Four arrested in connection with Dharavandhoo power house robbery

Police have arrested four people from the island of Dharavandhoo in Baa Atoll in connection with the theft of MVR 75,000 (US$5000) was stolen from the island’s power house.

In a statement issued today police said the four men, aged between 21 and 27, were arrested yesterday at about 2:00pm after police obtained a court warrant. One of those arrested was a staff member at the power house.

Police alleged two islanders aged 16 and 23 tried to obstruct the arrests, and were also arrested.

Both the charges of robbery and obstruction of police duty have been filed at Dharavandhoo police station.

Baa Atoll online newspaper Eydhafushi Times reported Island Council President of Dharavandhoo Ibrahim Rashid as saying the power house was robbed after the staff allegedly left the power house to eat.

According to the paper, the staff learned about the robbery when they returned to duty at dawn.

Local media reported that the MVR 75,000 was stored inside a safe, which the thieves destroyed.

The Island Council Secretariat had not responded to calls at time of press.


2 thoughts on “Four arrested in connection with Dharavandhoo power house robbery”

  1. Chop chop. Time to cut off those hands. Forget the tycoons who steal millions. Shariah only goes after peasants who commit petty crimes. Lol. Islam is once again used as a tool to control the ignorant commoners while feudal lords regularly swim in tanks of gold coins.

  2. A mere $5000/-?

    No, it will take skimming a few billion $, before the Shariah can be applied to a Mordisian man.

    But where as, an under-aged girl, the type Ali Rameez lusts for, if so much as puts on a fragrance, she will be flogged until raw, because she is tempting the Mordisian male-Angels, to commit a crime. Mordisians cannot keep their thoughts clean in the presence of an under-age young girl.


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