    It is deliberately structured in a way that suggests that the Criminal Court is unleashing evils stuffed safely in Pandora's box. The Criminal Court can only issue a court order for an individual's release. The system whereby individual's cannot be detained indefinitely for the purposes of an investigation was fought for by the reform movement of which the leaders of the MDP were active and vocal members. This right is enshrined in our constitution.

    What is missing in this news report is, the evidence presented by the State to justify their claim that individual mentioned deserves to be held in detention. Having been arrested 14 times is not evidence in itself. Certain political activists were arrested more than 14 times in the heydays of the "democratic revolution".

    Another fact missing here is the actual medical condition of the alleged perpetrator of "dangerous crimes". Anecdotally speaking, he is said to be suffering from grave injuries. But of course I am sure all of what I've said will be ignored, misunderstood and belittled by calls for implementation of corporal punishments in Shari'ah and accusations of sympathizing with criminals.

    The criminal justice system is failing not just because of inadequacies at the courts but rather, the first and foremost failing lies with structural deficiencies within the Maldives Police Service itself.

  11. @valkyrie. I'm not supporting for any activity in the clean up in any circumstances. But you can too see the future of this country if you really look into the truth. You don't need to foresee the future nor get revelations from God. The truth my friend while the President, Judges, Sheikhs, Parliament members, Ministers and the Police is lying in your face thinking that we're blind. I am not! I'm not asking to stop detaining people. Detention centres are important. All i'm saying is that places to put humans should be at least built in a standard to keep humans. It's a place to keep people who are suspected for a crime and to investigate the case. Not as if they are convicted. why should there be such difference between detainee centres and Maafushi Jail. Suspects and convicted. Suspects get more punished than the convicts. doesn't make sense people.
    Atholhu vehi and dhoonidhoo is no place human. because it’s filled with misery and pain. No words of charity from the people who suppose to look after us (police) is in there. Only steel and concrete can survive.

  12. Clemency will be given to All, a f t er the awakening is complete. Prepare for battle.

  13. both this gabbarey and criminal court judge abdhullah belong to the same gang called "massodi"

  14. Let only time do the clean up! there will be a time the psychos will stand up for their rights. Psycho's who suffered injustice will rise. And heads of judges, ministers, PM's etc..will fall. don't blame the youth on that day. Because you are accusing them long enough rather finding a solution for the problems. It's what the Heads of this country started. And it will end. May all live in peace after it's cleaned.

  15. Lock them up for very very long time, ie for life, that's the only solution can see with this severity, so they cannot go on abusing others building there cult recruiting more youngster, its propagating like a chain fission reaction in Maldivian society now.

  16. It is one thing to call a criminal a Psycho, another thing is to understand what made him a Psycho and how we can help other people form becoming psychos. Of course punishment is a deterrent but there will be no better deterrent than a good early education. Help the EDC reform our education curriculum. Make the future of our nation smarter than this...

  17. @citizenn, i would like these psychos dead and i dont care how they go...

    the problem is that our president is more concerned about the love of europe than the love of his people. he wants one of them nobel prizes or some medal from queen elizabeth v2.0. he has lots of power for emergency rules and laws. why doesnt he use them against these gangs if our constitution is lacking?

  18. It about about time we demand the Commissioner of Police Faseeh resigns. And put someone more capable of protecting the citizens of this country.

    This is a total failure in the part of Police and heads should roll.

  19. Expected!!!! The judges are the most corrupt people. I wonder how much the gang leaders paid to this greedy judge. First the Police must investigate all the judges not the criminal. These judges are responsible for the crimes happening in this country. They must be removed immediately.

    Do we have to pay a fat salary to these greedy judges to make our lives a living hell!!!!

  20. The Judge should have noticed that the same person was arrested 14 times earlier. Now, if the police was at fault (in that case) the judge should have reprimanded the Investigating Officer for harassing an innocent young man.

  21. We are living in total madness and this is a part of it!
    Unless and otherwise either the people get mad, or the government gets mad; this isn't going to end soon!
    This is a game being played by politicians, judges and lawyers!
    Pity these ignorant judges.
    I am most certain that there will come a time when enough will be enough for the people!

  22. im pissed. If i read any more of this stuff, im going want to do something criminal, to these criminals, the police and the judges.

  23. psychos go to either heaven or hell. I call every one to facilitate that. God Help us! ..and pls hurry!

  24. In my point of view, it is not gabbarey or shahum or the criminals itself who is making what they are now. it is their nature. Anger! An angry nature. when a person is angry, he is not himself and the drugs loaded up by diplomatic passports goes with it, making him a human atom bomb. A deadly weapon indeed. I believe they should be put in a Anger Management Centre in their first stages of crimes like fights. Rather they lock them up with all sorts of criminals. Murderers, thieves, drug smugglers and dealers, rapers, child abusers, bangladhashese, srilankans, indians. you name it.
    I don't know if anyone here have been in such a situation. People are taken in for small crimes and or for the first time. When they are being verbally and physically abused. They're anger and hatred grows. When they are being released without any proper awareness, counselling or treatment, the chances will be higher him to go back with a bigger crime. And it grows on.
    Yes, even mohamed (pbuh) says, soul for a soul. Justice should be there. but fairly.
    All i'm saying is we should not let these people roam around killing people. Rather, look in their past, study them. And stop the coming generations to follow their steps into crimes by awareness and anger management programmes rather locking up in the University for Criminals.
    If you are angry and keep saying to kill them and lock em up for life, you shall never see the truth. you say that because you are angry for what they are doing. with anger ahead of what you saying will create more anger. And the energy passes on.

    Ps: I've seen many politicians paying huge amounts of money to gangs and individuals to create immense terror and lives being lost in the dirty game. Who is actually the murders? It is not only in maumoon's 30yrs. it is also happening here and now.

  25. The judges aswell as the criminals are on the same side, and most of the corrupt law enforcements too. The question is how much of our budget is spend on national defence? And with all that, still the commoner lives under fear of these criminals. If this continues not far from now, the whole nation will be in a dark veil.
    We have created the hell and its about time we clean up. Lack of good education and frustrations of living in cramped conditions, and the ventures of easy drug money, will created more of these gangs and judges. And the polititicans who pockets the budget will benifit from this created
    choas. Who is controling this irony of over preaching? The minister or the exhausted camel.

  26. The nation is on a path to anarchy and total annihilation of its values and humility.
    You have a choice now, maybe the last window of opportunity to change its course
    lots of intelligent persons commenting on this site with very valid arguments.
    Seek a single leader to deliver , one man will make a difference .

  27. Open your eyes wide people, this is soft core anarchy, we are experiencing,so fasten your seat belts. And its every one's responibility to make a difference, first things first, start with the simple act of responsibility. that will make the difference at the end of the day. Start cleaning up the mess, for every three maldivian there is a bangalhee or more thats a lot of dollars going out. And Male is housefull now unbearable to live, too many vehicles and too much construction. People can only make a change, not a super Hero.


  28. How can they get enough evidence against him when the first right he is given after lock up is a phone call! I mean they get the right to threaten the people who witnessed the crime. Who will give their statements now? As they threaten to kill you, no not only you but your wife and children and hunt them for the generations to come!! You ppl have no sense at all! if you want to convict him, use ur brain, not your hands!


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