Dr Waheed “determined to be an honest broker”, claims Richard Branson in second blog post

Multi-billionaire Sir Richard Branson, has written a second blog post on the political crisis in the Maldives, in which he says he now believes that President of the Maldives, Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan, “had nothing to do with [the coup]. He watched the situation unfolding on television.”

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has previously challenged Dr Waheed’s account that the events of the 7th were spontaneous, noting that the ‘December 23 alliance’ of eight political parties and a coalition of NGOs had met the then Vice President at his official residence, Hilaaleege, at 1:00am on January 31, and subsequently held a press conference pledging allegiance and urging him to assume control of the executive with the aid of the police and military.

Branson, Head of the Virgin business empire,  said he had spoken on the phone to Dr Waheed, who told him he had appointed “a respected person” to examine the truth of what caused President Nasheed to “resign”.

Dr Waheed appointed former minister of defence and national security during President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom’s administration, Ismail Shafeeu, to head the inquiry commission, a move that led MDP to question its credibility.

“[Dr Waheed] also said that the police used excessive force on the demonstrators on February 8th and that needed examining. And he also said that demonstrators should not have burnt down buildings and that that also needed looking into,” Branson relayed.

“He says that he didn’t know who issued an arrest warrant for President Nasheed after he left office but that it had been rescinded within 48 hours. He is determined to be an honest broker, to be seen to be one, and to get everyone’s confidence. He said that he offered to bring in people from President Nasheed’s party but they refused to join.

“He also pointed out that President Nasheed’s party had been a minority party and had only been in power due to the support of others. It would be for those others, and the electorate to decide who rules in the future. He ended by pledging elections in July of next year – in line with the constitution – once confidence has been restored.”

“Based on his personal reputation I believe he’s sincere in wanting to do what’s right for the country and return it to a true and lasting democracy.

“He’s also right in examining very carefully the facts that lead to the “resignation” of President Nasheed. If they prove he was forced out – and if President Nasheed can still show he has the support from the majority of parliament – President Waheed should consider stepping down and letting him back in as President prior to the elections.”

In his open letter last week, Branson said called on President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan to “do the right thing” and hold free and fair elections before the end of the year.

Addressing Dr Waheed as the “interim” President, Branson recollected his recent meeting with the former Vice President, who he said had told him about about the need for a truth and commission “to examine past misdeeds and the people who perpetuated them”

It was, Branson wrote to Dr Waheed, “completely astounding that you have been part of an overthrow of a democratically elected government that has effectively let the old regime back into power.”

“Knowing you, I would assume that you were given no choice and that it was through threats that you have ended up in this position,” Branson said. “I do very much hope that was the case rather than you doing it of your own free will.”

Branson attended the Slow Life Symposium at the upmarket Soneva Fushi resort in October 2011, a highly eco-conscious resort owned by Sonu and Eva Shivdesani.

Other attendees at the resort included actress Daryl Hannah, star of films including ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Kill Bill’ and ‘Splash’; Ed Norton, star of films including ‘Fight Club’ and ‘American History X’; Tim Smit, founder of the Eden Project; Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed; and an array of climate experts and scientists including Mark Lynas and Mike Mason.


36 thoughts on “Dr Waheed “determined to be an honest broker”, claims Richard Branson in second blog post”

  1. MDP is a minority party? Lied right there. Lie after lie after lie after lie. Nasheed played a lot of politics but he didn't lie THIS much.

  2. Richard Branson should just keep away from our internal affairs.
    Who do you think you are to try influence what's happenning here?
    Get a life!!!

  3. Branson, is it true you are getting married to a Maldivian girl?
    Is it also true that you are financing a tourism project in Maldives?

  4. Branson, this is disgusting!
    Cant you mind your own business?
    People might be impressed by your wealth and your achivements.
    But i am utterly disgusted by your recent comments about our political issues.
    This is totally unacceptable.
    Just mid your own business.

  5. JJ, why do you give such importance to shit? Is it because Richard Branson is one of the richest people on Earth?
    Keep us informed of issues related to or important to this country. Not some blabber from a guy who thinks he owns the world.

  6. Looks like a multi-billionaire guy has lost his mind.
    Get your head checked, Branson. It will be worth.

  7. At last Branson has also realised the truth, that Nasheed is nothing but a big fat liar with terrorist, vandalist and violent ideas. Cheers Branson.

  8. Sir Richard,
    Yes it is true MDP(Nasheed)) managed to get under 25% of the votes. Former President Gayoom got over 40%of the vote in the first round of 2008 presidential election. Other parties helped Nasheed in the second round to secure win. In 2009 parliamentary election MDP got only 26 out of 77 seats. So, MDP is a minority party.
    ( true some opposition MPs Were later bought by MDP)

  9. Mr. Branson's second blog post seems to correct the first one, which had many misconceptions.

    Probably Mr. Branson has been mislead by MDP in the first instance and he felt compelled to make a correction after talking to Dr. Waheed.

    There must be a PR war out there.

  10. branson and his virgins - brand waheed a holy hero.

    waheed - playing the firebrand jihadi and gandhi at once.

    pimps and whores playing gandhis and virgins.

    friends - this is the world we live in…...heaven dho?

  11. Thank you Sir Branson. You have shown an example may be Nasheed and his supporters should follow. When facts are cleared not to hesitate to put them in right cotext. When Nasheed met you recently his version of the story was certainly different that lead to your intial statement. But I am glad Dr. Waheed has clarified the facts and thank you for putting things in the right context.

  12. Sonu from Six Senses organised the call between Branson and Waheed. Sonu is a big fat puppet of Baagee Waheed - just as he was of Gayoom before.

  13. In a situation where lies and lies are spread by the person who came to power in the Maldives pledging to put an end to corruption and to reduce unnecessary government spending; Mr. Nasheed who came to power with a coalition of partners. He forgot that he told the people that they had given a mandate for him to run the country with a coalition. He showed us his true colors when he broke the pledges he made with his coalition partners and in 3 years ruined our economy. The citizens of Maldives are in poverty, but his inner circle had siphoned away millions from the national coffers.
    Thank you Sir Branson for taking your precious time to get an in-depth analysis of the situation and siding with the people of Maldives.

  14. Mr Branson, I drank a lot with you when you were with me in Maldives. I pleased you a lot that day but today you have let me down 🙁

  15. Why did the US and India except this Rouge Regime? Were they behind the coup the whole time after all. Trying with the success in the middle east countries? Trying their LUCK in the Indian ocean? This was nothing but a Coup; An ABSOLUTE COUP no matter how its being covered-up.

  16. So much hate, tsk. One day he is rich we should listen to what he says, now its like he should get lost and hide in what ever Caribbean island he came from.

    Well, we can assume that apart from running his huge empire he has very little time to look into the facts our tiny nation. Like, Waheed was not forced to do anything and that the independent investigations committee is headed by someone not so independent.

    I don't want to hold anything against the guy, but I am glad he noticed that something was going on here. Even though I don't agree on what he now believes. Thanks Branson.

  17. Members of the Investigation Team.

    1. Ismail Shafeeu former minister on Gayooms government
    2. Dr Fawas received financial assistance from Gasim for his PhD Studies
    3. Dr Yasir whole family close to Gayoom

    How can this committee be impartial?

    I urge Dr Waheed tob ring changes to this committee and appoint who are not All associated with the people who brought the government of Nasheed down.I also urge him to appoint international representatives to this committee.

    Dr Waheeds speeches and rhetoric sounds very good. But his actions dont match what he says.

    If Dr Waheed wants a political future he needs to define himself as a leader of the people and not the puppet of those who forced President Nasheed to resign.

  18. Sir Rchard Branson, finally you have seen the truth. This man Nasheed , whom you have called afriend, has LIED, DECIEVED and has even ROBBED and RAPED this country....we are happy that finally he is gone...I hope he will be gone for good.

  19. Branson, have you spoken to the former President? Have you seen the Australian SBS Mutiny in the Maldives program?

    Please, look at this and speak to Nasheed then make your decision. We beg you for the sake of our young democracy.

  20. Mr Banson...I cant stop laughing, these Nasheed cronies begging you, ofcourse they will beg, they are going to lose all those "Incentives" they were getting and some of them will go naked..Im still laughing

  21. @Dr.baghee waheed
    if you said MDP is minority, then why you are so affraid to call election early?

    I would like to recommend you to watch SBS documentary video, u will understand fully, insyaAllah

  22. Mr.Branson
    I need the audio recording of the conversation you had with Traitor Waheedh...

  23. Do you know who is in the photograph with Richard Branson ? A UK business man, Mike Mason, who has been awarded Maldivian government contracts without any tender procedures. Sonu from Six Senses was also given permission to build new villas without following any procedures by Nasheed. It is time to have an investigation. Maldives under Nasheed became a British Colony and was trying to destroy our 100% Muslim heritage. We should keep the foreigners in the resorts - not running our country.

  24. Justifications behind Military Coup

    Resignation: The resignation to be valid under the Constitution, President Nahseed must have wanted it. The circumstances in which he resigned suggest he did so under undue pressure. Later he said he was threatened life if he didn’t resign. The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group had refrained from saying that the resignation by Nahseed was constitutional.

    Violation of Constitution: The military junta says he was removed for violation of the Constitution apparently by giving unlawful orders to the police or MNDF (the Maldives version of the military forces). The constitution lays down, under Article 100, the grounds on which the President can be removed by the People’s Majlis. The MNDF cannot force him to resign or bring about a military coup to topple him.

    Refusal to give assurance of no unlawful orders: The mutinous police and MNDF demanded the President an assurance that they would not be ordered to unlawful acts. Neither the police have a right for such a demand nor is the president obliged to comply with it. However, it suffices for their purpose that the president is under the oath to protect and safeguard the Constitution and Laws of the land.

    The resignation was not valid or constitutional, so the President cannot be removed on grounds of resignation. It must be voluntary to be valid, but it was forced by MNDF.

    Violation of the Constitution or any other reason for the removal of the President from office does not entitle the MNDF to remove the president by force and replace him with another. Only the People’s Majlis can do so by a procedure outlined in the Constitution.

    The police or MNDF cannot demand the President an assurance that no unlawful orders will be given to them. Instead, it is sufficient that he is under oath that he would protect and safeguard the Constitution and the Law. An unlawful order does not put them under a duty of obedience, but previous unlawful orders cannot be an excuse to disobey subsequent lawful orders.

  25. anyone who is open the mouth against or not in agreement
    with what ever Anni says, are idiots or does not have any any sense.

    Guys Anni got only 23 % of the vote himself and he won the election with the coalition and that is the fact and info ration is still with the election commission.I myself voted to Anni for a change and voted him in the second round because Anni told that he will have a mid term election.

    Anni told in his campaign in the second round that " Maldivian had told him clearly that he can not win the election by himself and he need to seek the help from other parties" These are words that Anni used and that is why I gave my vote to that dictator and never new Keneryge dictator will be so brutal man.

  26. Dr Waheed and not the MDP is responsible for all the chaos we see today.

    Dr Waheed started rolling the ball of discontent and unrest by failing to move quickly to investigate President Nasheed’s claims that he was forced to resign under duress. An investigation into the claims of President Nasheed should have been Dr Waheed’s first priority. But he didn’t do that. He only started talking about that after the international comunity called for an investigation. How does that build trust?

    Dr Waheed escalated tension and inflamed emotions by appointing Dr Jameel as his Home Minister, putting him in charge of a police force that had brutalised peaceful demonstrators just the day before in Male’. By appointing Dr Jameel who had been the catalyst for the events that led to President Nasheed’s resignation Dr Waheed damaged whatever opportunity he had to build bridges with Nasheed’s supporters and the MDP.

    Dr Jameel made incredible inflammatory allegations against President Nasheed on television accusing him of undermining Islam and bringing Christianity and Judaism into the country. He followed this up with a written document distributed by his party with more of the same. When asked by the Police for sources of the information he gave so freely to every corner of the country he chose to remain silent and would not give any evidence or source of evidence to back up his allegations. When someone makes allegations and does not support that with reason for his allegations, its character assassination. In a country where any attack on Islam is frankly committing political and social suicide, these allegations were clearly designed to discredit President Nasheed and to inflame his supporters.

    Dr Waheed speaks of unity, he stresses on this word at every speech, every interview. But I cannot comprehend how Dr Waheed can think there can be unity after he took such a blatantly provocative action.

    President Nasheed was elected by the people. The people deserve a chance to know the truth.

    Was President Nasheed forced to resign under duress?

    We cannot move on without an answer to this question.

  27. The “sincere” protestations of being a honest broker (sic) as Dr Waheed has told Richard Branson he is, does not hold up in light of the actions he has been taking since he took President Nasheed’s chair.

  28. If branson or whoever is not blind or deaf and have the power of understanding the reality shall not say that Dr Waheed is a Coup leader who was working with the those who financed for the Coup..........this apparent and no need to even investigate. People saw Nazim (now the Defense Minister) was leading the Security forces on the day of the coup and again the Dictator Gayyoom's deputy leader Umar is saying that it was him who was leading the Security forces that day.....we all can talk this and that but the people of this country were not sleeping when the Security forces broke the national TV station gate and announced that President Nasheed will resign in a short while and Nazim telling that President Nasheed has no choice other than resignation....Branson!!! you better do what you can able to do..........don't think you are this country's Chief Justice

  29. Banana Republic is new for pluralism, democracy, and democratic way of life. This Repubic was found on individuality rather than pluralist value. Mudsling on personality is their politics. On the other hand Waheeds’ purity is questionable when he is trying to twist the constitution and Maldivian system of electing a government. Maldives does not have a system where you can form a coalition government. In the last election the final contenders were Nasheed and Qayoom and people preferred Nasheed over Qayoom. You can’t twist facts to satisfy your needs. And clearly Waheed was not serving Anni Government with genuine loyalty was hypocrite under Anni’s government, You don’t need much evidence to substantiate the true nature of this man. If he was an educated modern person with democratic value, he should have not been under Anni Government serving him as VP and finally go to the top illegally and dictate policies to undermine what he has supported under Anni, The only way we can accept he was against Anni’s policy would have been his resignation earlier from that Government.

  30. dear branson sir,
    you dont see whtas really happening here what you see and hear from media only may be your getting reports from CIA that i don't mind as much as we know America and its people a re really nuts enough problems you have in your country please help them to sort out it leave Maldives with us.we are democratic country people who can decide the leader .we are not kindergarten kids.Nasheed is a liar and modern Hitler.if you support him means its sounds your helping for modern NAZISM . as i know your a great achiever and good i business i respect your personnel achievements but don't polish the shoes of CIA..

  31. It seems being rich in money you feel that you have the right to put your nose in Internal Maldives affairs?! Whatever your opinion is, I am concerned that Minivan and other media are covering what you say. Tell us what you did for Maldivian people, how much of your money is in Maldivian banks, and how much you care about the lives of people here and on the islands, before you blab. The time of British imperialism is over, and you and the people like you better help in creating jobs, education better than blabbing and begging for more resort islands, the thing that you care for the most. About politics, and being rich as your only trait (if this is a trait), I suggest you stop your long tongue from discussing matters that are beyond your comprehension, and fill your time with sending reports to MI6, and probably to your friends in Israel.

  32. For more than three years Waheed was taking his fat salary and did nothing to his country .. He was enjoying the luxurious life style lavishly spending government money traveling, meeting and dining with people like Branson.. Now he is busy lying to the whole world including the Maldivians.. Branson may not have seen the ongoing brutality in this country and believe him but we will not... I hope to see him suffer for his brutality soon


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