Criminal Court sentences Kinanath for possession of “self defense” knife

The Criminal Court has sentenced Kinanath Ahmed (King, Tug) of Henveiru Loby to one year imprisonment after the court found him guilty of possession of a sharp weapon in public.

Police were informed on January 13 that a person in possession of a knife was near the Finance Ministry. During a police patrol of the area, Kinanath was found in front of Abvillage in Mahchangolhi ward carrying a foot-long knife, according to the Criminal Court.

The Criminal Court said police then handcuffed and took Kinanath to Atholhuvehi police custodial and searched his person, finding the sheath for a bayonet underneath his t-shirt. When police searched Kinanath’s vehicle they discovered an eight-inch knife underneath the seat.

The Court said Kinanath had confessed to the ownership of one of the knives, and had told police that he used it for self defense.

Recently enacted laws prohibiting gang violence and possession of weapons does not allow for the use of weapons in self-defense, the Criminal Court noted.

Police have recently listed Kinanath as one of the most dangerous gangsters in Male’, and have warned that these persons were threats to society.

Police also said that Kinanath had been arrested 15 times on different charge, and had four cases pending in the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Kinanath is a member of the ‘Masodi’ gang, according to police.

Along with Kinanath, Inspector Abdulla Nawaz revealed the names of Asil Ismail, H. Agi, arrested ten times; Mohamed Sufyan, Gaaf Alif Gahdoo, arrested six times; Maadhih Mohamed, Laamu Gan, arrested seven times; Mohamed Rimah, Seenu Maradhoo, arrested 19 times; Ibrahim Ihusan Rasheed, Gaaf Dhaal Vaadhoo, arrested eight times; and Athif Rasheed, Ma. Scenery View, arrested ten times.


2 thoughts on “Criminal Court sentences Kinanath for possession of “self defense” knife”

  1. If he is criminals it is one things but lets see situation from other point/Right of self-defense is one of basic of every human /Question is how and what type of weapon can use for that/ Even a good person can have knife too because it is logic he afraid of criminals and do not beleve that police can protect him/So it is must be clear regulation and investigation of every weapon using situation/Other way situation so shameful stupid that even difficult to explain from logic/Gung member have knife,and other weapons/For good citizen all weapon is prohibited/But tell me please how ordinary person can protect him self if he dont have anything for that and police never will be in time when criminals attacking you or others?

  2. Is that the only way Judges keep these people convicted. Doesn't they break every law of this country.


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