Girl abducted, drugged, filmed and gang raped by 15 men on Hithadhu

A group of 15 men abducted, drugged and gang raped a 20 year old girl on the island of Hithadhu in Seenu Atoll last Friday night, while reportedly filming the incident wit a mobile phone.

Regional commander for Addu Atoll, Chief Inspector Hussein Adam, said three men had been arrested in connection with the attack, which occurred around 8:30pm on Friday night.

”Two men came by on a motorbike while she was outside her house, and forced her to sit between them,” Hussein said.

The two men took her to an uninhabited area on the island, 30 minutes walking distance from where she was abducted.

”The 15 men forced her to drink a suspected liquid drug and she became drunk,” Hussein said. ”They used box cutters to threaten her.”

Atoll Commander for Addu Adam Niyaz said police were informed of the incident at 1:00am on Saturday morning by the girl’s parents, after she returned home.

Police took the girl to Addu Regional Hospital. Hussein noted that she was “unable to walk.”

Head of Addu Regional Hospital Ahmed Mohamed said the girl was brought to the  hospital on Saturday was discharged yesterday.

”There were no injuries outside her body,” Ahmed said, ”but as she was sexually assaulted by 15 men her sex organs were injured during the incident.”

Niyaz said the three men arrested in connection with attack had many police records involving drug offences and gang-related crimes.

He said Hithadhu police station was continuing to investigate the case.


37 thoughts on “Girl abducted, drugged, filmed and gang raped by 15 men on Hithadhu”

  1. Wellcome to "Anneh Dhivehi Rajje", We are witnessing "The Heyo Verikan"

  2. Why don’t people shout and voice out for these kind of inhumane act. This is more important as the security of the individuals and society as whole is at risk here. But here we stands for political reason more than they do for these issues. The parliament and gov is incapable of tackling these problem and most important Courts are not able to deliver justice. This is very sad that we fight and gather for politicians and political reasons rather than the society and individual rights, particularly, child abuse, rape or violence where innocents are at risk and it decays social fabric.

  3. This has nothing to do with "Anneh Dhivehi Rajje" - We all know these kinds of things happened in far greater frequency before! The moment mobile phones were able to transmit videos, we've started to see these kinds of rapes become the most popular kinds of viral videos - so don't try and say that this started under this government!

    However, only 3 people were arrested?! WHAT?

    15 men were there! It was the parents who reported the incident - so at the very least those 15 men witnessed the crime without reporting it. That means they were complicit, and therefore an accessory to rape. Allowing rape to happen is EXACTLY the same thing as raping the girl themselves. They made no attempt to right this injustice, no attempt to seek the authority's intervention - Every one of those 15 men must be put in Jail. Every one of those 15 men deserve life sentences in Jail.

    We cannot tolerate this kind of behavior. And if any one of these 15 men walk - it will be a travesty.

    Its a shame our community and our society does not take these incidents more seriously. Where is the outrage? The righteous indignation? Where are the calls for justice?

    Underage marriage, rape, abuse, and the degrading of women. This is the sad state of our nation.

  4. This has everything to do with Aneh dhivehirajje....we are here because of empty promises and sheer incompetence of president and vice president..yes by incompetence of you father..Mr.Salim Waheed.
    This is the direct result of VP and president selling our Islamic ministry to a bunch of mullahs from Pakistan who are hell bend on reducing women to subhuman level, to make them nothing but sex slaves and actively encouraging these gang rapes to force women to cover every inch of their body..i m afraid Mr.Salim Waheed its your father and the president who will have to take ultimate responsibility for the gang rape of this unfortunate girl as the same way former president had to take responsibility for the rape of Evan Naseem.

  5. As long as criminals are free to roam around we will see this kind of atrocities happening. Why shouldn't the government lock them up so as normal citizens can live a peaceful life. Now who is responsible for the suffering of the innocent girl and her family?
    The state is impotent when it comes protecting its citizens from these gangs.

  6. “Anneh Dhivehi Rajje” or "kureegeh dhivehi raajeh" or what ever.. just get this out of our heads for once!

    a crime is a crime, and they have to be judged accordingly. i dont care about this "aneh raajeh crap" i care about justice being served. is that too much to ask?

    there isnt a day where a gang related incident dosent occur. every week at least there is one incident. and yes everyone knows police is doing their best, but why arent we seeing their best results then?

    what i think is we need to implement a more harsher way to deal with criminals. up until now throwing them into jail and therapy sessions dosent seem to be proving well, or we would be seeing a positive results than this.

    its sad to see that there is really no future to the coming generation if this keeps up. i honestly dont want my kids to grow up in such an environment. we all want a good change and everyone promises it. until that promising day is here, i wont believe anything anyone says now.

    wishes the victim a good recovery from this nightmare

  7. the police stated "KUSHUGE RECORD" and "NOT" "FULUHUNGE RECORD"

    KUSHUGE RECORD is translated as "CRIMINAL RECORDS" and you "ONLY" have a CRIMINAL RECORD if you are "CONVICTED" of a crime.

    Minivannews as usual have used police records instead of what the police said because the current governments main policy is based on releasing criminals

    the last week saw the establishment of the "CLEMENCY BOARD" and even before the clemency board came into being, the government has released over "500" criminals to Male' alone.

    How can we stop crime, if releasing is all we do.

    Hukumthah thanfeezu kurumah govaalan!!!

  8. this is not to be blamed on the government, as they are day in and day out, working to solve this while oppostion DRP and judiciary oppose their work. all this can be blamed on the former regime and its irresponsibility, such people should be given the death penalty or 'rajam' according to islam. the police can provide overwhelming evidence but it depends on the corrupt judiciary system painted 'blue'.

  9. or maybe we should tie the 15 men up and let the girls torture their sex organs yeah! brutally, thats gonna be justice. lets sign a petition...

  10. the human rights commision can only aid the 15 men they have no idea of protecting this innocent girl. corrupt due to the failure of the past regime.. but anyways the girl can tell gayyom she will vote for him in the next election or any other DRP member, then surely the case will be in favour to her side. she should try that,

  11. Agree with Salim that it has nothing to do with "Aneh Dhivehi Raajje". However, it is also true that the government institutions who are charged with the welfare of women and girls have failed to provide for those vulnerable groups with adequate legislative and institutional mechanisms. There is no need to point fingers. Let us each to do the little we can to make a difference.

    The protection of vulnerable persons, and women and girls should not be left to partisan politics. It is a matter of national integrity and well-being. It is the responsibility of all political leaders and religous scholars and the key functionaries of civil society and the business community to ensure that this country will be a safe and secure home to all of its people especially those who are more vulnerable than others.

    Let's fight for the votes NOT taking these matters into the political battle.

    And Amadey, there are a lot of people shouting: some out lound and some in their own silent ways and behind doors. Join us and made our leaders hear the pain and the agony.

  12. I totally agree with Ahmed Rasheed. The current government is responsible for the rise of criminal activities in the country. Its the government's responsibility to provide safety to the people - and they have failed on this. Its sad that no one in the government is even thinking to resign over this. I like to see the day when officials in an elected government in Maldives proudly resign when they fail on such issues.

  13. This is NOT what goverment did. Not enneh dhivehi raaje. NOT DRP. NOT MDP. NOT Mullahs. NOT Laadheenee meehun. NOT Politicians. NOT Parteys or drug addicts. NOT Jews or christians. NOT Feminists. NOT muslims. NOT Talibans. NOT athiests. etc.. This is a responsibility of the society.

    NOW stop blaming and start correcting your self. As long as we keep on blaming nothing will get right.

    I am sure anybody wants or can tolerate their daughters or anyone loved one to be face this.

  14. .................

    !!!!!!! my god. as a human being, i am horrified by this vile act, as a woman i feel violated, and as a Maldivian i want to force the state to take this one and prosecute the offenders, protect and provide for the victim, and prevent such vile acts from happening again and again in this country with only 300000 people.

  15. In the name of bringing the rule of law to the country we have brought in anarchy and lawlessness.The tyranny of Gayoom has been replaced by the tyranny of the parliament. If you want laws to protect you, then bribe your member of parliament.If you want protection, you have to pay the Mafia. Welcome to the new reality.

  16. This is totally shameful, and I agree the present government also needs to take responsibility for acts like these, when they are so lenient towards criminals. However, I think the seeds for this kind of crime and the lowering of societal standards and decency started during the last presidency, when there was also an abject failure in the justice system, which is now continuing in different other forms.

    The authorities need to come down heavily against these kinds of crime, and ensure that those responsible are apprehended and sentenced, and that the sentences are carried out in such a way that the criminals can at the end of their sentence be released into a society as more humane people.

    It is extremely disheartening to see the extent to which this kind of depravity has spread, and I feel very saddened that this kind of event is happening so often. It is a shame that our small society is sinking to this level.

    The government and politicians, not only society, really need to take action against these kinds of incidents before Maldives becomes, if it already isn't, a heaven for criminals and a jail for decent people.

  17. well come to maumoon's corrupt judicial system.. where judges free most of the hard core criminals which fails the hard work of Maldives police services, in this system .. a rapist can get away , drug dealers are free, gangsters are roaming around male.. because of these judges .. people wake up and organize a mass demonstration outside these courts until they come to their sense

  18. this is just disgusting! the police should investigate this inhumane crime and bring the perpetrators into the realms of justice! i call upon all the NGO's to pressure the responsible institutions to take action against such people and protect the rights of the women and children!

  19. Stop blaming eachother and start taking some useful actions! im just damn appalled! Maldives is going from worse to worse. Whats the purpose of the Police if they cant provide a safe environment? Whats the purpose of the Human Rights Commission if they cant do anything to create an environment of equal rights and safety? Whats wrong with these sick bastards? Dont they have any sisters or mothers? Dont they have even a shred of humanity in themselves?! this just sickens me!

  20. i cant understand why the Maldivians are staying quiet and letting all these things go by? are we really this ignorant?

  21. This has everything to do with anehdhivehi rajje and previous dhivehi rajje. Freeing of convicted criminals is one of the main reasons for such crimes. It is the government that releases them so executives such as Anni and Dr Waheed have to be held responsible.

  22. @Wolf: have you not heard of these during ur devine maumoons government? have you been living under a fuXXing rock?? haha. first class idiot!

  23. The sentence for rape and sexual abuse is just not enough for the criminals. They are free to roam around the country just within months but for the victim, it’s a life long pain and even in adult life they find it difficult to bury the pain and humiliation . The victims should be given counseling for a long time to heal and lessen the after effects. It’s time the government and NGO’s work together and come up with a plan to protect our young and youth. In my view we should organize more entertainment for our people to socialize and spend time to use their energy for better purposes.

  24. Since we are pointing figures and trying to identify the causes for this malicious act, why don't we talk about parental responsibility?

    Aren't parents and family supposed to inculcate in their children a set of values and ethics that encourage respect for all?

    What went wrong?

  25. y don v stop pointn amumoon and anni 4 wots hopnin..... maaragalhu vaane kan neyge mikamah halleh gennan masaiykay kyriyyaa...emmen ebbaaru laigen.....ekamu kan vanee eheneh noon.....mikahal bodu crime eh hingaa than fenunas maranee loa...ehnve nuhuttigen miulhenee

  26. Nobody will bother you if you dress according to Islam????? Tell that to the hundreds of Burga clad rape victims in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

  27. Oh my God! What on earth has this got to do with "Aneh Dhivehi Raajje" and "Heyo verikan"!

    You, Wolf! It seems you are not a wolf, but a shameless creature in a wolves skin!

    Your sourness about "aneh dhivehirajje" and "heyo verikan", in some way indicate you could be a possible partner to this crime! And that all you are sour mouths of the ousted regime who are not getting the regular supply of drugs that were supplied to you and your partners in crime to keep going!

    But taking revenge on a poor innocent girl is totally inhumane and sickening!
    Ofcourse no one can be human when you are wolves, cats and dogs!

    If you were a partner in this crime, then you aren't a wolf either! Because a wolf will be too honourable than this!

  28. The biggest problem it is corruption.tell me my dear democratics supporters about one story: i think two years back police run a big project to cover all island with CCTV.ok, we dont talk about Addu it is carbon free and crime free naw hehe.In Male many points have CCTV and what?many times just under cameras starting gungs fights or cars accident but it is looking that in police near CCTV monitors only blind police action and even 10000 CCTV around Male dont help, gungs and drugs lords after 10 days in prison returning home.or become a holy angels because no evidence hehehee do you know why?because many policemans have friends from crimes structure and involved together in dirty business ,drugs, bordels etc.police covering for bribe many crimes place in Male and if near CCTV seating on duty such person and he detect that one of his friend doing criminal action,he never inform any body and even can erease records after good bribe.even naw around Male so many CCTV but all the time police say no evidence,no evidence.same will be in Addu ,it is not a problem to fix 10000 CCTV cameras same like in Singapore but unfortunately it is not help because all judges sistem is heavy if drugs boss have millions of rufia,the evidence or even records on 10000 CCTV is not a good bribe and no records,no is only a big crimes game that officially calling democracy.under this name only drugs ,crimes and prostitution business will spreading more and more in the Maldives.very soon it will be like in job only drugs,do you think if donors will give billions of $ it will change situation?never.a big part from donations will dissapear in V.I.P private bank just game to take more money from all world.such democrats never help poor peoples ,never build freehospitals and schools for poor.they have millions of dollars but to give even one laari it is very difficult for prooblem not in the name of party. MDP or DRP or Mars Party ,the problem is in hearts of the members of different parties because they all the time cheating peoples to get place in parliament and under such strong cover they create drugs net around Maldives.they cheating not only Maldivian peoples but trying to cheat God too.

  29. Dear reader,
    We need to stop blaming each other and carry on with our country.We need to work together if we wanna tackle these type of inhuman crimes.If we start pointing finger at each other and blaming the governments what will be out come? We are witnessing the outcome of leaving our religion, brotherhood aside due to political rivalry and fighting for our own well being and desires.
    I think what we seeing and the status of our country is what the hypocrites wanted to see.This is how hypocrites create chaos in Islamic countries.We need to wake up.We as an Islamic state never had fighting and rivalry like these before.But now due to politics rivalry mothers had stopped talking to their daughter,fishermen who had been fishing together for years had got separated,employees in offices had lost their friendly atmospheres,development of our country is at halt,crime had increased and even couples had separated.We need to work together to bring justice ,peace,development and brotherhood together and leave aside separation and follow the principles of our beloved religion ISLAM.

  30. 1. Government, please enforce law and order. When you dont, it confirms that the government is weak.

    2. Its a shortfall of the government, when criminals runs free in the country. Please accept it, and act on it. We cant PPP this.

  31. @ bascador

    Next you going to say that all women should have a male relative at her side at all times to protect her??? Whats that islamic word for this "companion"? I forgot!

    Wonder where your own values are? If youre getting so turned on why dont you blind fold yourself so that u wont commit crimes and sins.... my foot!

  32. @fazna
    you arent mocking me you are mocking islam. if you disagree please keep silence, its better for you, i am not saying that the gangsters are innocent, no, they commited a huge crime, but sisters have to be careful too, you cant just jump off a window while you know youll fall, there gravity is the culprit, here gangsters are the wrongdoers, but the sole individual has to atleast try not jump off the window hoping to fly, anyways i was just telling about hijab which is the way of islam, you cannot oppose it nomatter how much youre decieved unto earthly desires and showing off to men

  33. @ buscador
    You are still implying that the girl was responsible for the horrible trauma she has endured!!! How do you know she wasn't in hijab? You are implying that if a woman is attacked, her dignity stripped, and her body mutilated that somehow she deserved it for lacking religious values and showing a bit of skin!
    Even if she was standing there naked, NO ONE deserves to be abducted, drugged, raped, filmed or humiliated in such vile acts!

    I hope the criminals get their due punishment and I hope the poor girl recieves adquate medical and psychological treatment as well as support from the community to help overcome this horrible horrible tragedy in her life!

  34. i hope for that too, im not saying that its her fault, and even if she wasnt wearing she cant be attacked, but she can be careful aswel, im saying thats y islam has a dress code for women, not saying that its her fault, my word is that the dress is for protection, these days some maldivians seem to oppose that , so im just mentioning the importance of that, i hope that the 15 men are brought to justice as you hoped too, and i also hope they die a tragic death as well, anyways i was mentioning the importance of the islamic codes, since a lot of you misunderstand its importance and value


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