50 foot dead whale found near Thaa Atoll

A 50 foot long dead whale has been discovered by Maldives National Defence Force MNDF Coast Guard, near Thaa Atoll while it was drifting on the ocean inwards to the Atoll.

Major Abdul Raheem said the whale was first found by a fishing boat and reported to the MNDF.

”when we reached the area, the whale was drifting towards an island in Thaa Atoll,” said Abdul Raheem. ”if the whale was left drifting, there was the possibility that it reaches the island and that could be a very big trouble for the islanders.”

Raheem said the MNDF tied the whale and drifted it away from the atoll to an area that would not move towards any atoll.

”for health impacts that may rise when a dead whale drifts to an island, we moved it away,” he said. ”it cannot be moved away easily after it drifts to any island.”

The whale was drifted away from the Maldivian islands by a joint operation conducted with the Police, Maldives National Defence Force MNDF and a fishing boat.


5 thoughts on “50 foot dead whale found near Thaa Atoll”

  1. MNDF dont waste all this resources, sell them on international market, there will be industries who will buy all these natural proteins. specially pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Its very hard to synthesize this much of natural products industrially.

  2. i fail to see the newsworthiness of this article. for the lack of information in it. i suppose you could have tried to let us in on as to what kind of whale it was.

  3. Dheyo, I just have to remark on you good attention to details. Is it because of your profession?

    Evn Ekaloa didnt notice huh.

    not newsworthy at all. Failed attempts to WOW da island masses when there was truly so much that could be done. Only not to take a risk. Thats what our forefathers teach us?

  4. Minivan news have to stop writing these kind of articles...

  5. Get out of here B ya ka Sh a!

    Cant you see the facts on above small narration? Minivan as it is has tried its best to cover the top side of the page..I bet none of us still know what type of whale it is..


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