CSC to take finance ministry to court over salary dispute

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has announced it will take the finance to court to resolve the on-going civil servant salary dispute.

“We will go to the judicial courts and claim for the amount reduced from the salaries of civil servants,” the CSC said today in a statement.

The CSC said that receiving “full payment for their work” was a right for all civil servants, and advised them to be patient and continue working.

Press secretary for the president’s office Mohamed Zuhair said he preferred the dispute be resolved through discussions.

”I advise the CSC not to take the matter to court as first option,” he said, claiming that “some people are trying to use this situation as a political weapon.”

Zuhair said the government would defend itself if the CSC filed a lawsuit against it.

A senior staff member at the attorney general’s office today said staff would continue striking until their salaries were restored, even though the CSC has said it would not support strikes.

He gave the government three options: “restore the salary, agree to give us the money we have lost after the government’s economic condition stabilises, or reduce working hours,” he said.

He claimed the government had no legal action standing in court over the matter.

”We are planning to go to the courts, or to wait until the dispute between the CSC and the finance ministry ends,” he added, noting that only a few staff at the AG’s office presented for work today.

The finance ministry had not responded to Minivan News at time of press.


6 thoughts on “CSC to take finance ministry to court over salary dispute”

  1. reduce working hours??! what a joke. they don't do any work anyways. i don;t see why we should bankrupt the nation for the greed of a few civil servants

  2. as reena noted, since they dont do "any work"

    there is no harm in reducing the work time, infact it would be more beneficial if civil servants dint come to office at all, since they "dont do any work"

    it would be a win win scenario as it would have no effect at all, thats something am deducing based on the "sensible" comment by reena considering that its a comment by a "sane" person.

  3. The Civil Service Commission (CSC) without any consultation with civil servants extended their working hours last year. This undemocratic and dictatorial decision of the CSC and the Government has created chaos and mayhem in some families of civil servants.

    The Government has made over hundred schools one session and civil servants’, especially women with children are finding hard to care their children in the afternoon, in a country where there are no day care centers and public transport as school buses.
    The present government is less bureaucractic, red tape and cosmetic ceremonies.

    The Government ongoing devolution and decentralization plans also have reduce bulk of works in the Government departments in Male' but long hours have put extra cost on electricity and other expenses operating government offices.

    The Government have to seriously revisit its policies on one session schools, devolution and decentralization of government services, government working hours and strengthening of social fabric policies all together in more coherent fashion.

  4. seems you are well versed in drp rhetoric ibrahim...the government policies are scum like u thats the problem

  5. G show me where one government policy that is working?. Is it their Economic policy of privatizing all state institutions when rest of the world are nationalizing such assets (its the privatization and unchecked balances that led to current recession in the first place). How long do we the people have to bail out these privatized companies? Or is it their Forign policy which has led to rift opening up with the new super power on the block ? at least we were not some one else's bitch under maumoon we treaded fine line of balancing china and india. Is it their defense policy ? which has put in charge those who have committed traitors in charge of defense forces. Lets not forget how the current government treats the well educated at least under maumoon the well educated were treated with respect but now un-educated idiots are appointed who could not make a informed decision to save them selfs.
    Now lets go into policy of so called reducing ministries and political appointees. Tell me why does home ministry need 10 state ministers what are their job titles and responsibilities. and can some one explain to me what does ministry of communication does ? all its duties are done by NCIT and TAM so why is their a ministry ? what does the uneducated fool s who are councilors do ? they withdraw more than 15,000 Rf a month from state coffers. what does a human rights ambassador do ?. The current government have proven time and again they are incompetent and hypocritical and time and again are proving that they are looking out for them selfs rather than the good of the country

  6. @ G's comment . It shows how bipartisan this country has become. Just raising one's grievance or a counter opinion about the current government makes one a DRP scum .This is just stupid. Yes! we voted for a change ,the same government as u? but it doesn't mean we have to support every decision of the current government.or make us into DRP scum by default . If anyone has been following the news they'll know that Finance Min just restored the salary of the independent institutions ...Grossly unfair ,the way I see it ...So I support the civil servants ..Yes! the greedy "Few"...Talking about "Few" just to let u know the "few" majlis members continue to take full pay all the long ...and do u want to know how many members voted for paycuts ....14 ...last time I counted the remaining 50 or so include both parties dho! Yes I agree this does mean that even the "Ihthijaaj" members who has "hijacked" the agenda , doesnt deserve a say .So i support paycut for all or none at all.


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