Crowd leaves man lying in street after gang stabbing, no arrests made

A group of more than 10 men beat and stabbed a 19 year old man in Male’ yesterday in front of many witnesses, as he was walking down a street in Mahchangolhi, Male’.

An eye witness told Minivan News the group of men “appeared and circled around him, then they started beating him and [eventually] stabbed him.”

The man claimed that many people gathered to watch the man being attacked, “but no one step forward to cared to lend a helping hand.”

After the attack the crowd dispersed, “leaving the victim on the street bleeding.”

The witness said when he tried to help the wounded man to hospital, “the taxi refused to take him because he might put blood on seat.”

The man was stabbed in four places, said a person familiar with victim.

”He had a deep cut in the back and injured his lungs. His left arm was injured very seriously when he tried to block an attack aimed at his head.”

The victim was eventually admitted in Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) and in undergoing operations on his lungs and left hand, the source said.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said no one has yet been arrested in connection with the incident, and police were investigating.

Meanwhile, daily newspaper Haveeru reported that an 18 year-old boy was admitted to ADK Hospital with severe injuries after he was stabbed while watching the World Cup tournament.


29 thoughts on “Crowd leaves man lying in street after gang stabbing, no arrests made”

  1. cruel n selfish Maldivians.!!!..if u idiots cant lend a helping hand to a dying man, y the hell u guys went to see the show???..

  2. so 100% muslim cannot help each other?it is true face of present democratic is 100% egoism and corruption and it is futuring bloody doom hell in Maldives, because police and peoples doing nothing.MNDF,NSS spend billion of dollars for training but ignore situation in Male and other islands.what they doing? only receive new inauguration and medals like a puppets?why they cannot arrest and kill gungs leaders?i know why!because many of them involve in drugs business is money/it is your future remember when you child growing up they also will be suffering even more than you naw, because in present days people of Maldives careless and egoistic and it is name 100%muslims?in present Maldives it is 100% lies and corruption and careless.people dont care about others and result of your egoism you can see in near future :drugs,criminals bloody hell that appear in Maldives soon.and reason of tomorrow situation it is your action today.remember if you do not create social self defense groups and not stop by heavy action those criminals they will eliminate you and your children and you culture in future.dont think that you can be safe at home.if you need help no body will come and it is because you are egoist today.destroi those criminals trow them in ocean and it is will be only real things what people of Maldives can do to prevent future culture disasters.kill drugs lords and send by forse drugs addict to rehab centers where they must work hard it is only way to stop criminals.other way they stop you!but if you only spending time near tv or computors for blablabla about democtracy and critisizm it is only conform slow suicide of Maldivian nation.clean country from dirty drugs dillers and heavy criminals today and future generation will respect you tomorrow/no mersy to all criminals!be are true 100%muslims!

  3. We have activists. No prof need for that. We have drug pushers. We have everything.. except peace loving people.

    Where is the love.... or is it just a sissy idea?

  4. This is a failure of the current government. What is the use of a government if they cannot provide a secure enviroment for their citizens. Please stop putting all the blame on Maumoon and act soon before it is too late.

  5. This has nothing to do with Islam or selfishness. It has everything to do with lawlessness and fear in the country. Our President and head of lawenforcement has more important things to do like travelling to all foreign countries before his term is up, than bother protecting our soceity from these gangs. Sad, sad very sad.

  6. We need a moral overhaul. People need to go back to roots, finding the lost moral anchor, back to the peaceful way Maldivian societies have been living for 100s of years.

  7. This is why when I go walking on the streets, I pack an automatic pistol. I'd tote an assault rifle, too, but I don't want to frighten innocent citizens.

    "Illegal weapons", you say?

    The "law" of Maldives be damned if they fail to protect the everyday citizen.

  8. its becoming hard for me now to give attention to the news of stabbing and agressive violence in the Maldives, but it does not denote im indifferent to it. i feel very passionate abt the absolute disorder in our society. We have a majority of youth either out to find a place in their little groups showing their premitive agressive acts OR out to make a sharia state. both a result of lack of proper education and nurturing both from the parents and schools AND a huge contributor to violence in our society is the multi-media (tv, movies, games etc) combined with poor living conditions in Male'.

  9. Please don't blame President Nasheed for this. He has to first protect and provide shelter to suspected foreign terrorists before he can do anything for Maldivians.

  10. The fundamental problem is that we teach our children that if they fail at studies they are "worthless" and their life has no meaning. And we make them outcasts

    So the ones who do fail end up believing they are worthless and they do whatever comes to their minds. Its not like they have anything to loose after-all we have cast them out and labeled them as failures. Its not like they will fall any lower in terms of the way we look at them.

    What we need to do is give such people a chance to live and make them feel that they too can make a positive contribution to society cause i know they can. We need to find ways for them to be able to work and feel like they have something to live for. And once they have something to live for they will not be so eager to waste their lives doing things like this.

    And no one should blame the government if anything we all need to have a good look at ourselves.

  11. A mixture of apathy and fear, stemming from the virtually zero consequences of these acts that has led to this.

    People think if they don't interfere, they won't be affected. "Not my problem". That can change when they or a family member is attacked.

    But then, once the attack is over, what happens? The useless justice system doesn't do anything to protect victims or lock away perpetrators.

    This leads to fear.

    "If the police/government can't protect me, who can?"

    This in turn leads to new younger generations to protect themselves with violence once the time comes.

    And the cycle continues.

    No one wants to say anything because of the very real and immediate threat of being stabbed.

    How can we have press freedom if people can get murdered for just writing about thing such as this? Remember when DhiTV got attacked and a Haveeru employee got stabbed over just one piece?

    Mr. President, you need to take a good hard look at your country before your term is over.

    How can Maldivians care about global warming when horrors such as this happen everyday?

    This can't be solved from the top down either. I agree with what Aaciuser has said. Although I do blame the government.

    WHO ELSE is supposed to do most of that? Encourage it?

    That's why we have a government in place.

  12. @The Mist on Wed, 16th Jun 2010 7:00 PM

    Why are you so obsessed with this 100% Muslim thing? U bring this in every comment for every article. This is simply ridiculous. Muslim or not, there are such people everywhere in the world.

  13. Where the hell is MP Muthalib, why don't he and the Majlis take a no confidence vote against the corrupt judges, who always release the criminals.Also where is our holy mullas, why aren't they concerned about all these violence,why don't give any dharus on this topic.The only thing they're concerned is burgaas,sex & haraam music.

  14. This is the result of not adhering to the Islamic principles. Maumoon's 30 years, and now Anni. Criminals are let loose. Give them the correct punishment, even death sentence where due. US, Singapore, Malaysia can pass the death sentence and commute it. Singapore, Malaysia also do cane criminals under the respective laws. Maldives administration does not do any thing. So we all suffer. It is time the government, parliament, justice does some thing for us to live in peace and harmony instead of the officials just living on the heavy salaries that we already cant afford.

  15. what a shame?! a land where a bunch of heartless souls lives? Obviously continious religious sermons has not been effective to make these people better human. Someone need to teach moral values.

    Government - please accept you have failed to address this issue. You have proved useless over again and again in dealing with the matter.

    President can you please put capable people to these sectors to crack down on crime? Please.

  16. During Mr.Gayooms period things were so OK. Only at the very end things took a sour turn, probably those who wanted to overhaul his government, got these barbaric thugs introduced and running loose in Male streets doing their dirty jobs for them. So now old habits die hard, what is introduced stays !! Long live Mr. Gayoom and down with Anni.

  17. It seems apparent that Islam, whilst it preaches about fighting for the oppressed, (surah 4: 75) does not have the power to inspire ppl to really sacrice themselves fighting for the oppressed. It makes Islam look foolish and rediculous when I see so many Maldivians strutting around declaring we are 100 percent Muslim I just think, is that meant to be something worth boasting about? I pray that such an infusion of true, self sacrificial, painful love is infused into Maldivian souls so that if such happens again, someone will have the guts to jump in there and help, knowing he may or she may become wounded or killed for the sake of another...but has the courage to fight for the oppressed anyway due too,,,, depth of self sacrificial love... Maldives needs a true hero, a fighter who fights for love, not one who fights for self or pride!

  18. Don't forget politicians of every color patronize the gangs!

  19. @ Lok on Thu, 17th Jun2010 8:01AM
    yes such gungsters people everywhere in the word but very few country introduce like 100% muslims or other religion/ when you say 100% Specially in religion matter it is means 100% -the most best of the best or holy with no any bad things or sins!same like Heaven!and to say 100% it is big lie infront of world and Allah if you cannot proof that//you know very well what is word MUNAFIQ or Hypocrite/sure you know that/
    and when you can see such heavy criminals activity in the best of the best holy place according introduction of Maldives it is looking realy ridiculous/

  20. The responsibility lies with the Gaumee Salaamathaa behey Committee, of Majlis. It is their responsibility to make sure that our Nation is safe not only from Gitmo ex-prisoners, but also from Machchangoalhi Buru, kudahenveiru, and Mmasodige. Kuriyah dhivehi gaumu. Anneh Dhivehi Raajje mulhin aa usmin thakakah. Adha vure ves fehi Maadhamaeh. Alhugandumenge fahuruveri sagaafathaai kaabafainge rivethi aadhdakaadha. Alhugandumenge rivethi dheen. Dhivehin ney mee fahuru veri vaa .... mee magey ufan bimey .... maayvi islaam dheenai gaumah takai .... arack nuts .... aracknuts ... mihaaruves beyfulhakah mikeh dheefa stage akah aruvaifiyyaa dhen mi dhivehi raaaje aa suvaruge aai hamakuraane. Iraadhakureviyyaa dhivehin nan anaga aruvan dhasvejje ennu. dhen la lal la la ....

  21. It would be more useful to society if people were lectured on qualities of compassion and care, rather than under age marriage with a focus on suppressing women!

  22. Its either we introduce capital punishment or we take law into our own hands no other choice. We need to protect ourselves. I wouldnt be surprised no sooner or later someone will definitely use fire arms. I guess thats the only way the lawmakers and govt will wake up.

  23. totally agree with mindless!!

    firehenun nah alhaa nulanyaa ves vaanee mihen!

  24. Mindless and Dhona needs to understand that if we had proper implimantation of Islamic Shariah and if the government was led by a truly Islamic system, these gangs would not exist as most of them would be put to death without a chance to plea as long as evidence shows that they were involved in a stabbing.

    So the failure and waste of time is people who still keep saying no to Islam because they have some type of disagreement or another. The secular and democratic system which allows immoral people to be voted into Parliament is the reason that politicians are so corrupt. Instead of voting for the most simplest and honest person, people vote for the famous, rich and well connected people in society of which "majority" of them are corrupt. So there is a fair share of blame for all. So better that we all start looking at ourselves first before advising others. Ofcoz I practice this everyday in my life as well in case anyone wonders.

  25. Dear Citizens it's with greatest regret that we all read this but does this really matter when we just sit back & continue on as if nothing happens? how many more will die as we continue to blame each other or some belief or legal system. Maldivians be aware as Muslims we should understand Allah never changes a condition of a people until they change themselves. This only proves that we not only lost our faith but also our can we blame the noble Sharia'ah of Allah for our ills while truly its the lack of it which is responsible for this mayhem. It is the so called scholars of religion who preach one thing & act another as regards to the faith. These so called defenders of faith only call for partial half hearted implimentation of it when it suits their whims & desires...How can there be peace even if we put to death the Adulterer,muderer & cut off the hand of the theif while its implemented on the poor & the rich who in collaboration with the MDP regime are looting away our nation to compete witht the predessesor Maumoon....(they compete with it to spread corruption on earth by implementing the Satanic Masonic new world order. of course with the blessings of the illigetimate zionist regime.) How can they claim it while there is no social justice when what Allah ordered us Muslims as one of the pillars of religion the "ZAKATH" is not taken instead people are robbed of their wealth.....where are the 'wahhabi/salafi' sheiks in this matter nay they are liars they have compromised with the secularists to secularise Islam in this land. The secularists are hell bent 24/7 to do away with Islam in this land. May Allah destroy them. MALDIVIANS WAKE UP!!!!!

  26. @the Mist: i hate to say this, but how would you explain child sexual abuse in a church or mosque...??? Would you blame it on the particular religion... Please stop blaming people wholesale and do something about if you think you are responsible...


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