Man who assaulted wife sentenced to six months

The Criminal Court has sentenced a man to six month imprisonment after he brutally assaulted his wife.

The Court identified him as Ahmed Visham of Gulhi in Kaafu Atoll, and his wife as Maryam Nashidha. Visham has denied the charges in court saying that the bruises and injuries on his wife’s body occurred after she “fell off the bed”.

The Criminal Court said that although Visham had denied the charges in court, his sister Maryam Nazna told the court that she woke up at midnight to the sound of Visham attacking Nashidha.

Nazna heard Nashidha crying and she also started crying, and the others in the house woke up to the sound of Nazna’s cry.

Nazna told the court that she heard Nashidha crying ‘’Help mother, father,’’ and later Visham was seen carrying his wife Naashidha out of the room.

The court said that Naashidha’s face was bleeding when she was brought out of the room, and the documents and pictures presented to the court showed that she had suffered major injuries.

The court said that Naashidha received medical treatment for the injuries she suffered and that there was enough evidence to believe that the injuries were caused by a willful attack inflicted on her by a person.

Visham was sentenced under article 126 of the penal code. The court said that it was the second time Visham had been found guilty of such a crime.

According to the Penal Code, any person found guilty of assault shall be sentenced to six months imprisonment, banishment, or house arrest, or shall be fined for an amount that should not exceed Rf 200 (US$13).


13 thoughts on “Man who assaulted wife sentenced to six months”

  1. Oh my god. This is against the religion. Arabian have given us the authority to beat wife (wives)

    Who dares go against our god given rights?

  2. The scum should have been sentenced to life. I feel that the sitting judge was too lenient.

  3. If anyone read the article correctly, 6 months is the maximum possible sentence under statute.

    If one feels the law is too lenient, one needs to speak to one's MPs.

    Thank you.

  4. Maximum sentence for assault is very clearly said in the article and there seems to be no fraud in this case. However as @ mo says "six months imprisonment = six months holiday = six months grounding = Rf 200 fine." cannot be seen as justice especially if it were his second assault.
    Whatever it is, it is disturbing that there is nothing said about the cause for the assault!!!!!

  5. Finally! These animals need to be locked up for life....he will now come out after 6 months and beat his wife and kill her or she will kill him in her defense and be sentenced to life! What irony!

  6. Let me get this straight, its Ahmed Visham's second such assault conviction and the wife Nashidha had major injuries! And this male judge gives this thug a six months sentence!! oh well I need to go thump someone! Anyone!

  7. @Mikaloa-O: nothings being said of the cause!? Seriously dude or dudette; is there any reason or cause to beat your wife? He is a thug who lives in a society where people ( stupid , cult mentality people) still say things like "Oh my god. This is against the religion. Arabian have given us the authority to beat wife (wives)Who dares go against our god given rights?" So no wonder neanderthals such as Visham grow up thinking its okay to become a wife beater: the judicial system in turn gives them a slap on the wrist ( 6 months for 2nd assault conviction ) It's combination of all these factors and more that breeds men ( I use the term loosely) like these.

  8. This is what is wrong with the criminal courts in Maldives, they dont give justice to the victims. Hence the Criminal Court itself should be seen as a tool of crime. The wife should be given the chance to beat the husband the same way he did to her which is "my opinion" of a fair justice or the sentence should be minimum 1 year to show an example to others who think they can raise their hands to bruise their wives whom they are supposed to treat as the best of gifts from Allah (swt). The courts should remind men to treat their wives with patience and love. If they are having trouble in their marriage, than go back to Islam and see how Rasurullah (pbuh) treated his wives (stop asking Sheikhs for info just because your lazy, go read it yourself direct to the source). Men and some women have too little patience for each other - when they forget that Islam is all about patience and the will of Allah (swt) who controls all our affairs. So stop blaming each other for your problems and stop taking out your anger on your wife if she does wrong because it will not make her the way you want her to be. May Allah (swt) punish the men that brings fear into their wives in any time of their marriage. If your a person with temper, then when you get angry, go somewhere to cool off (not to back bite to ones friends, instead contemplate and cool off). Without patience you cannot succeed in your faith.


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