17 year old bleeds to death after gang-linked triple stabbing

Police are investigating the murder of a 17 year old boy who was stabbed to death by a group of men during an apparent gang fight.

The 17 year old was stabbed in the leg on Friday afternoon near the Social Centre in Maafannu, Male’.

He was admitted to Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital and treated for more than eight hours in the Intensive Care Unit, but the knife severed a major artery and despite an emergency blood transfusion he died the following morning at 6:15am.

He was was buried that afternoon at Aasahara cemetery.

A person familiar with the matter told Minivan News the boy was stabbed when he climbed onto the back of a lorry after watching a football match at Maaziya football ground.

“He was with his friends on a lorry and about to leave, when they were attacked by a group of people people armed with stones and sticks,” the source said. “After a while they came close and stabbed him with a knife. Two other boys were also stabbed, one in the chest and another in the leg.’’

All three victims were taken to IGMH around 6pm.

One of the victims told Minivan News today that a squad of police were active in the area prior to the incident but were unable to control the eruption of violence in the area.

‘’Police officers were running around, but they seemed shocked and didn’t know what to do,’’ said the victim. “The police officers didn’t help, so I ran to IGMH with my friend.’’

The IGMH doctors stitched his wound and told him it was fine, he said.

‘’I was discharged from IGMH that night and I went home, but I did not feel well. I was having difficulty breathing, but since they said I was fine, I thought I was fine,’’ he said.

“Later, I realised air was spreading inside my body and my back, chest, neck and arms were puffing up.’’

He said he went to ADK hospital last night.

‘’Doctors at ADK said that I had been stabbed in the lungs and that one of my lungs had stopped functioning,’’ he said. ‘’They said if I had been any later the air would have reached my brain and they would not have been able to help me.’’

He was admitted at ADK hospital and had a pipe inserted into his lungs due to stem the internal bleeding.

He said that the other boy who was stabbed had been discharged.

The following afternoon two more boys were stabbed in Mahchangolhi, one in the head and another in the back.

A person familiar with the matter said neither were seriously injured.

“One boy was stabbed neat Mahchangolhi cemetery and other was stabbed near Ameenee building,’’ he said. ‘’It was around 11:00 am in the morning – they were stabbed at the same time, one after the other.’’

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed six people were stabbed over the weekend, one fatally.

“Four people were injured on Friday and one of them died. Yesterday afternoon two were injured,’’ he said.

Police have arrested 11 people in connection with the case. Police and Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) launched a special operation on July 15 to investigate gang violence.


26 thoughts on “17 year old bleeds to death after gang-linked triple stabbing”

  1. with banana hungry apes in the judiciary (cf. Mujuthaaz Fahumee) incidents like these will happen.

  2. Police and Armed Forces too busy taking President's order to arrest political opponents. Their resources are stretched when it comes to establish law and order.

  3. Hundereds of criminals were released earlier this year from jail without the approval fom the Parole Boarad. Hundreds more have been given jail sentences but never implemented.

  4. A failed Judiciary and a wicked power hungry opposition creates such incidents. The government needs to be more strict as it looks like they are the only side who is really trying to do something for the community

  5. Why dont the government take all the gang leaders, murderers into protective custody? to aarah, they dont need a court warrant or anything from the judiciary to arrest someone.

    They dint need a court warrant when they took yameen, neither did they need anything from the court to extend his detention.

  6. Is the Maldives trying to compete with Brazil or something?

    It must be really horrifying for the people and families directly affected.

    How can you improve a country when the youth are dying?

    Why aren't ANY politicians taking this seriously?

    How many people have to die before it's called a war?

  7. @ why

    "Why dont the government take all the gang leaders, murderers into protective custody? "

    Then, we will have the Human Rights Commission, the Anti-Corruption Commission, the Lick-My-Arse Commission etc coming out demanding their immediate release.

    The DQP will fly a mission to the UK to 'inform' about the oppression of criminals by the government and demand respect for their Human Rights.

    Get it?

  8. aharen bala gothuga cops ge mistake
    emeehunah mikanthah control kureven jeheyne..adhi ehee ves veven jehey meege response nagan jeheyekey noon...im also a one of them so i sadly say its cops job to
    stop the violence! shujau

  9. This will happen when government brings hundreds of inmates from prison to so called house arrest. firstly government must enforce sentences to criminals. when judiciary does their job the government is not capable of doing its job.

  10. hey the goverment have only time to beat up and shave inocent people they dont know how to catch criminals. on satarday night one of my friends mom got hit by police because she was out of her house what is happening to our country if i had the power i will banned all the polititions out of the country than the country will be safe.

  11. I do not think it is the government at fault for these violence. Judiciary is the one that passes the sentence and logically only through an appeal again through a court can these sentences be reviewed. However we have corrupt people as Judges in Maldives from bottom to the very top.

    Wonder why people support the opposition who obviously does not go against these corrupt Judges who does not give harsh sentences to these criminals. Government is nothing if the justice system controlled by the Judges does not do their job in protecting the innocent and weak. Instead they are busy filling their pockets with whatever they can get just by being either neutral or helping the chaos events in the country - just so that the opposition has something to blame at the government. These dirty games are just too much and sickening to the society.

    If I was the President, I would arrest all the Judges, and publicly lash anyone involved in attacking people on the streets or indoor. Also anyone that kills another shall be handed over to the family of the victim. Islamic justice is a priority against anyone, be he from my family or member of Parliament. A true Muslim does not fear the blame of the blamers. But sadly, I am not the President, so all I can do is keep praying for Allah (swt) to guide those in power.

  12. why police was disable to do anything, to take any decision on the right time????

    How can the society will think about thiss!! They are trained well for everything like this..... What the f*ck they was doing that time??!!
    they will start to investigate something once it is over and over....

    I don`t think that the police`s duty is just checking the vehicles on the street whether they are registered or not, but i believe one of their job is to be prepared all the time, POLICE ARE KIND A USELESS GABAGE WHICH COST ONLY MONEY< NOT THEIR SH*T SERVICE TO THE NATION.

  13. There is no excuse for this, some one has to be responsible for all this this is not the country i am hoping to live in we need a serious change a Mega change in the way we think

  14. Wat if the next victim is my brother or sum one from ur family..Why cant Maldivian we stop this???

  15. is this the Maldives that we see before..well i think its not anymore. the country politicians are corrupted and they only work for their own benefits. no one thinks about the nation.

    and judiciary has failed to impose sentences against these gangs. they were free. they knew even if they were taken to courts they will be released the other day. why? hows this happening. these gangs were having the best lawyers in the country. how do they pay to these lawyers.

  16. These type of incidents can be prevented very easily in Male'e as it is such small place, if it repeats like frequently (ofcourse earlier repeated but no seroius actions had taken)then no good future here..

  17. I can't help but wonder why this boy's life could not be saved when he was in the biggest hospital in Maldives for 12 hours!

    The second boy who was stabbed who had to later on got to ADK only to be told his lung was stabbed, does not give a good impression of IGMH to me.

    In other news ...
    Deputy Commissioner of Police says there are 21 murderers freely roaming on the streets of Male'. It sent shivers down my spine. Someone needs to seriously think about an effective way of reducing crime and punishing the criminals.

  18. So many things wrong at the same time.

    Incompetence, weakness and cowardice in every echelon of society, from hospital to police.

    The police are unarmed, toothless cowards - the citizens have been stripped of all rights to self defense by a self-serving judiciary - the hospitals are manned by money-hungry incompetents.

    In this sort of environment, the only ones to suffer are the law-abiding citizens.

  19. Every Maldivian is deeply precious to the Creator. No words can describe the tragedy of a young life taken in such a manner.

    A deep routed, thousand year old structural cycle of fear and vengeance has placed the quest for power and vengeance above the sanctity of human life in the Maldives.

    Life is valuable, it must be regained as the top priority, because the system, the tyrants which manifest it, have cheapened the value of life as it is not seen anymore as an end in itself, but as a means to an end, POWER!

    Life is an end in itself! The value of life, abandoned by the powerful in their pursuit of vengeance and saftey, abandoned by the weak in their quest for personal safety and dignity, must be regained! Life is precious!

    The structure in the Maldives, the cycle, has caused the ultimate value of life to be cheapened by so many in the society!

    Regain the sense of the sanctity of life, or there will be an eternal reckoning.

  20. This should be perfectly acceptable. It happens in multiple counts, in all of our neighbours.

    Why should we be different. Our education, legislation, judiciary, LEA's, are not any better. NO reason at all why we compare our selves to any other neighbourhood.

    We just have to accept that this.

  21. My sincere condolences to the family and friends. "To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return",May Allah forgive and grant him eternal bliss in praradise.

    SIMPLE BUT AN EFFECTIVE SOLUTION: Implement Islamic Sharia Law (in accordance with principles of Sharia but after elevating and streamlining to today's events and situation of this community)and we will get results.

    "Arrest all corrupt Judges, Politicians, Drug Dealers,Pedophiles & all Criminals who are freely moving around and make this nation a place of peace and security for general public.
    Rehabilitate criminals as much as possible before they are freed and this can be done in better detention facilities. Segregate the levels of and types of criminals in order not to mingle the worst ones with people who could be mended for better."

    President is vested with that power and he can do it , Police & MNDF does not need any court orders to make this country a safe place. Quran gives them the rights. And Quran is the constitution of ISLAM. And the Constitution of Maldives strongly indicates that all affairs of people and the nation must be govern in accordance with Islamic principles and tenants.

    But sadly, some are heedless of these facts.

    We need Mr.President to be much stronger than his rhetoric. We need Mr.President to understand that he can do it within the Rule of Law, with sincerity and eventually he will have nothing to loose but gain blessing of Almighty GOD and more support from peace loving,decent people of this nation.

    As for the International Community: Mr.President himself said it can never be effective with a brief visit for mediation. And with whom are we talking to come with peace? No, Peace cannot be made with people who doesn't want peace. They want power,more power & excessive power.

    People knows who fund these gang fights and all crimes in this society (not that there aren't sporadic criminal incidents separate from these leagues). Even President talked about "6 big shots" of Drug Dealers. Police knows, MNDF knows, Even "Thakurube" and "Alifulhube" sitting at "Masveringe Park" knows that.But the people who are to enforce Law and Order seems to be tied (crippled) with in a system of obstructing justice, using the same Constitution and Laws that are supposed to benefit the whole nation for good. A tricky but very clear game is being played by the Crooks. Yet we are still sitting on our couches and at coffee tables conveniently and "day dreaming" for a better future. That includes myself too.But at least we can talk and express our views now.

    I thank Almighty GOD for granting us this freedom.

    & Thanks to Mr.President for his courages efforts and all those punches he took for peace and intellectual freedom of the people of this nation. Sir, you are a good person and still can be better. You did a lot with GOD's will and it's time that you be our true Mr.President.

    Again it's sad to note that "freedom of speech" itself is hijacked by those crooks for their benefit. But to counter that I believe we need to talk more and more openly against all injustice, crimes, corruption and evils of this society. We need to start to develop the habit of self restraint, self evaluation and taking our individual responsibilities more seriously. That needs to happen as a grass root level implementation plan for a better future for us and our kids. After that it will take up the shape of an effective community level commitment.

    "It has to be a bottom up cleaning and mending process."

    With GOD's will,Change is here, and so does justice and peace will follow it eventually. Allah knows best.

    In Almighty GOD we trust.

  22. oh lord, if you are there, please bring peace and compassion to our hearts, for the beasts that we are, we have been misled and lured by political rivalry and a wasted youth population with corruption, drug in otherwords money(=power). just in couple of decades, and given couple more, we will no longer exist, for we will kill each other, destroy ourself, filled in hatred, self motives and greed, everything that is filth.

    as a human, its very difficult for me to watch my fellow beings kill each other without so much of a hesitation. is this what it means to be male, macho or civilized?
    forgive me lord if its too much to ask, but we need your mercy on this land.

  23. @ gman

    "oh lord, if you are there, ..."

    It amazes me that you would use the word 'if' and would still make a prayer to God.

  24. Things like this have made me come to the decision that if there is a god, he's too busy playing World of Warcraft to care what people does, in his name or not.

  25. 🙂 From the stuff i heard, i curse the policemen who stopped the vehical for NO reason. It seems that the policemen had some connection with the murderer as they stood by and did nothing when the boy fell on to their feets. I also heard that one of the policeman is the murderer's brother/relative. Maybe all of this was planned way before.

    Yes! I totally agree with the fact that the policemen in our country are nothing but freaks! And i totally believe that there is nothing we can do to prevent such things from happening. Our government cant provide us with a peaceful nation, so its us who would eventually come out to kill the gangsters! Whatever is meant to happen will happen. And whatever that happened afterwards (after the boy was killed) did not amuse me at all; The stabbings that took place later. I really supported that instead because I knew that the government or this so called 'policemen' wont be able to come up with any solution to this. Atleast the criminals would die from our hands! x) and finally we would actually be able to smell the fragrance of PEACE!

    May Allah bless Mohamed's soul and give him paradise. And may He make the murderer rot and suffer every single stab each and every moment in Hell.


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