Four arrested in brewing bust

An alcohol brewing operation conducted by four people has been discovered in Seenu Hithadhoo by police.

According to police, the four brewers were conducting the operation in an abandoned house on Hithadhoo. Police were alerted to the operation after receiving a tip off yesterday evening, and raided the premises to find three single litre bottles of  prepared alcohol which were confiscated along with a brewing still.

Two men were taken into police custody in relation to the incident: Mohamed Humaul, 21 and Ahmed Anees, 18. Police said two boys aged 14 and 15 years old were also involved. All four are from Seenu Hithadhoo.

The matter is now being investigated by the Drug Enforcement Department and the Hithadhoo police station.


Police sieze 65 bottles of vodka in raid

An Indian worker residing in Male’ has been arrested in possession of alcohol.

According to Sub-Inspector Ahmed Azhan of the Drug Investigation Department, a raid was conducted on a suspected alcohol brewing and distribution operation. The Indian man, only known as Shibu, was found with 65 bottles of alcohol that police have identified as vodka.

Police are now working to identify the man as he had no passport or other means of identification on him, and believe him to be in the country illegally.