Crowd confronts police after officers arrest “wrong suspect”

Residents living in Bodurasgefaanu Magu behind the football stadium in Male’ on Monday night confronted a group of uniformed police from the Special Operations (SO) and Drug Enforcement Department (DED), alleging the officers had beaten and arrested a young boy in a case of mistaken identity.

A police officer was attacked by group of young men on Dhonadharaadh Hingun some time between 10-11pm. The residents of Bodurasgefaanu Magu claimed that the officers had returned in a group and “sought revenge” against the wrong person.

The group, consisting of 30-50 men and women, confronted the police bus and shouted at the officers.

“We were all here when a group of boys went beating a police officer, and a few minutes later this huge group of police officers came running over and severely beat the wrong boy who just arrived in the area minutes ago,’’ an elderly man in the area said, at the scene.

“We all cried and shouted to let them know that it was the wrong boy, but they would not listen they carried on hitting him in the back and head with their batons, and pushed him really hard into the bus,’’ the man said.

A second police bus later arrived in the area, where the crowd were still gathered, officers tried to talk with the people.

“Is it that you are blind or deaf that you did not hear or see all these people around here that were yelling at the top of their voice that you are beating the wrong boy,’’ a middle-aged man told the officers. “This is too much,” he said.

People gathered around the bus and began shouting at the police. The bus left the area and did not come back.

Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef told Minivan News that he will clarify the matter and inform the media. However he had not responded at time of press, and was not answering further calls.

Police have previously responded to similar cases by requesting that such allegations be referred to the Police Integrity Commission (PIC), which is mandated to investigate complaints of police misconduct.

President of the PIC, Shahinda Ismail, expressed concern to Minivan News this week about a growing culture of police impunity.

“It is really upsetting – a huge concern – for me that the police leadership is showing a trend where unlawful officers are acting with impunity,” she said. “This can only lead to further violence.”


12 thoughts on “Crowd confronts police after officers arrest “wrong suspect””

  1. Now Jameel will give promotions, housing loans, flats and shares in the Police Cooperative and any investments in resorts, to all these police officers for doing such a great job of beating up an innocent civilian.

    And when these police rogue officers go and beat people senseless, they are referred to PIC which does not have any real powers, but when a civilian commits a crime, assuming that person has no connection within the judicial system or police office, are sentenced to prison.

    Well this is just the begining of a police and military run state, and all those who are blindly supporting the coup just because of their dislike for Anni and MDP, if you don't wake up now, just hope that you don't wake up to find yourselves or your family members victims of this police and military dictatorship.

  2. Nobody is safe in Male nowadays as the law of the jungle has come to the atolls. Democracy and justice have been subverted by Gayoom and PPM as they create a caliphate to enrich the few while the masses suffer. Innocence and guilt have become irrelevant. A tourism boycott is a must!

  3. This is how police was behaving few years back. Now it's the same story again.

    They can get away with murder. They are never punished. The baaghee defence minister has openly given them immunity.

    They police lack any understanding of their responsibilities to the society. They serve not the people, but whoever promises them hero status, bonuses, apartments and immunity.

    Our brightest of them all UN man baaghee doctor waheed thinks it's a fine democracy.

    This story is a fine example of what really happens in the Maldives.

    Might as well give the police machine guns and ask them to kill anyone who opens their mouth against this brutality.

  4. Shahinda really needs to stop warming her chair and actually do something about all of this, starting with the POLCO.

  5. i wish that all maldivians were so,,,to stand up to wrong in a manner of justice.

    who do the police think they are? should da mass pple start attacking their family in broad day light for their narrow and chipped minds to understand the gravity of the situation?

    CONI report may say they did not commit mutiny. but we, the pple of maldives...even those who dont want to beleive also KNOW that it was mutiny...difrence is some think it ws for the greater good and sum think it ws for money.. obviously if it was for the greater good, then i here-by declare the caption kachah elhunu binga kechaa hamayah ves onnaanee kachah as a lie..and the person who made the proverb, a failure in Maldivian literature and experience. this govt was formed illegal.. and so it shall remain illegal, for those who know, KNOW!...

  6. police should beat the hell out of the kids today specially the drug addicts long hair wearing low waist jeans that is very tight at ankle & drive cycle like ghost rider and smokes like hellboy.hahaha

  7. This is what "taking Maldives into new heights" mean!

    In fact it is only the people who can walk over this "SO BEAST".

    The STATE and all its limbs are skilfully tied down by the very person who fed and trained this "beast".

    Believe it or not!

  8. I do not agree with such behaviour, which is contrary to religion and virtue.

    The police should not be accountable to the public, the public should be accountable to the police. Only then can order prevail.

  9. This innocent boy will be found face down in the water tomorrow 🙁

    The Maldives is fast sucicidal...


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