Family of Ahusan Basheer approve potential death sentence for two minors accused of murder

The family of 21 year-old Ahusan Basheer, who was stabbed to death on March 17, were yesterday summoned to the Juvenile Court to clarify whether they had any objections to the two minors charged with the murder being given the death sentence if found guilty.

The four family members summoned raised no objections.

A Juvenile Court official today told Minivan News that six hearings had so been held in the murder trial, in which two minors – a boy and a girl – have been accused of the murder.

The official said that the Prosecutor General had so far produced four witnesses to the court in the trial against the two minors.

The Juvenile Court said that Ahusan’s family members had been summoned to clarify whether they had any objections to a death sentence being passed against the minors, were they to be found guilty. They were not currently in Male’, he said.

According to the Maldives Penal Code, a person can be sentenced to death with the consent of all the heirs of the victim, however if even if one objects a death sentence cannot be given.

Police arrested Ibrahim Shahum, 20, as the main suspect in the murder, following his release by the Criminal Court. Shahum had been kept in detention for six months on suspicion of stabbing a 17 year-old to death on July 30, 2010.

Along with Shahum Adam another suspect identified by the police as Hassan Shimaz was also arrested.

No further details were given regarding the female suspect other than that she is being held in custody in connection with Ahusan’s murder.


18 thoughts on “Family of Ahusan Basheer approve potential death sentence for two minors accused of murder”

  1. The death sentence is bad enough, but for MINORS?!

    Not a good idea.. I can already see the headlines in the European newspapers and from Amnesty

  2. Not a good idea.. I can already see the headlines in the European newspapers and from Amnesty

    Would you object to such headlines? As a European (you can't apply for EU membership if your state still has capital punishment on its statute books)I regard capital punishment, for any crime, as state sponsored murder. I have no equivocation on that part. Shows what The Maldives is really like, even to consider the state sponsored murder of a minor.

  3. @Haifa, Nope, if the Maldives is killing children in the name of "justice" I hope the whole world would be shouting out in anger.

    It definitely won't do much to help the crumbling reputation of the Maldives though

  4. Please! Would you people say the same thing if someone killed your wife, husband or any family member? I hope you would say the same if someone attacks your child while he is walking down the road! Killers are psychos and should not be allowed into the society... And spending thousands to keep them in Jail is no gud idea either! We are not going to apply for EU membership! We are not in Europw... In any case European politicians hate Muslims btw. Turkey has been begging for years now for EU membership!

  5. The guilty deserve death penalty: the murder was well planned and carried out with the knowledge that they can get away with murder becoz Maldives judicial system will not award the death penalty. The guilty are defying the system!

  6. I absolutely would say the same thing if it was my child.

    An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind.

    Does Islam not teach forgiveness and the sanctity of life?

    Vile. Expect European boycotts of the Maldives if this goes ahead.

  7. As far as I'm aware, the Maldives have signed up to the Convention of the Rights of Child, which states capital punishment should not be used against minors.

    The only countries that have executed children since 1990 are
    Democratic Republic of Congo
    Saudi Arabia

    Is that really a list Maldives wants to join?

  8. There are some countries where the death penalty is just a symbolic punishment. In practise it means 'life in prison'. As far as I know, Maldives is such a country, since I never have read about a death penalty being exectued in the Maldives...

    But maybe I am just not well informed, so my question: Does anyone know when the death penalty was last executed in Maldives?

  9. @Expat,

    The affairs of our country does not concern you in any manner or form,
    And the guy is what? 17, wait till hes 18 or 19 to execute him, simple as that

  10. Of course it concerns foreigners. Who pays for your schools, hospitals, government, infrastructure, fishing subsidies etc etc.. The tourists do with their tax dollars.

    I can tell you now that the majority of westerners would find this story completely abhorrent. Do you really think they are going to keep spending money in your country if this happens?

  11. @ mike
    "Does anyone know when the death penalty was last executed in Maldives?"
    At least not in the last 40 years or so.... death sentence means a "life in prison" in Maldives. and im not even sure that's gonna happen to this minors.people are overeating. i think few people were also sentence to death last year.(meaning a life sentence in prison)


    is that a hint of superiority that i see in your post. i have nothing against "westerners" but for the last time the whole WORLD is not "western centric".

  12. Just kill them all. this country is full of useless bums who will grow to be useless unemployed drug addicts. good riddance!

  13. Yes, unfortunately our economy is dependent on tourism.. shame we are a
    'colony' of the west or whoever, your highly moral codes, and all that,
    you are all nothing but parasites who leeched the world for the past 600 years, thats how you got where you are, every Dog has his day, God willing someone will destroy you, let it be china or whoever else

  14. And death be better than bowing down to the likes of you,

    Better to die on ones feet than to live on ones knees

  15. @expat you do in fact have a point, many here in my 'THE West' do use the language of human rights to justify TAKING CONTROL, in many different and sly ways...

    Human rights language has been used to mask the evil, dehumanizing greed of Western industry, this is the hypocrisy which has wounded so many who have trusted us Westerners, many of the promises we in the West have made have been betrayed...

    Yet, @expat, just because we use the language of human rights to mask our evil ambition, does not mean that human rights in themself are evil!

    The realization of Maldivian sovereignty through a commitment to hatred and vengeance of the West, to the point you wish us all to be destroyed, will only end up destroying YOU! Harbouring such hatred for such a prolonged period of time is psychologically, and physically unhealthy, it will lead to less creativity, and productivity.

    That we in the West USE the language of human rights to further our evil greed, does mean, though, that you must struggle for your own human rights realization to ensure you are not becoming slaves in the name of allowing the West to 'liberate you...'

    I myself am sorry for the hurts us Westerners have done to you, @expat, and all Maldivians, also, for racist things I have said, I am sorry.

    The Maldivians I know, especially my Brothers in Law, who camped out at the hospital with me when I was sick, our Aunty who recited Surah's for me when I was sick with dengue fever, our Aunty's and Cousins who looked after us, are the most loving, beautiful ppl in the world that I know, and allthough I feel ashamed and sorry that I have said so many stupid things on here which I regret, at the same time, fucked if I am going to be silent and allow any mother fucker to drag my Maldivian family into a culture and mindspace of hate and destructive RAGE.

  16. Children (under the age of 18) commits murder. An eye for an eye, not good enough on the scale of justice. If humanitarians got a problem dealing with the situation, then let the under-aged murderers be killed by children younger than them.
    Families who has lost lives of innocent children has two routes for the rightful justice. In this case the "Courts". You can already see the likely outcome. The second route is to retaliate using Masodi, Buru, Bisburu and Kudahenveiru Gangs. Apparantly the second route is more acceptable to the local public, cos its not officially documented. We must always remember that we Maldivians are not only 100 % Muslims, but we are also 100% hypocrites. I am Proud to be a Maldivian. and I know that we Maldivians can getaway with almost anything, with our loud mouths.

  17. I cant believe the uproar over this, I agree juveniles should not be executed without justification however they sure didnt stop to justify their actions before murdering another person, do you really want kids like these running around in your community impervious to any consequences for their actions, it might be your son, daughter, mother or father that they kill next.

  18. Why are we even talking about this. Everyone knows even if they are sentenced to death. They will be out in about three or so years. They will not be "executed".. As I said before few adults has already been sentenced to death before. But they were not executed. They were "sentenced to life". Do you guys really think that this minors will actually be executed.


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