Four arrested in brewing bust

An alcohol brewing operation conducted by four people has been discovered in Seenu Hithadhoo by police.

According to police, the four brewers were conducting the operation in an abandoned house on Hithadhoo. Police were alerted to the operation after receiving a tip off yesterday evening, and raided the premises to find three single litre bottles of  prepared alcohol which were confiscated along with a brewing still.

Two men were taken into police custody in relation to the incident: Mohamed Humaul, 21 and Ahmed Anees, 18. Police said two boys aged 14 and 15 years old were also involved. All four are from Seenu Hithadhoo.

The matter is now being investigated by the Drug Enforcement Department and the Hithadhoo police station.


2 thoughts on “Four arrested in brewing bust”

  1. Why anybody should be arrested for making alcohol, as the legislature is on debate to allow to sell alcohol in every island. Let them make in commercial level and start to sell in islands. In my opinion these people needs to be recognized by national level for their innovation and entrepreneurial skills. Definitely they are kids with curiosity, leave them to explore science. If you guys need to arrest those who consume alcohol, go to resorts and find these big shots from Government and other places go on weekend on resorts.

  2. Sure. Moonshining is all we need to make leaps and bounds in the realms of science and nurture the minds and enthusiasm of youth.

    The 'experiments' have already caused internal bleeding in some of the kids who'd unknowingly whet their whistles. This new trend of moon-shining is widely attributed to a curb in the availability of narcotics and the consequential price hike.

    I'll say it a thousand times over. Supply-side control of narcotics can never work to resolve this issue. Demand-side preventative schemes need to be in place. Now.


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