Customs seizes shipment of 260 toy guns

Maldives Customs Service last night seized 260 toy guns and handed them over to the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) for investigation.

Spokesperson for the Maldives Customs Service Ismail Nashid said the shipment was imported to the Maldives from Thailand and the items were classified as toys.

“We are trying to determine whether these guns could potentially be used for other purposes, even though they have been shipped as ‘toys’,’’ said Nashid. ‘’After the investigation sn concluded we will hold a joint press meeting with the media and reveal details.”

The ship was a commercial cargo ship, which was loaded in Thailand, he said.

He said the guns were now under the observation MNDF.

Spokesperson for MNDF Major Abdul Raheem said MNDF had determined that the guns were toys.

“We are yet to find out how dangerous these guns are and in what other ways they could be used,’’ said Abdul Raheem. ‘’We can only provide information about the case after the investigation is concluded.’’

Maldives Customs recently intercepted five three-foot double-edged swords inside a container imported to Maldives from China.

Spokesperson for Maldives Ports Limited (MPL), Hassan Muzni Mohamed, said the swords were discovered during an inspection by customs officers.

The ship that carried the container, ‘MOL KOMATI’, was loaded in China and stopped at a port in Singapore prior arriving in the Maldives.


10 thoughts on “Customs seizes shipment of 260 toy guns”

  1. Also, isn't it time we banned toy guns. Why would you allow children to play with guns!

  2. Good work by the people at Customs. They may be toy guns, but they look fairly authentic and in my view should be confiscated; particularly since they are being imported by the same party who has imported other weapons, the likes of which are used by gangs. Whether they cause physical damage or not, their use could prove threatening. Why is it that people who engage in and facilitate such activities are able to live a good life in this country? We really do have a warped sense of respect and morality.

  3. Fussy, dont make a mess out of it...ur talking about boys and guns...

    My concern is, if the police are sure that its toy guns, then why hold the shipment? If they want to know what damage a toy gun can make, den dey shud ban the one i hit my sister and almost half blinded her with. Even paper cuts.

    Is there a law which marks any guidelines as to mark a toy as a "toy"?

    Another,,,,recent reports have been rather fascinating. Feel like some pple are trying to bring down weapons to possibly start WW3..then this should be a golden opportunity for the Maldivian police to trace the shipment and find out who realy is a terrorist in our forsaken country..sorry..

    Dont you think so? I mean IF & only IF they are not toys and guns,,,guns are guns,,toys are toys..

  4. Axed's comment tells on which side the commenter is. I feel that the customs and security forces are right in confiscating and investigating the guns. Imo, a toy is not a toy when it can/have been used deliberately to hurt a person. That is how the knife becomes a weapon in a stabbing incident, while its usually a general household item.

  5. Fasy perhaps is right!

    This may not be the first round either! There can be several rounds after this but, before the real shipment!

    The shipping theory is confusing, but the freight forwarder/shipper can be traced!

    Security and Customs has an obligation not to let this pass unattended!

  6. Hi al on and Bomby..

    You see, you missed my point. My point is related to the incomplete information. No matter how scientific we get, we call toy gun for toy guns...and theres toy knife and knife..both at their true form hurts..and both at their toy form can be used to have a smile.

    Why does the tabloids have to say toy guns held at customs? If its toys, say toys and let them b toys..if they are guns or something that looks like a gun or can be used to detonate black powder. Then call it "Confiscated dangerous toys"..but not something that gives people the opposite thought. Lets flow in one direction.


  7. I don't understand why children want to play with toy guns anyhow since the toy knives are a lot more fun and also a lot of times more realistic, too.

    What if it had been a shipment of 260 toy knives? I think it would be a whole different story then.

  8. when i brought my airsoft gun from lanka they said it was a related to war and will be taken from me
    and im a friking 11 year old i dont fking like this law


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