Four expats arrested for missionary activity

Four expatriates were arrested yesterday for suspected missionary activity, police have confirmed.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the four men were arrested yesterday afternoon, but he could not give further details as the case is still under investigation.

A teacher at Maafannu Madharusa, Aishat Rameeza, told Minivan News that four men entered the school office at around 10:00am and gave a book to a teacher and a parent, while she was present.

Rameeza said that they asked if the teachers knew a place called “Higher Education.”

”We said there are many higher educations,” Rameeza said. ”We thought they were asking about the faculty in old Jamaluddeen School, so we told them how to go there.”

She said the men then asked them where the local market was.

”When they were about to leave they gave a book to a teacher and a parent who was here, called ‘A story of redemption and steps to Christianity’, and said ‘here is a nice gift for you.'”

”We immediately informed the police but they did not seem to care,” Rameeza said. “We still have the book.”

Deputy Principal of Maafannu Madharusa Ahmed Farooq confirmed that four men came to the school yesterday and gave a book “of about 470 pages” to a pre-school teacher.

He said the school immediately informed the police.

”I heard they were arrested yesterday,” Farooq said. “They looked like they were Japanese or Chinese.”


5 thoughts on “Four expats arrested for missionary activity”

  1. hehehe dont be afraid of Christianity because in Maldives 100% Islam does not exist too.all it is opium for peoples.

  2. LAWL.

    Someone's insecure about their faith.

    Heh, I've seen books in this country far worse than Christianity - books that would cause the collective mullah population to blow out their gaskets in one go... and they're sold openly.

  3. is this is a big joke??? why dont the Maldives ban all christians from visiting and see if Allah helps your poor economy. Maybe the talibans wud come here and teach how to grow opium.

  4. Christians are not the only people visiting Maldives; we have Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, Jews,etc.

    That does not mean we should give all of them freedom to proselytise in Maldives. Do what you came here for and get the hell out. Swim, snorkel, sun tan and things like that.
    If you bring stupid literature to Maldives and try to feed it our people we will serve it for those foreigners' breakfast and make them eat all the pages and swallow it!


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