Five Thai women and three Maldivian men arrested for prostitution

Police have arrested five Thai nationals and three male Maldivians inside ‘Herbal Beauty Salon’, located in the second floor of Maafannu Sherrif.

Police said the eight individuals were arrested after the police received information that prostitution was conducted at the location.

Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that five Thai women were arrested and three other Maldivian men were also arrested.

Shiyam said the men were still in police custody and that police were investigating the case.

The criminal court identified the five arrested Thai nationals as Neetha Seng Thong, Sutheetha Thanuvathu,  Thaaniga Thuan Youth, Pacha Pon Punpheythu and Nicharda Konfan.

The three Maldivian men arrested as Hassan Zareer, Male’, Mujuthaba Abdulla of Hinnavaru in Lhaviyani Atoll and Ibrahim Abdul Hafiz of Ihavandhoo in Haa Alifu Atoll.

According to police the group were involved in sexual activities when the police raided the beauty salon.

Shutting down alternative medical centres that conduct sexual activities were one of the five demands made by the then-opposition coalition while Mohamed Nasheed was in power.

The former government then closed all the massage parlors and spas nationwide including those used for tourism purposes.

In a statement the Adhaalath Party has congratulated the police for the closing ‘Herbal Beauty Salon’ and thanked the Islamic Ministry for their role in it.

The party also appealed to all the citizens to cooperate with the government to erase prostitution from the Maldives.

According to local media, those arrested were taken to the Criminal Court, where their detention period was extended to five days.


30 thoughts on “Five Thai women and three Maldivian men arrested for prostitution”

  1. So who were the prostitutes? The Thai women or the Maldivian men?
    Well done Islamic Ministry. Please make sure no sexual activity whatsoever takes place in the Maldives.
    Please issue a fatwa for the people to keep their legs crossed at all times.

  2. Petty crime.. And there aren't even details about the facts, only personal details.

    There are so many bigger problems needing attention.

  3. @Ekaloas buddy on Sun, 11th Mar 2012 9:39 PM

    "There are so many bigger problems needing attention."

    What would they be? This is a very serious issue and Nasheed's government consistently failed to address this. As a result, the Islamists successfully rose against Nasheed! Nasheed also laughed off a bit of "hash", booze and a number of other "minor problems". Look where he ended up! There is a lesson in this.

    Prostitution was openly carried out in these so-called "health spas" when everyone knew what was going on inside. I have no love for Adhaalath, and in fact I think of them as the Devil Incarnate, but I'd like to see these places shutdown for good.


  5. For the past year ppl have been complaining to the police abt the prostitution there..Bt apparently some high post members of the former regime were involved so their hands were tied . Now its over .

  6. @Lanka Ashford on Mon, 12th Mar 2012 12:01 AM


    That is an admirable goal!

    Though I sense that you are atempting to mock the righteous, mayhaps the one true God has planted seeds of wisdom in your cold, secular heart?

  7. WHAT ! not that place, ...sigh guess its just me , Mrs. Palm and her 5 daughters tonight

  8. @Ahmed: and can i just guess that you personally have never visited such places however you are well aware of, have heard about it and maybe even conversed with friends about it?
    Well if that is the case why did you not stand up and complain openly instead of being silent and now adressing this as Nasheeds issue?
    Cause this is the issue here- that everyone knows about such "crime" but no one has the guts to say something about it- does it need to be always the police who can do something about it?

    @Lanka: That would do just wonderfully however then there would be homosexual issues rising. Both sides.

  9. hey, where is the massage parlour that kutty nasheed runs, near ahmadiyya school???? when wuill adaalath see this??? or has did he pay off adaalath to keep quite after he shared the money he took from Gasim??...hehe ..i need some cash..

  10. Young Maldivians are too sexy because its the only past time entertainment that keeps them happy.Is it because of the geographical nature of that country or a genetical issue? i am not sure,can anyone clarify?

  11. Its the police and defence force personnel who visits these places in a regular basis..... I m not amazed.

  12. Not at all a Good news, but a good news in that is that those who were involved in this activity have now been arrested.!! btw what would be the next step on them, why dont the Goverment shows the peoplea Lesson from the Past ( Current issue ) , punish them according to the Shari'a law and teach the public ( MUSLIMS ) a lesson that these are things which are strictly prohibited in the Islam.!
    Moreover this, just claiming that we are also Muslims, ( which is 100% SUNNI ) ( AHLU SUNNAH WAL JAMA"A ) what does that mean ?. people who follow Prophet ( PBUH )'s words, actions, etc.

    and teach your Daughters how to Dress, are they currently follwoing the good way of Dressing ?.
    and then say that we live in a Muslim country and we are Muslims we proud of it.! insha Allah, everything will be alright and let's hope and pray for the Good for all.!

  13. Yes, this is the most important thing to tackle, as the new government desperately needs the Religious groups onboard.

  14. As far as prostitution is concerned, its men who want it and also its men shouting against it. As far as I understand it nothing to do with their religious concerns but for their political motives. Well the rich will still go to Colombo and do their night club rounds and have their call girls. This is the behavior of our general public, whether a man with a beard or no beard. Just few weeks ago one of the ministers were in Colombo (Library) celebrating his return to power in the clubs and engaged in prostitution. So you men just put your act together and be loyal to your wife's.

  15. tell me one maldivian who has not slept with another woman b4 marriage or 90% even after marriage??
    it is equally against the law, I know many part members in the above party who skrews around... who are these people trying to fool??? GOD or them self's? how many Maldivians go to Bang-cock to sleep with multiple women... how many of these youth have group sex and be proud of it!!! look around!!!! the obvious is visible this is a very funny place... all talk and no work hahahaha come to sri lanka guys our prostitution is freely available to you all

  16. One person or a Group or even a Country is not just the proofe for anything.!! okay. So dont blame on any one rather than making them move away from those kinda activities. What do you see is not because of their mentalilty, it could be just becoz they are not morally educated as far as i am concerned.! Atlease if they are educated in the Religious way by giving a proper Fikh, Akheeda, Ikhlaq, etc. they may not move to these kinda activities, but they haven't got these info may be becoz their situation or whtever. I cannot guess that since i am not a Maldivian.!

    But please dont make this into a Political issue by telling that this is becoz of the Government, becoz of Security force, etc. This is becoz of the CITIZEN of Maldives, isn't it ?.

  17. This won't matter a single bit. If you don't take out the roots, the herbs will come back.

    People organising this just will get some new Thai girls and continue there blooming business.

  18. Sheikh Imran should give police the list of brothels that he mentioned, that way they could close all of it at once.

  19. See. I always thought that Shaheem and Imran will know where the prostitutes worked. When Nasheed's govt requested them to reveal this they never did

  20. the increase in these incidents means only one thing. there are a lot of people in Male and other islands who enjoy visiting these places. if it does not harm anyone, why are we worried... ?

  21. What a shame that Maldivian men are prostituting themselves for Thai pimps. Now there is no need to go to Bangcock for ladyboys, its all available here.

  22. Surprise surprise, did no one notice the increasing number of young thai and chinese girls in Male'-why did people think they were here-to work at keeping the young men happy of course!
    Never mind, once these have been deported then they will be replaced again...and others who are happy to pimp themselves for a few dollars

  23. Long live the righteous...long live the genitals...long live the hypocrites...

    Long live man...

  24. Islamic ministry is hunting down the prostitutes. The haabees are the very same men who visit these prostitutes.

    Sheik Bon Auqa was seen prostituting aroung on a youtube video.

  25. This is good sign from local police, an, ministry of religious ,but i think its hamful for malddivian tourism, and now govt of maldive should dicied among two, islamic culture or tourism


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