“Dangerous criminal” acquitted of assault charges

Criminal Court yesterday acquitted Hassaan Ali, 22, from the island of Fares-Maathoda in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, who was identified by police as a ”dangerous criminal” and charged with assault by the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO).

The accused faced charges of allegedly assaulting Mohamed Shuaib, Ma. Shady Cabin, on August 12, 2008.

According to the Criminal Court, none of the witnesses presented by the prosecution testified that they saw Hassaan commit the assault.

Hassaan was accused of stabbing Shuaib in the neck with a bayonet knife.

The Court ruled that the PGO had not submitted sufficient evidence or witnesses statements to prove that Hassaan was guilty of the crime.

Hassaan had meanwhile denied the charges in court.

According to police records, Hassaan had previously been arrested 13 times for offences ranging from violent assault to robbery, with two cases forwarded to the PGO.

In March this year, Hassaan was arrested again during a special operation conducted to avoid potential clashes between rival gangs following the fatal stabbing of 21 year-old Ahusan Basheer.

After holding the “dangerous suspect” in pretrial detention for several days, Hassaan was released by the Criminal Court to house arrest. However he was arrested again shortly afterward.

The Criminal Court at the time extended his detention for three days, and after keeping Hassaan in pretrial detention for a further three days, he was released by the court after denying a police request for a further extension.

However Hassaan was taken into custody on his way home from the court, who requested yet another extension of detention.

On the last occasion, the judge ordered Hassan be placed under house arrest for his alleged involvement in a fight that occurred in Boduthakurufaanu Magu on December 3, 2010.

The PG then accused Hassan of aiding the escape of assault suspect Aseel Ismail, who had allegedly attacked Rilwan Faruhath with a machete.

In April this year, police publicised criminal records of 17 persons taken into custody and identified as “dangerous criminals.” The list includes Rilwan and Aseel as well. All 17 suspects have been arrested on average more than 10 to 15 times.

While the court has acquitted Hassan yesterday, he remains in remand custody until the trials of his pending cases could be conducted.


11 thoughts on ““Dangerous criminal” acquitted of assault charges”

  1. Earlier this month more than 15 criminals sentenced jail were arrested in Fuah Mulak. Who is to blame? The judges?

  2. YES! Human life is sacred, it is precious, the Maldives needs to experience an awakening of passionate struggle, an intense, self sacrificially committed struggle for the sanctity of life… This needs to be injected into Maldives culture!

    BUT then, the whole world needs to be awakened, I just thought of it, it is not only Maldives, because lately I am paying so much attention to Maldives I have ignored that life is just as trashed and culture is just as shallow, cheap here in Australia at the moment as well!!!

    Maybe I have done and said as much as I can do and say in the given context for Maldives...

  3. Your honor! Thank you for giving a perfect verdict for god-fearing lovable kind man. One again thank once again honorable magistrate.
    We all love this worthy judicial system!!!

  4. There are no criminals in this 100% muslim paradise on Earth.

    How can there be? We fear Allah, we have constant reminders of hell-fires, we dont have dogs in the country, we dont allow jews, we dont allow idols, we bow down to anything arabic, be it cow-dung... tell me how can we NOT be the ideal muslim country?

  5. [email protected] there is a little problem in our god fearing paradise Island nation. Sadly our president does not understand and speak the worthy and blessed language; the language of prophets. This is a national sort coming.

  6. Great judgement...

    By just saying that we are Muslims does not meant. Muslim is one who learn to love and shows peace to the whole world and guides others to lives a sincere and decent life.

    If anybody who don't have these qualities ,,he or she cant be consider as a human being first and then definitely not Muslim.

  7. Strange the Mullahs with loud unpleasant scary voices preach to hate JEWS and CHIRSTIANS and now brother you are telling us to love all creeds.

  8. Can you label a person as a "dangerous criminal" without proof.

    Can this individual (regardless of whether anyone believes in their gut that he IS a criminal) sue for defamation. I certainly believe so.

    Gung-ho policing like this is what creates the chaos on our streets. One appreciates the hard work that MPS does, no doubt. However, they have to receive more training in order to operate in a democratic society where EVERYONE IS CONSIDERED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN (the operative word here is PROVEN) guilty.

    No amount of sunsets and eclipses will solve these issues until and unless some effort goes into addressing the underlying problems.

  9. Innocent until proven guilty.

    We need better detectives .

    Evidence is what counts in the courts.

  10. not better detectives,,,,we need detectives....i am not aware there were any,. and i dont see light of this profession coming into maldives in the next 10 years...

    Detectivity is somethn we heard so far in Movies. If there are any of detectives..at current; I have one thing to say to em..



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