Man sentenced to four years in prison for forcing three Thai women into prostitution

The Criminal Court has sentenced the owner of Sondo Born Beauty Care Salon, 64 year-old Abdul Latheef Ali of Henveiru Philadelphi in Male’, to four years in prison after finding him guilty of running a brothel and forcing three Thai women into prostitution.

Three Thai women – aged 21, 24 and 36 – testified in court that Latheef had forced them into prostitution after bringing them to the Maldives, ostentatiously to work as massage therapists.

Police raided the premises of Sonder Born Beauty Care Salon on 10 September 2012 in a special operation, and discovered a naked Maldivian man with a topless Thai woman inside a room in the house.

In a statement, police said a furth search of the premises revealed a supply of “tools used for sexual activities”.

Abdul Latheef brought the three Thai women into the Maldives through the sponsorship of a company called Asparagus Private Limited – a company also owned by Latheef – and put them work in the Sondo Born Beauty Care Salon, police said.

The three Thai women in their statement to police said they were brought to the Maldives to work as massage therapists but when they arrived Latheef had told them that their job description included having sex, and that if they refused to provide sexual services to customers they would be terminated from their job and sent back to their home country.

The Thai women told police that the customers who visited the salon paid at the counter first and then came inside and made another payment to the women, of which Abdul Latheef received a share.

Police said the Thai women had said they gave Abdul Latheef US$300 (MVR 4600) daily.

According to the women’s testimony, Abdul Latheef also handled the reception counter of the salon and was present during the police raid.

Police also said that when they searched the room where the Thai lady and Maldivian man was discovered, they found a large strash of condoms and pills used for sexual activities, and large amount of money.

The Criminal Court considered all these things as supporting evidence and found Abdul Latheef guilty of the crime.


Police arrest suspected prostitutes inside Shaaha Alternative Medical Centre

Police last night raided Shaaha Alternative Medical Centre in Maafannu around 11:00pm, and arrested three Thai women for suspected prostitution.

Three Maldivian men and a Sri Lankan man, also inside Shaaha Alternative Medical Centre, were arrested along with the three Thai women.

Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef told Minivan News that police raided the business after receiving an intelligence report that sexual activities were being conducted there.

‘’After police raided it they saw it was a place  used for sexual activities,’’ Haneef said, adding that police have now closed down the business.

He said that materials used to conduct such activities were discovered inside Shaaha Alternative Medical Centre.

“[Those arrested] have not been summoned to court yet, but they will be as soon we finish taking their statements,’’ he added.

In April police arrested two Thai women and two local men on prostitution charges after raiding a Male’-based business called ‘Maldivian Care’.

In March Police arrested five Thai nationals and three male Maldivians inside ‘Herbal Beauty Salon’, located on the second floor of Maafannu Sherrif.

Local media reported that this was the ninth business closed by police on charges of prostitution since President Dr Waheed Hassan Manik came to power.


Police claim Bangladeshi prostitution ring smashed following Male’ arrests

Police have arrested seven foreign nationals from Bangladesh over alleged involvement in a prostitution ring amidst an ongoing crackdown over the last month on premises suspected of operating as brothels.

The suspects – four female and three male – were apprehended during raids by police officers inside Ranfaunu house, based in the Mahchangolhi ward of Male’ on 9 April.

Inspector Mohamed Dhaudh yesterday told the press the arrests had been made after police intelligence confirmed that prostitution had been taking place at the property.

Following this confirmation, Dhaudh said police entered the house through the main door of the house at 10:10pm on the evening of April 9 .

Once inside, officers reported that although the house looked as if it was built for residential purposes, a reception was found inside and a bell was placed on the staircase.

Inspector Dhaudh claimed that the bell situated on the staircase was suspected as functioning as a warning device used to signal people inside of possible danger.

Dhaudh said condoms were discovered inside a drawer in the reception and that officers also found two women inside a room on the ground floor along with pills used for sexual activities.

He said one man and two women were found inside a room upstairs and alleged that a second room on the building’s first floor was suspected of being used for homosexual prostitution.

One of the women tried to escape by jumping on to the roof of the house next door police said.   One of the male suspects was also said to have a previous criminal record related to a kidnapping incident.

Dhaudh also noted that all of those arrested were believed to have been illegally transmitted in to Maldives.

Police announced yesterday that they had arrested two Thai women and two local men on prostitution charges after raiding a Male’-based business suspected of operating as a brothel.


Five Thai women and three Maldivian men arrested for prostitution

Police have arrested five Thai nationals and three male Maldivians inside ‘Herbal Beauty Salon’, located in the second floor of Maafannu Sherrif.

Police said the eight individuals were arrested after the police received information that prostitution was conducted at the location.

Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that five Thai women were arrested and three other Maldivian men were also arrested.

Shiyam said the men were still in police custody and that police were investigating the case.

The criminal court identified the five arrested Thai nationals as Neetha Seng Thong, Sutheetha Thanuvathu,  Thaaniga Thuan Youth, Pacha Pon Punpheythu and Nicharda Konfan.

The three Maldivian men arrested as Hassan Zareer, Male’, Mujuthaba Abdulla of Hinnavaru in Lhaviyani Atoll and Ibrahim Abdul Hafiz of Ihavandhoo in Haa Alifu Atoll.

According to police the group were involved in sexual activities when the police raided the beauty salon.

Shutting down alternative medical centres that conduct sexual activities were one of the five demands made by the then-opposition coalition while Mohamed Nasheed was in power.

The former government then closed all the massage parlors and spas nationwide including those used for tourism purposes.

In a statement the Adhaalath Party has congratulated the police for the closing ‘Herbal Beauty Salon’ and thanked the Islamic Ministry for their role in it.

The party also appealed to all the citizens to cooperate with the government to erase prostitution from the Maldives.

According to local media, those arrested were taken to the Criminal Court, where their detention period was extended to five days.


Police deport three Thai women on suspicion of prostitution

Three woman from Thailand have been arrested for alleged prostitution and deported from the Maldives.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the three women were arrested on August 17, during the holy month of Ramadan, following a special operation by police.

“We discovered enough evidence for us to believe they were prostitutes,’’ Shiyam said. “They were working at a beauty parlour in Male’.”

Shiyam declined to reveal the ages of the three women, the name of the beauty parlour or the nature of the evidence uncovered, “as the case is still under investigation.”

“So far we have not linked the case to any Maldivians,” he added.

Last year, the Health Ministry warned of the spread of AIDS in the Maldives after an expatriate prostitute tested positive for HIV.

Senior public health officer at the Centre for Community Health and Disease Control (CCHDC) Abdul Hameed last year said prostitutes were keen to work in the Maldives because there was “high demand” for their services.

He said the practice was dangerous and carried a high risk of HIV transmission, and advised all Maldivians “to stay away from prostitutes who come to the Maldives.”

There were an estimated 34 HIV positive people in the country, “although records show 14,” he said.