“Cucumber” censored in Islamic Foundation’s TV ad

The Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC) has censored the word ‘cucumber’ from an advertisement produced by the Islamic Foundation of the Maldives (IFM), due to the potential for public embarrassment.

At the beginning of the advertisement, Sheikh Fareed asks viewers whether Allah created “men or the cucumber” for women.

President of Islamic Foundation, Ibrahim Fauzy, claimed the statement was a voice clip from a sermon Sheikh Fareed delivered in 2002 in response to an article published in a Maldivian magazine, which reportedly claimed that cucumbers were “better” than men.

“After that sermon he was arrested, but it was a response to a statement in the magazine,’’ Fauzy said. “The magazine was registered with the then Information Ministry.’’

Fauzy said that when the word cucumber was removed from Fareed’s statement, it “no longer makes any sense.”

“They quit broadcasting the ad without even informing us. We noticed that the ad did not appear last night,’’ he said. “We went to the MNBC station to ask about it and only then did why learn why this was the case.”

Chief Executive of MNBC Mohamed Asif told local media that the advertisement had to be censored because of an “embarrassing phrase’’, and that the station had begun reviewing the matter after removal of the offending vegetable.

The advertisement was for Sheikh Fareed’s ”Farewell” sermon, to be delivered tomorrow night at the Artificial Beach.


50 thoughts on ““Cucumber” censored in Islamic Foundation’s TV ad”

  1. Sheikh Fareed, I had some respect for you till now..as we all are human's and can make mistakes and ask for forgiveness from Allah Sw! But this Ad from your NGO is not a "mistake"! but I believe part of the secularist plan to destroy Islamic Values! I hope you are not part of Zionist and Secularist who are hiding in all ranks of the state!! You actions are currently pointing to an "agent" of Zionists or Secularist! Or controlled and funded by them!! Please don't confuse Zionist from Jews. As they are NOT the same! true jews are sincere and god fearing community! And also don't confuse Secularist with Modern Muslims, as there are secularist who are behind a mask to pretend they are Muslims (like Jeffery Waheed) but true Modern Muslims are who follow the fundamental Islamic Principles from Quran and Sunnah but also follow academic research findings based on true Islamic Ijma! Please don't try to fool us! Today there are true Maldivian blood in this country! which will always be Muslims..100% nothing less...otherwise you will always be hiding like now.. cowards!!

  2. Totally unacceptable, fowl arrogant, immoral language. The ad reflects yet another gesture of his disrespect for the feminine gender.

  3. Gayoom is paying way to try Thasneem in a court of law and to overthrow him from DRPs leadership. Truth is, Gayoom has significant control on Maldivies Judiciary.

    It is time that Thasmeen takes a preemptive measure, by exercising his power in the parliament, and contain the role of ex-presidents through a legislation. If not attended soon, then Thasneem is heading for trouble at an accelerating speed.

  4. whats the answer!!? is it both? or just cucumber

    men & women should not look at each other & should not be left alone women should be covered up & left out of sight
    is there such a rule for cucumbers? should cucumbers wear a buruga (u know protection from ......)

    plus cucumbers r healthy & hard(no women like a soft cucumber)

    u know i bet minivan would censor a lot of sentences including "Cucumber" today

  5. Our media needs to be more vigilant about these fanatics who are a disgrace to the human race and a serious threat to Islam.

  6. This has to be the funniest thing I have read today. Seyku Fareed never fails to entertain right? Maybe he was speaking from past experiences from his wives and concubines? 😛

  7. Hey this is unfair. The good Sheikh is a scholar and as such he should be allowed to speak on any topic he likes!

    How dare people laugh at this esteemed scholar and remove his words from this very sensible advertisement. President Nasheed claims we have democracy and free speech and all that. Bah, it's only free when it suits the government.

  8. "alibeyya" and "Really?", have size issues!!

    Speaking of issues, why was he arrested for the statement ..... must have struck a chord with the then first couples' ..... erm private business.

  9. I think it’s time our secular government, like good old Islamic Malaysia, immediately open sex toy shops, so that Maldivian ladies will have a choice instead of becoming sex slaves to horrible men.

  10. Does he really have to respond to a magazine article that claims cucumbers are better than men?

  11. God, is this funny...cucumber rocks..
    Yes, it is better sometimes cos at least a woman knows where the cucumber came from. A woman does not know where the man comes from...he he he he he. So a cucumber is more reliable than a man...

  12. I'm seriously offended for all cucumbers out there. We demand a retraction of his previous statement and give us cucumbers our due. Men have nothing on us.

  13. Is the Sheikh referring to the small and oddly shaped local produce, or the longer, straighter variety commonly impored. Would one be more haram than the other?

  14. fareed is talking about sex.

    iliyas talking about boobs.

    another sheikh talking about how women's choice of clothing could make people do bad things (rape?)

    yet another sheikh speaking about the merits of marrying four women.

    another sheikh goes on tv and discuss the "difference of opinion among scholars" about having jaariyas (sex slaves).

    another sheikh tells us that there is no such thing as marital rape. because it is the man's right to have sex when ever and however he wants to with his wife.

    they continuously talk about how marrying a minor aint bad after puberty.

    and a certain president of a certain islamic group marrying a 12 year old once.

    amd then backed by shiekhs arguments an anti-childabuse law is passed but makes an exception for child marriage!

    NOW, tell me. what is up with these sheikhs? are they godfearing men seeking Allah's approval. or something else?

    PS.i just hope minivan publish this comment. i dont see anywhere i have gones against ur policies.

  15. I can imagine what happened here. Fareed feels unsecure of his “size”. He must have experienced this with his wives.

  16. Koba tha Dr.Waheed ge son Jeffry Salim Waheed to blame all Islamist and make himself the Imam and his father the pope!

  17. These sheikhs, all fear women yet claim that their faith is immensely strong. Why does it seem that frequently their focus is on the suppression of women
    Is it not in their will to refrain from committing crimes even if "enticed" by the sight of a woman in modest clothing.
    They think and talk as if women are a source of evil yet they feel that just because they are men they can marry as many as 4.
    I believe that that is not the reason or principle underlining the allowance for such marriages.
    All their focus is on sin sin and sin. Life is not a sin.
    Why do they use Islam to propagate their agenda of terror. Islam does not encourage terror and fear. Should all your deeds be because of fear.
    Do they have to drown the public in fear to turn them towards Allah.
    Allah is most merciful , most gracious and all knowing of what is in the hearts of men
    Our beloved Prophet (SAW) never terrorized his people.
    He taught them with love and patience and understanding. If any of us wish to be a devoted Muslim we should follow his example.
    I hope and pray that these sheikhs hear this message and heed it. Insha Allah

  18. "The enemy wishes for us to be force-fed arab junk food, by banning all healthy vegetables and grains.

    They want us to replace our nutritious food with placebo desert grubs.

    Will we forgive such a grievous insult!? NO!. NEVER!

    What shall we do to these ugly sub-apes who wish to steal all our food?!


    -Generic Hate speech by General Food lover at a Gourmet Party Rally.

  19. mnbc did a good job on censoring this advertisement.but i wonder why they approve all the le'cute advertisements? arnt the outrageous n against our islamic beleif? shouldnt all the advertisements be treated the same? i say the le'cute advertisements should be censored as well!!

  20. there is nothing in the Quruan,neither Maldives law says Cucumbers are Haram for Woman and Halal for Men...Its halal for everyone no matter how they cook it.heheh.Fareed shouldn't compare Cucumbers and men. both are good for Mankind's health. Fareed is real Mulla...ship him to Afghanistan!!!

  21. Cucumber is one of the best veggie we Maldivians can use when ever needed, i bet you all know that...

  22. @ Me
    "a certain president of a certain islamic group marrying a 12 year old once."

    Pl name him. People should be aware of such persons.

  23. Cucumbers are better.

    Always ready.
    Do not pass on any disease.
    No side effects.
    can be thrown away for a new and better one.
    etc. etc.

  24. When someTHING like Fareed comes out from your society, it is time for everyone to really start to panic.

    He's also obviously insecure about cucumbers. I foresee the Islamic Ministry making a silly new mini-regulation saying:

    "Any vegetable that depicts genitalia will not be allowed unless a special permission is granted by the Islamic Ministry after they personally inspect and test the aforementioned vegetable."

    Har har.

  25. you know i would think that if a man can not "help" me in that regard that i want as much i would like, then i would prefer the cucumber to the man.... you think that man is some great creture to be exaulted above others? man is no better better than anyother creature on this planet... they think with their d**ks, not their brains... no matter how long a beard they grow.

  26. The comments generated shows a fascinating insight into Maldivain mind... is it about Islam or the sexual issues of common people..

  27. is it just the cucumber or any such shaped vegetable?? does papaya count?? cos guys use it now and then..

    why didnt the sheikh talk about the oil bottle, soap or shampoo??? its more common i guess, with guys..

    damn it, we have bigger problems than this, with regard to our faith..

  28. @fascination it's about Islam and sheikh's obsession with sex, fire, bodily secretions and facial hair. common people have sex, which is not an issue.

  29. Cucumber is good to skin and it lasts long enough to bring orgasm to women who are desperate. Men and cucumber can go all along very well.

  30. as if women are the only desperate gender in need of cucumbers!!THe only reason men are offended is becos they dont want to admit about their own fetishes.

  31. People, can't you see that the good sheikh has got a valid point there? everyday, thousands of women are turning to Cucumbers, carrots, bananas and other elongated vegetables to fulfill their sexual desires. Us men are being oppressed and barricaded from satisfying our sexual desires simply because we are unable to provide women with the pleasure that our vegetable rivals seem to accomplish all too well. Take into account the economic crisis? What sort of impact would the sudden import of large quantities of elongated vegetables have on our fragile economy? Also, more importantly, think about the ethics! How would you feel if your mother told you that your father was a cucumber? or a banana? That the blood which flow through your veins is the fluid of an inanimate vegetable? Women of Maldives, heed my words of advice! Vegetables cannot look after your infants and achieve retirement benefits and a pension, they have no way to bring in an income to support your family, unless you sell it but I doubt anyone would buy vegetables with with one's bodily secretions infused in it. Listen to Sheikh Fareed! It's a plague to our society and will destroy humanity if we are not vigilant! So let us make a stand and cannibalize our enemies! WOMEN, SAY NO TO VEGETABLES!


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