Five children and one man arrested for eating during fasting hours

Police have arrested three persons for allegedly eating during fasting hours of Ramadan, and another three people accompanying them.

Police Sergeant Abdul Muhsin said the three arrested for eating in fasting hours were under-aged males, who were released after giving a statement “and receiving advice.”

According to a person familiar with the matter, the three other persons arrested and taken to the police station included an under-age male and female, and a man over the age of 18.

The source claimed said the second three were not discovered eating, but were arrested by police as they were accompanying people who were eating in the public.

“The group were arrested while they were allegedly eating behind a construction site on the land behind Dharubaaruge,’’ said the source. ‘’They were arrested that afternoon and five of them were released later that afternoon.’’

He added that one of the under-aged males was caught with a packet suspected to contain illegal narcotics, and was now in Dhoonidhoo custodial.

A further four men were arrested last week for eating, including two who were caught near the Alimas Carnival stage and a second pair who reportedly confessed to eating in the toilets of Giyasuddeen school.  They have since been released.


33 thoughts on “Five children and one man arrested for eating during fasting hours”

  1. WTF is wrong with the police? dont they have better things to do than catching people EATING? Maldivians are IDIOTS!

  2. Bonkers - very bonkers. What about the drug dealers and the gangs. No thats too difficult, lets leave them and lets find chilren eating. 100% bonkers!

  3. Drug dealers, rapists, child molesters, dont you guys worry. This is a haven for you.

    Cops are more concerned about children who fancies a bite during fasting hours of Ramazan.

    And MP's are all seeking constantly new streams of the very corrupt management it has now.

    Good. All of you can collect water when it rains...

  4. That's logical. Children can't threaten the police like the street thugs can.

    The police are unable to take action against the real criminals/drug dealers and are venting their frustrations out on our children.

  5. @all those who are ridiculing the police

    well guys this is a democracy...and the vast majority of public doesn't want this happening in public places. thats why we have included these things in the constitution... so there you go 😀

    maybe one day will come when you guys can boast your huge appetites on the streets during ramazan...but its not just shut up and obey the rules! 😀

    ramadan mubarak! (i just can't stop smiling :D)

  6. from a comment on the related article...i picked up this link.,8599,2011798,00.html

    of course even when in their constitution there is full freedom of religion, sometimes something that effects a large portion of the citizens do matter, doesn't it. the americans are still affected by what happened on 9/11/2001. and we are still affected by the crusades and christian imperialism. its all fair and understandable...we are all human after all... 😀

    so just let it go for now...learn to live with it or find a new home...:D

  7. FIVE children? Wow, I didn't know they could handle that many at the same time. They really must be going all out with that anti-gang initiative.

  8. @ ho hum who said: "@all those who are ridiculing the police

    well guys this is a democracy…and the vast majority of public doesn’t want this happening in public places. thats why we have included these things in the constitution… so there you go "

    is it that we want ppl to molest our children? is it that we want thugs to attack innocent ppl on the street? is it that we want gangs to rape our women? there is a vast majority of the public who are concerned abt these things. in fact, more worried abt some kids eating during fasting time.
    we r not ridiculing the police, we r asking them to be more responsible and prioritize issues.

  9. I'd like to thank the brave officers of Maldivian Police Force for risking their lives out on the streets to catch these vermin. They were really lucky the kids didn't hurt them with the food.

  10. Arrested why eating !!!
    That is not Islam, is simply religious fanatism.
    Nothing better to do, the policemans ?

  11. How much blood needs to be spilled before the government is able to bring and end to the gangsters and thugs that rule our street.Now its not even news that thugs walks into restaurant and cafes full of people and drag people out to be stabbed. Every other day someone gets stabbed or murdered right outside on the street. Do they carry so much political weight that the government and the opposition are both helpless and stuck and bow to their every demand. The protest today wont be criticized or reported much in media. Why people are scared to speak.How many youths have been murdered in the past 5 years9everyone lost count including the MPS).How many were convicted of these crimes? none.I think its about time we learned to win elections without having to appease the violent elements of our society.

  12. Respect the Constitution. It enshrines Islamic principles above all else. It was designed by our elected Representatives, so we should follow that. Never mind whether your personal beliefs are in something else; if you live here, you had better abide by the laws of the land. Nothing more to say on this.

  13. But all had chosen to ignore this?
    Quoted from the Article:"He added that one of the under-aged males was caught with a packet suspected to contain illegal narcotics, and was now in Dhoonidhoo custodial."

    It's a known fact: Most who disobeys laws and widely accepted social, ethical, moral values are most often either intoxicated or else just out of deliberate mischief (out of whimsical desires).

    AND Who are these so called "children"? Where were they? With whom? (Answers are there in the article but people chose to catch the catchy part of this "News Headline": Let me show: "Children","Eating" &"Arrested": and then make a fun out of that)- "Oh Great!"

    Are they really "children"?[Biologically, a child (plural: children) is generally a human between the stages of birth and puberty. The legal definition of "child" generally refers to a minor, otherwise known as a person younger than the age of majority. Source:]

    If the so called "children" is accepted as defined by law, then the law also defines some consequences for eating publicly on the month of Ramazan! Why define them children according to Law and at the same time ridiculing a law that prohibits "publicly eating" (as out of respect for the month of Ramazan and the most of the people who are fasting: Don't we have to respect other people's feelings when the whole nation [at least a majority of it] is trying to obey and practice an act of worship?).Why double standards in accepting the laws?

    These are "underage" minors defined by law: but surly they are adults by nature (biologically a human ends being a child from puberty).

    Even minors are punishable for illegal activities and the people who are supposed to guide them should take full responsibility. [having said that, I too accept that implementing law and order has to be broader than just this: There are more evils in this society that needs more decisive actions and with more severer punishments- Even the law enforcement agencies, the law makers, and the judiciary needs to act with constancy.- And the leadership as well]

    AND again everyone ignored this fact:
    Quoted from the article "...who were released after giving a statement “and receiving advice.”

    What's wrong in escorting those breaking a law to Police Station and let gone after advising. What's so offensive in that? (And a part of the answer for that is Islamophobia).I find it more offensive them to disregard other people's feelings and disobeying a widely accepted law(even by social and moral standards)

    These are what I call "Deceptions"! "all too well disguised under "beautiful names" (which is actually meant for good of the wider general public): such as "journalism","freedom of expression" , "rights",etc while ignoring the limits that a community accepts and by doing so disregarding widely accepted social, ethical, and moral behaviors !" 😉

    In Allah Almighty We Trust

  14. ho hum has to go back to a school (this time one with furniture in it) to figure out that democracy is not tyranny of the majority.

  15. It looks as though these were 16, 17, 18 year old "children". I bet these are also the same crowd of "children" that you are complaining about not being caught under drug laws. Wakeup to reality. An arbitrary line at the age of 18 doesn't mean much when it comes to religion. They should not have eaten during Ramadan days in private or pulic.

  16. .. and they managed to catch only 05 children out of thousands of people who are eating during fasting hours?

  17. Just too hilarious! eat or not eat, how can police measure people's faith towards the religion. What do you expect in a country where we dont have any values. Does the police catch people who disobeys constitution apart from children eating during ramadan?

  18. Nothing new is it? Minivan just chose to publicise it this year. No surprise there either. One has to wonder if what we have is a case of tyranny of the majority or tyranny by a minority that claims to be visionary, yet alienates a large part of the majority by their crudeness and paranoia. The nation is creaking at the seams. Question is, will it hold? Debatable, given that even hard core members of the movement right throughout have become disillusioned with its means. Politics is said to be the art of the possible, but as a political party, the MDP seems to have perfected the art of making it impossible.

  19. on the one hand this is total bollocks, but on the other hand, i kind of agree with Bismuth's point in a very different angle. these are not just kids eating perhaps. these are kids who needs help. if a kid wants to eat, he or she should be able to eat in their homes. Parents should make food for them. AND its kind of sad that somehow people connect that to kids being not religious.
    their moral values or ethics are low not because they are less religious but, in general these kids are perhaps left out kids who don't get any attention or care from the community.

  20. hey police... while you are busy shoving religion down our throats, could you please wrap a burger bun around it?

    to those of you who thinks people shouldn't even eat in private, i am gonna go get a sandwich. if you've got a problem with that -- just go to hell.

  21. what kind of journalism is this? i want to know what they were eating and the recipes.

    i advise people to stay away from committing culinary or abdominal crimes.

  22. @ Police:
    please look for the actual bad guys in the country instead of wasting you time with peoples fasting.

    are all drug dealers caught?
    are all traffic issues adressed?
    are all criminal cases solved?

    only then you should take your time and go around looking for little boys eating.
    PS: at least the poor guys were trying to hide somewhere. i mean they didnt eat at the jumhuree maydaan dho... so it wasnt that public place after all.

  23. @s

    i think the police is doing a lot. yes there are imperfections but they are doing the best they can at the moment. and the courts are doing their job too...but neither can do a proper job when the laws are against them. so pick the one to blame..police? courts? or your elected mps...?

    @Wine Lover

    so who defines democracy? the civilized west? their practice of democracy seems to be quite similar to ours...if the majority wants to invade a nation that has never harmed them...they do so. and they do so to impose on others what they think is right...i for one am not thinking about on imposing on others my beliefs...but i just want the minority to respect the beliefs of the majority...

    you guys are just unbelievable. hypocrites through and through. miserable unhappy delusional people. and i'm just glad i'm not you! 😀

  24. I'm glad the Police are doing a spiffy job of getting children off the street - or was it some abandoned plot behind Dharubaaruge? - anyways, if there's one thing that I feel threatened by as a citizen, it is people who choose not to fast.

    Great job as usual, Maldives Police Service. I hope everyone gets a medal for this.

  25. It's hilarious the way how Bismuth is so quick to assume that trumped-up charges are enough for a direct conviction.

    "But all had chosen to ignore this?
    Quoted from the Article:”He added that one of the under-aged males was caught with a packet suspected to contain illegal narcotics, and was now in Dhoonidhoo custodial.”

    The key word is "suspected". Why, I could fill a bunch of packets with fine iodized salt and call it cocaine - and I'd get arrested for SUSPECTED narcotics possession. It'll be all over the news as they quickly try to prove that they are not incompetent (which they are).

  26. way to go!!!!!!! its a shame that the maldivien police are proud to say that they caught some folks eating in fasting hours.
    where the hell are the police when it come to these gang fights, drug deals,child abuse,and all these chaos in the community.
    so just to prove you are doing some thing about these problems i think the police needs to get more proffisional. lets hope next time they wont caught a boy pissing on west harbour....!!!

  27. "gang fights, drug deals,child abuse,and all these chaos"

    ooh I'm discovering the Maldives, you have crimes other than apostates ? With a 100% muslim society ? Wow. Maybe the coran could explain the logic to this, or some other highly scholarly source ? (I bet the Koran can, it seems to explain everything)

  28. @French Lady

    Quran [17:18] "If any do wish for the transitory things (of this life), We readily grant them - such things as We will, to such person as We will: in the end have We provided Hell for them: they will burn therein, disgraced and rejected."

  29. Haha, I had the misfortune of living in the Maldives for a while and met some of the most unacceptably stupid, closed-minded people. The vast majority of the public are uneducated religious fanatics who like to threaten the supposed "outsiders" yet do not have an ounce of courage.
    If any one is planning to come here on holiday, you should boycott these criminally insensitive islands instead of fostering their tourist business.

    I hope I never have to come back here again!


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