“Freedom of religion remains severely restricted”: US State Department

Legal restrictions on freedom of religion in the Maldivian constitution and laws are generally enforced in practice by the government, observed a US State Department ‘July-December 2010 International Freedom of Religion Report’ made public yesterday.

The new constitution enacted in 2008 designates Islam as the official state religion and states that “a non-Muslim may not become a citizen of the Maldives.”

“There was no change in the status of respect for religious freedom by the government during the reporting period. Freedom of religion remained severely restricted,” the report found. “The government required that all citizens be Muslims, and government regulations were based on Sharia (Islamic law).”

However it added that “[t]here were no reports of societal abuses or discrimination based on religious affiliation, belief, or practice.”

On constitutional restrictions to freedom of religion and conscience, the report noted that religion was “excluded from a list of attributes for which people should not be discriminated against.”

Meanwhile under the Protection of Religious Unity Act of 1994, any statement or action contrary to the law could be punished either by a fine or imprisonment.

Following the 2008 presidential election, the report noted, President Mohamed Nasheed replaced the former Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs with the current Ministry of Islamic Affairs and appointed the head of the religious conservative Adhaalath party as its minister.

“Minivan News reported that every Friday prayer since President Nasheed’s inauguration had been led by a religious figure from the Adhaalath Party,” the report noted. “It stated that in this way, Islam was being controlled by one group at the expense of other prominent scholars. The same report observed that a new ministry newspaper published every Friday, called Road to Steadfastness, printed only articles written by Adaalath Party members. According to government officials, the purpose was to maintain a moderate Islamic environment rather than an extremist one.”

The report also referred to the ministry’s ban on religion groups holding independent or separate Friday prayer congregations earlier than the fixed time of 12:35pm: “The ministry justified the ban, stating that separate prayer groups violated the Protection of Religious Unity Act that was intended to promote religious homogeneity.”

Although apostasy or conversion by a Maldivian Muslim to another religion was interpreted as a Shariah law violation, “there were no known cases of the government discovering converts and rescinding citizenship as a result of conversion.”

“During previous reporting periods, would-be converts were detained and counseled to dissuade them from converting; however, according to press reports, a handful of persons in the country’s blogging community reportedly identified themselves as atheist or Christian,” the report stated.

Referring to reporting by Forum 18, a Norwegian human rights organisation that promotes freedom of religion, the State Department report noted that “many persons, especially secular individuals and non-Muslims, voiced their concern over the restrictions on religion in anonymous weblogs. The organization stated fear of social ostracism and government punishment prevented this concern from being openly expressed.”

On social pressure restricting religious freedom, the report found that “there has not been a pattern of discrimination, intolerance or harassment.”

The report however referred to the suicide of Ismail Mohamed Didi, an air traffic controller who was found hanged from the control tower of Male International Airport on July 11, 2010.

“An e-mail written by Ismail, released shortly after his death, revealed that he had been seeking asylum abroad for fear of persecution over his lack of religious belief,” it stated. “Ismail had admitted he was an atheist to his work colleagues and at the time of his death, he was the subject of an internal investigation for professed apostasy. He subsequently had been harassed at work and received anonymous phone calls threatening violence if he did not repent.”

Religious Unity

Meanwhile a report by United Nations Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, Heiner Bielefeldt, published in February 2011, expressed concern to the government that a number of provisions in the regulations on protection of religious unity drafted in May 2010 “may seriously hamper several human rights, including freedom of religion or belief and freedom of opinion and expression.”

The Special Rapporteurs inquired after “steps have been taken by the Government to address the situation of members of religious minorities, dissenting believers and journalists, especially in order to guarantee their rights to freedom of religion or belief and to freedom of opinion and expression.”

However the Special Rapporteur had not received a response from the government as of February this year.

“The Special Rapporteur regrets that he has so far not received a reply from the Maldives Government concerning the above mentioned allegations,” the report stated. “He would like to appeal to the Government to ensure the right to freedom of religion or belief in accordance with article 18 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.”

Article 18 of the UDHR guarantees “freedom, either individually or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching”.

The Special Rapporteur warned that “vague terms such as ‘religious unity’ or ‘disagreement’ (article 2 of the draft Regulations) makes the interpretation of the draft Regulations prone to abuse which may be detrimental for members of religious minorities and dissenting believers.”

Moreover, a number of provisions would conflict with the Maldives’ obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

In the 2006 country report, the previous Special Rapporteur had noted that “the concept of national unity appears to have become inextricably linked to the concept of religious unity, and even religious homogeny, in the minds of the population.”

In addition, the 2006 report observed that “religion has been used as a tool to discredit political opponents and that political opponents have publicly accused each other of being either Christians or Islamic extremists, both of which have proved to be damaging accusations in a country in which religious unity is so highly regarded.”

The Special Rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression meanwhile found in 2009 “that people are prevented both by legislative provisions and through social pressure from expressing their views about issues relevant to religion or belief and as a result exercise self-censorship.”

“Against this background, the Special Rapporteur would urge the Maldives
Government to reconsider the draft Regulations, specifically taking into account the international human rights standards on freedom of religion or belief and freedom of opinion and expression,” the report concluded.

“To this end, he calls upon the Maldives Government to allow for further debate and revision of the draft Regulations due to concerns that their implementation could have a significant negative impact on human rights in the country.”


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  1. there was no any polices except islam.. we Maldivian never allow freedom of religion in this country.. American's are stupids. This is not a business of America actually they don't have any right to enforce maldives government to draft its constitution.. its only for Maldivian..

  2. “Freedom of religion remains severely restricted”: US State Department

    Why is the US so worried?
    In response to this, I am tempted to say "None of your business."

  3. It is very clear that there is a large number of Maldivian "apostates" living in secrecy inside the country. I think the remaining Muslim Maldivians shouldn't have a problem living alongside these people because religion happens to be a personal matter. Otherwise, we might see more of these people, most of whom are very young, being driven to depression and in the worst case scenario, even suicide.

    However, the US has also failed in noticing the rapidly increasing extremists inside the Maldives, who are getting directly trained by camps in Pakistan. Many have links to LeT and Al Qaeda, and you can see signs of such extremism if you take a look through society.

  4. well all i can say is i support freedom of religion, islam allows it - those who r against it r not true muslims & they do not have faith in their own religion.

    truth will prevail!

  5. If a Maldivian get enlightened like Buddha and change his religion then what happens?
    If a Maldivian get baptized and become a Roman Catholic then what happens?
    If a Maldivian does not believe in Allah or another god than what happen?
    I challenge that Maldivian government will and shall not strip his citizenship, jail nor kill him.

  6. US intelligence and the State Department have failed to observe business run by extremist groups funded by Saudis and Pakistani based Muslim extremists groups.

  7. America being the beacon of light for the human freedom and prosperity who is the leader of free world has the responsibly to maintain this very fundamental foundation for the continuation of human civilization. The only reason today you can open your mouth to express your thoughts is this so called America who had bled to save the world from tyranny , fascism and hopefully, they will win over Islamism which is now threatening the world peace and human civilization. We salute America even caring such small nation, like Maldives which is not a threat to their ideology. And who is there except America to safeguard the rights of those few souls who may be not interested to be part of the belief system which forces people to behave like zombies.

  8. Why America is so worried.

    Where is the freedom and rights of Palastine ?

    Why America is no worried about the freedon and rights od Palastine poeple ?

  9. This isn't going to be a problem much longer. In a few years, global warming will raise the level of the oceans, and there will no longer be any Maldives to worry about.

    I guess that's how Allah wants it.

  10. American justice system is the most corrupt, corruptable and bought system of a few single rich elites to elude all laws (or staying as "un-touchable"). Find justice for your own people first. All the wars in the world in recent years was for the benefit of US. Look at all the peace and harmony in Iraq now. I bet all the aeitheist and other such idiots who are talking nonsense here would be the first to $#!t themsevles when US gain total control of the idiots in maldives gov (they are like sheep being herded.)

  11. Rocket,

    It may not be the American State Department's "business" to comment on Maldivians personal freedoms, but it really is very much the business of non-Muslims in the Maldives, who cannot comment on this themselves.

    Islam - and prominent Islamic scholars worldwide agree - is unequivocal in the ruling that there is no compulsion in religion.

    No one - not the parents, not the state, not even the Prophet - can unilaterally impose a faith on another person. It makes no sense.

    I can't unilaterally declare you a Muslim - and my declaring so doesn't make you one.

    The tragic death of Ismail Mohamed Didi, a young non-Muslim Maldivian, is just a reminder of the sort of repression that takes place in the Maldives, thanks to literalist idiots who think they alone represent the religion.

    I am glad the Americans are concerned about it, because their country has a culture of personal dignity and freedom.

    Most sadly, people like you cannot accept that kind of enlightenment.

  12. Wow yaamyn, this surely is going to be interesting.

    I still do not believe that the US should interfere in other peoples' affairs. They act like a global police force and I do not like it. Maldivians may or may not have religious freedom. But, so what? Who are the Americans to tell us what we should or should not have?

    I agree. Islam says there should be no compulsion in religion. (The Quran 002:256)

    If Maldivians do not have religious freedom, it is because our constitution does not allow it. Not because we are forced to be Mulims by our religion.

    If you want this changed, you should change our constitution. And if that is not possible, then you should respect the fact that that is not possible -- the majority of our MPs will not (I think) agree to change the particular clause of our constitution. You seem a person who advocates democracy. So it does not make sense if you cannot accept that our constitution cannot be changed.

    And please do not talk about the "tragic death" of IMD as if you know everything. God only knows why he took his life. Your talk of "repression" is a conspiracy theory at its best.

    "Most sadly, people like you cannot accept that kind of enlightenment."
    I am more saddened that you should get personal like this. I actually agree to a lot of your comments here except for your anti-Islam rants, of course. And I must tell you that personal attacks are something I did not expect from you. I thought you are more sensible than that. 🙂
    I am tempted to borrow your words and say "[what you said] speaks volumes for your intellectual prowess." Perhaps not?

  13. So, does this mean for the sake of our tourism and economy, we start to disrespect Islamic sharia and create our Justice system as the US, Israeli and Zionists think which is right for us?

  14. It isn't even funny when Americans talk about religious freedom. America is one of the most conservative Christian countries in the world! The Church is the single most powerful lobby in the United States. Sure enough, there is freedom of religion in America, as long as you don't "threaten" their way of life.

    @yaamyn, I don't believe for a minute that Ismail Mohamed Didi was so badly repressed because he had some particular religious beliefs. It's more likely that he was suffering from severe psychological disorders. There are hundreds of Maldivians who don't give a rats arse about Islam or Muslims and they seem to be perfectly happy and well integrated into society; some of the hold very high positions in government too!

    Stop the hypocricy. The Maldives and its people are Muslims in name only. It's just a cover.

  15. Emeehunna Hakaalu huri! Hudhu meehunna Halaaku huri!

    Contrary to what certain liberals beleive; minority rights are NOT inherent to democracy. Minority rights are a limit to democracy to prevent the so called "tyranny of the majority", but we, as sagacious Muslims, have cleverly avoided this issue by decreeing that (religious) minorities should not be allowed to exist. Hence, it makes no sense to grant legal rights to people that do not, de jure, exist.

    And besides, WHY Should we allow religious freedom. Religious freedom leads to debauchery and sin, for then, people will be allowed to live their lives OUTSIDE the confines of the boundaries Allah (SWT) allows.

    The U.S State department, eh!?

    What Fools! Ayatu'llah Khomeini (may his name ever be praised) would have them garroted on the spot!

  16. Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan, the worst dictator in modern history!! Guess what backed by the US state department!! A key ally in so called war against terror!! does anyone know anything about this dictator.?
    "Every day in Uzbekistan, people are harassed, tortured, beaten up or imprisoned simply for speaking out," says Nicolas Beger, director of Amnesty International's European institutions office. "No matter how important trade relations might seem, the EU can't turn a blind eye to gross human rights abuses ".. US foreign policy an immoral mess... Karimov is one of the most vicious dictators in the world, a man who is responsible for the death of thousands of people. Prisoners are boiled to death in Uzbek jails. And he was a guest in the White House in 2002. It's very easy to find photos of George Bush shaking Karimov..hands
    -- Craig Murray, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan ..

  17. Hello Rocket, I agree with Yaamyn, I think the issue that the constitution does not allow it. This is a man made thing and you can change it tomorrow if you like it. Why should we restrict this freedom in the constitution, why in our holy book it is allowed.

    I would tend to agree that this provision in the constitution consist of violation of the holy book and human rights of those among Maldivians who do not wish to muslims.

    I do not understand why we need to be fixated with the idea that Maldives a pure muslim country by artificially putting a number 100% in the constitution. Does this serve any purpose?

    The only thing this does in my view is damaging our beloved religion by putting out a perception among the non-believers that islam cruel and forced into citizens.

    Islam spread across the globe because it made sense to the people and people converted, why don't this pragmatic nature of our religion be maintained.

  18. Is it American's business to comment on our freedom of religion? Yes of course it is every human beings business to speak up for the people being oppressed. This is what is wrong with people of Maldives - that they don't even know that people should care about each other.

    Is it ok to harm a minority becaue the majority wants it done and therefore is the way of the democracy? Of course not and if you think this is what should be advocated by people who champion democracy then you really have a long way to climb in the ladder of cognitive moral development.

  19. I believe there is the freedom to practice religion in Maldives. A number of buddist, Hindus and Christians (expatriates) practice their faith without restriction by authorities or interference or harassment from the community.
    I travel often to the outer islands of Maldives and join Friday prayers and on several occasions witnessed DRP members (island council staff) lead prayers.
    Maldives is a secular, democratic state and it's constitution should and will only be changed when it's citizens want it changed not because US State Department wants it nor when UN Special Rapporteur whishes it.
    Human rights violations occur in every country. Eg. Guantanamo bay prison in US, ban on head scarfs in France, violation of privacy in UK etc. The Maldivian public will not allow the construction of places of worship (except mosques) in this country and would also not prevent anyone from practicing their religion.

  20. HassanK wrote:

    "Is it ok to harm a minority becaue the majority wants it done and therefore is the way of the democracy?"

    Yes. Minority rights are an abominataion, and we want nothing to do with it. Democracy is the rule of the majority and the majority has decreed that there will be no freedom of religion in this country.

    If, democratically, we decide to put you in a stable and declare that you are a horse, then de jure, you have no choice but to be a horse. There is nothing you can do about it!

  21. The US State Department comes out with a report and we all get our panties in a bunch. Guys, the Americans are constantly researching and coming out with such reports about the whole world. So do a lot of other nations as well. But their report is for internal use, in order to know more about the nations they deal with, or may have to deal with. These reports are what they base their foreign and other governmental policies on. Nowhere in this article does it say that the Yanks pushed for, or requested the Maldivian govt for religious freedom in the Maldives. Cos quite simply, they don't care so long as we keep our "homogenous" society to ourselves and not breed anti-American extremists who are hell bent on destroying America.

    But the UN. Now, they do and actually can, push us for religious freedom; especially cos we're a member of the UNHRC, and signatory to various statutes and international declarations and such. So when our government goes around blindly signing and ratifying every piece of UN legislation, then you can expect Special Rappateurs and others from within the UN System to push and pressure us, cos they expect us to honor what we signed.

    Hating America is easy. It really is. They have a system of individual rights and constitutionally based freedoms that are almost sacred to themselves. They love it, they respect it, they honor it, they even abuse it. That's just human. But their economic might and belief in what is known as "American Exceptionalism" is one of the biggest reason they are impressive, and why they are hated as well. Yes, Americans can be idiotic when they go off and start wars talking about democracy when in truth it's all about economics. But we're the idiots when we start talking about a non-existent Ummah and solidarity with our "Muslim brothers and sisters" in Iraq or Afghanistan or Palestine, when in fact we have nothing in common with them other than certain religious beliefs. We use American built or pioneered technology and have a better value life in many cases becos of these technologies that if not for said "Exceptionalism" and individual rights and a whole lot of others, wouldn't be here today. And becos we didn't think of it, we dismiss the intellectual power and will that it took to pioneer such. We in Asia, or the East as it were, have never truly embraced the individual. Our cultures have always been about society as a whole, and when we implement modern capitalistic economics, and the individual does make great, we dismiss and hate him becos it wasnt "me". And we normally dismiss him as "Western" due to our inherent inferiority complex (which in itself is abused by our power brokering elite in order to keep us within their limited scope of power) against anything that is better off than us.

    So again, and I really can't stress this enough, the US never asked us to give religious freedoms. As far as I can see, it was an academic paper that may as well have been written by a university student. You want to focus on something, focus on the UN and why our govt keeps ratifying various charters and declarations. That'll get you somewhere, if you really don't want to bring about a truly secular government with a nation which embraces individual rights.

  22. PS. I think the Americans have more in common with Muslims than we would want to admit, since though fhe torch of individual rights was first truly lit by Islam, it has been since the 18th century been kept alight by the Americans with their constitution. Maybe that's another reason we hate them, ey. We got the tyrants and the ass kissers and the idiots (ie Mullahs) while they took our concepts and turned it into gold.

  23. Rocket,

    I apologize if that sounded needlessly personal. I must have misread your comment then.

    I neither advocate, nor think feasible, a unilateral American-led change of Maldivian's perceptions.

    That doesn't mean I do not welcome their comments. Just as you have the rights to comment on American foreign policy, or Palestine or Israel - they have as much right to comment on our state of affairs.

    Yes, I believe our constitution must be amended by Maldivians themselves - and I know it is not going to be easy.

    Finally, tyranny of the majority is not the same as 'democracy' - I've always said that such simplistic logic can be used to justify gang rape.

    Merely casting ballots at regular intervals does not make a democracy. There are a number of factors that contribute to making a functioning, successful democracy, not the least of which is a freedom of conscience and opinion, and some guarantee that a person will not be crucified for holding a minority opinion or belief.

    The reality is that there are lot of socially contributing, hard working, non-Muslim Maldivians who do not have these democratic rights, and cannot even begin to talk about these.

    Even secular minded Muslims who bring it up get harassed and threatened, as I can very well attest to.

    In such a climate of such diminishing rights and freedoms, I cannot understand why you wouldn't welcome a third party's observation on the matter - especially when the primary affected party is essentially voiceless.


    To the rest of the people bringing up "palestinian children" and other things to dismiss the criticism, start practicing what you preach. Have the moral courage to face the oppressive laws at home before talking about Palestine or whoever.

    Trying to deny that Ismail Mohamed Didi killed himself because of the religious persecution is a new cowardly low.

    A young Maldivian man was harassed to his death by family, work place and state - this is well documented. He even mentioned it in his suicide note.. but you still come up and try to justify this as the right thing to happen?

  24. Hello United States! Religious freedom? What about Keith Ellison's right to swear-in on Quran? http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2006-12-01-muslim-lawmaker_x.htm.

    I say clean your own backyard before pointing finger!

  25. It IS the US State Department's business to question Maldives on human rights violations. We have signed treaties, covenants and conventions with the rest of the world, including the US in order to gain economic benefits and be accepted as civilised. If we don't keep to our part of the bargain in these agreements then other parties to the agreements have a right to question. If we go to the fish market and pay for a fish we expect to get the fish, and if we don't get it, we have every right to become indignant and question, don’t we? If we don't like the idea of respecting international treaties that we have signed then we can withdraw from the lot. That also is our right. We can withdraw from these treaties and return to the Stone Age. No one is going to stop us, no one will ask us awkward questions after that and we can live like 7th century Arabs, drinking camel urine for medicine.

  26. all apostates if u truly dont beleive .. i challenge you to make suicide!!
    your heart tells you that theres judgement waiting for you,. but your filthy soul forces you to disagree, what a pity.. slave to your own soul..
    you will never overcome depression though maldives become an atheist country or christian or a "free" country.
    guys ,stop acting like something you are not. may god give you guidance..
    and america, they kill innocent muslims proudly and maldivian muslims should listen to them .. yaamyyn and you apostates , you will be told of what you did today !!!! remember...

  27. You can never be a true Muslims in Maldives as long as there are compulsion in religion and no religious freedom.

  28. Why are some people so hot and bothered with Palestine? We all know it's a sideshow played for the profit of Israel and OPEC.

    Oh, and this constitution of Maldives is by itself unislamic. And thus, a 100% muslim country with an unislamic constitution exists.

    No one knows why.

  29. when an aayah from the quran was revealed to the prophet (saw) it was either because of the situation ,an answer for a question , and etc...
    so u just cant take any meaning that comes to your mind..
    that aayah , you guys refer to in soorah kaafiroon was revealed because of a situation , .. u ignorant atheists learnt this one aayah and run around shouting thinking you know islam ... shut up and make suicide if you truly dont believe judgement. .

  30. United States is the biggest donor to the Palestinian people. Twice more than all Arab/Muslim countries combined.State Department is saying what they strongly believe and what they think is wrong.It is up to Maldivians to decide the form of government and a Constitution they want to have.The fact is that we are living with thousands of non Muslims as our guests, our neighbors and in many cases as servants,maids and employees. The "only" thing is we don't allow them to practice their religion, while they are living with us.

  31. Do you know why you have prevent non-muslims from becoming citizens in your country? That is because you muslims don't have a trust in your religion. You think if you let someone the freedom to choose from being a muslim or non-muslim, he will definitely convert to a religion other than Islam. So If you are so much believed in your god and religion, you should not try to force others to follow it. Forcing others to being muslim shows your lack of belief in your own religion and god. If you know your religion is good and righteos, you don't need to force it on others. There is no country in the world that by constitution force it is citizen to be christian, buddhists, jews or to follow some specific religion. But still billions of people follow those other religions too, even without anyone forcing them to follow those religions. Think little bit. Why should you force something if you really know there is nothing wrong with it? Clearly what I see is lack of your faith in your own faith.

  32. Let me tell ya all something, I am true Maldivian, But i dont dont give a damn sh* t about the Judgement day or islam ! i just have to keep shut cause if i do i will be harrassed, on all the news papers headlining news! And more likely KILLED and that too the worst way that someone will die. As you all knew what was gonna happen to the "hero" Mohamed Nazim if he was not arrested during that lecture by Zakir Naik.

    That proves i am not the only one all it is the fear from the community !

  33. The Big Brother did well during his 30 years.

    Newspeak and Doublethink he taught helps rationalize our craziness. We even have our version of the Thought police and a Ministry of Love to deal with apostates reckless enough to betray their evil thoughts.

    The only thing left to do is is re elect Big Brother, PPM Leader, beloved Zaeem, possible prophet, whom we betrayed and elected Emmanuel Goldstein Nasheed.

    The magnanimous Big Brother will forgive us, the ungrateful proles.



  35. No worries, yaamyn.

    The Americans may have a right to comment on our state of affairs, but I do not welcome them. I do not want them dictating to us what we shoud or should not do.

    Tyranny of the majority may not be the same as democracy. But, who cares about democracy? If the Americans are so concerned about autocratic rulers, why do they support some of them?

    "The reality is that there are lot of socially contributing, hard working, non-Muslim Maldivians who do not have these democratic rights, and cannot even begin to talk about these."

    Yes, I agree.
    But what good will be brought on by giving them the 'dmocratic rights' you are talking about?
    How will their lives change by having these rights?
    Why can't they continue to live the way they are living even now?
    Who is stopping them?

    You talk about 'rights and freedom.' Every country is unique. So is every people. So the limits of rights and freedom also vary from country to country; from people to people. What is right for one may not be right for another. There is no universal standard for these. So please do not try to measure the optimum level of rights and freedom for everyone with the same yardstick. If this can be done, the Americans would not have different policies towards different people. For eg. why do you think the Americans are against a free Palestinian state? Because they seriously believe that the Palestinians should not be as free as the Israelis. So whats the point of raising their voice for some voiceless parties? Why don't they raise their voice against their own double standardness?

  36. the report mentions bloggers who identified themselves with Christianity or with atheism.. These are Hillath, Yaameen , Ahmed Aliased and a few other misguided souls. Now the issue is like this. If we are preaching democracy then how about only talking about this very very few kaafir bloggers? Just because they write write hate messages allover in blogosphere does that make them particularly attractive to democracy? Is US democracy rather sympathetic to this poisonous hatred they preach. There are more bloggers who preach moderation and Islam and local values and custom. They do not get to make headlines. only Hillath and his kaafir team makes headlines. Why Uncle Sam? why?

    About this air traffic controller who committed suicide because he didn't get the green card from white-house, this story is told over and over in Minivan and sympathetic kaafir bloggers everyday like a mantra, for what? The way these guys make this story gives the impression that somehow White House is responsible for his death! But who is this misguided soul? Just some nobody who committed suicide because he cannot get his anti-religious argument through straight faced muslims. People that emotional shall seek counseling, not green-card. There is no religious persecution going on here in Maldives and he can direct flights still in airport tower if he was alive today. The atheist camp have hijacked his emotional departure from this world as a charge against western world for ignoring them. Does the west not have enough atheist Air Traffic controllers?

    shame! shame! kaafir bloggers..

  37. @sharaf

    You may need to do even the slightest bit of research. The oath is done without any books. The reinactment is only a photo opportunity with a book and he did so with the Quran.

  38. hello retards. greetings! let me introduce you to a globalized world. today restriction of rights anywhere could harm another nation's interests. besides, there are nations that have taken it to be their responsibility to protect and promote human rights, freedom and democracy. why? because they learned from the world wars.

    and the UDHR was born with the approval of everyone in the UN including muslims. there were muslims involved in the drafting of this document as well. it is not binding, but the conventions we sign up for ARE. ofcourse we make reservations,but we talk about our rights in the same forums. we talk about rights of Palestinians. we Talk about about discrimination against muslims in other nations.

    the basic principle of human rights is LIVE AND LET LIVE. if you cant do that, wait till maldivians get chased and murdered in majority Hindu india or in Thailand or in Austrialia. NO! when they go there they act like they are fuckin liberals and hang out with kaafir people and drink. when they are home, they just wanna kill those kafirs. fukiing hypocrites. I hope maldivians get discriminated against in other nations. perhaps they will learn a thing or two about living in a globalized world. die!! :@

  39. US thinks its the policeman of the world,even over this universe.But before they claim for that its much better to clean their own front and backyard out of this filth they've brought with the so called "freedom".US is the most infamous villain in human history,they've violated any rights or conventions that you can think of.Its the most self obssesed nation on this planet ruled by a few people who controls every walks of life and insists on others to join their mess.Prostitution,pedophilia,women trafficking and drugs...where do you find all that and more....go to America.And they're afraid of islam because those few leeches fear losing control of the masses.Look at the injustice and poverty the world has and look at the richest people there.The world has more food than it can ever consume,yet so much poverty,where is generosity here:how many billions or trillions the rich of the world has got,probably they can feed the generations to come,yet look at the poor people...HOnestly have a thought about it.we're spending billions to search for outer space,but we have people dying on earth every second which could all have been avoided for a fraction of those figures.So where is this freedom that they're claiming taking us to...So search for something else ,you'll find it

  40. US hama balivaane enme fahun,beynun echche nehedheyne mithaaku.Kithanme vare dhekkiyas kaafaru kamaa islaam kama hama hama eh nuvaane,kithanme molhu vaahaka dhekkiyas.Kaafarun na othe mi dhuniye aai giyaama dhuvahu narakaige alifaan,mikan othee mihen abadhuves adhi thaa abadha ves.Thi kahala kitha gaumu adhi gaumutha faaithu ve gossa vee,ein evves baegge vaahaka adu iveytha,hama e beedhain thi US ves gadi jehuneemaa dhaane,Allah ge minvaru fulha key koggen thibe.


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