Education Ministry slams news website for publishing names and allegations against students

The Education Ministry has expressed concern over an article on a Maldivian news website that published the names and schools of four students it alleged had sex.

The website said that one of the students had become pregnant and aborted the child, and that the school had “taken action” against these students. The website blamed the Education Ministry’s “inadequate policies”.

Deputy Education Ministry Dr Abdulla Nazeer said the allegations were untrue, misleading, and extremely damaging to the students.

“Publishing these sorts of untrue stories about students hurts the reputation of the students, ruins their education, and amounts to psychological abuse,’’ Dr Nazeer said.

“No student in those schools have committed any such activities, and the accusations are totally untrue,’’ said Dr Nazeer. “We are concerned as this disrespects the rights of children. Parents have complained to the ministry about the article.’’


16 thoughts on “Education Ministry slams news website for publishing names and allegations against students”

  1. True or not; me and my boys will be writing stories and creating senarios from which we can do collateral damage to MDP government (the guys who brought me down from my kingdom- the kingdom which was bestowed only to me and my cronies).

    The stories and senarios we play cannot be rationalised by average Maldivians to identify if it's ture or not.

    The reason is simple: to defame the western-style MDP government and to stir-up a public uprising that will ultimately overthrow this MDP government. After that I will or Yamin or any of our guys who ruled the country for decades with absolute power will preside over the country.

    We do this by twisting facts or just simply brew some nonsese. On top of all that we would sprinkle some Islamic and language or heritage stuff. Vola - and the majotity people will believe. haha

    Nothing can be done to us. No court will be against us. No matter how much corruption or crimes we've committed in 30 years. haha.

    And the people are all fools execpt a few. And these few people are too busy trying to put back things on track. These few people forgets the most important thing to do- to stop us or give counter or to take precautionary measures. hahaha

  2. bloody extremists at work in maldives. we should start serious actions to chase away them form here.

  3. My my.... Yeah, blame the beardiess.... hmmm...

    It was published by a website that is run by thugs of DRP. Not Salafiss... Or the Mullah Adhaalath...

    At the mentioon of anything, dont jump like that, yo islamophobes..

  4. its sad to publish untrue about minivan news? are they always true?

  5. Let's not ignore it and swipe it under the carpet. If true, face it and deal with it, in light of a better future.

    We see ignorance and blind eye been given to the unhealthy abortions, killing the child at birth, by some teenage / young couples. Better would be to offer them contraceptives, condoms, etc. Because whether one likes it or not, young unmarried couples will have sex, one way or other. I know this would enrage beardies, but since when has beardies given anything to the betterment of nation? They only want to go back to 7th century.

  6. What next? Someone will publish pictures of kids smoking drugs? Hmmm, yeah, can someone get the DRP to call the 'international community' please?

  7. It's the exposing that is wrong. Not the wrong doing. Correcting is irrelevant. Welcome to 'Aheh Dhivehi Raajje'.

  8. Who knows, Allah knows Best. So, what you people knows do not hide it and do not blame others. Who says this is complete news? I am not, the people who says it is a complete news first a fall tell me what is the age of students and how they did it, who they got these kind of information, why they could not control their sexual desire??? Blah blah for me these kind of serous matters should be investigated by everybody for proper information. PLEASE do not comment without know in anything

  9. Anni needs to get this Beards our of the country and move them to their promised land Afghanistan...

    There have no place here...This is a free country

  10. these incidents were happening years earlier. even when my mom was in school, one of her class mates got expelled for getting pregnant out of wedlock. even during my school years, such incidents were repeated. there was even a case of two lesbians going at it in the library when we were in grade 9.
    its not the education policy to blame, but curious teenagers with raging hormones who want to experiment sexually. and think about it, the average age a girl or a boy loses their virginity is 13 or 14. only the few unfortunate ones get pregnant.
    the only way to delay this inevitable event is to form strong bonds with your children and talk to them about this stuff. its the duty of the parents and the family. i know that i would have freaked out if a teacher talked to me about sex..

  11. @ Sally
    i agree with Sally. these things always happen. every where. but using a students name on a public article is degrading. i'm sure the one who wrote the article would never have used the name if it was one of their relative.

  12. Whatever happened, whatever the religious implications, it's still morally wrong to publicize such sensitive cases. Peoples privacy should be respected. Especially in a society so hostile towards its taboos. Good work Mininvan News for not posting the name of the website.


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