Group storms home of Maleesha Hajj Group owner over fraud allegations

A group of people forced their way into the home of Maleesha Hajj Group owner Ismail Abdul Latheef yesterday (April 16) to confront him over allegations his company had defrauded 175 Maldivians seeking to perform the Hajj pilgrimage last year.

Latheef, 42, allegedly collected MVR 68,000 (US$4,400) each from the 175 would-be pilgrims before fleeing the country.

Police Spokesperson Chief Inspector Hassan Haneef told Minivan News today that police were informed about the incident at about 9:22pm yesterday and moved quickly to the scene where the protesters had gathered.

“In a short amount of time, police officers attended the area and dispersed the crowed,” Haneef said, adding that no confrontations occurred between protesters and police.

Police also confirmed to Minivan News that no arrests were made during last night’s gathering.

The protesters entered the house and yelled at Latheef’s father, who chose not to respond to the group, remaining silent, according to local media.

Some people have claimed Latheef was inside the house when they went in, accusing him of hiding somewhere inside the residence, local media reported.

In October 2012, the Saudi Gazette reported that Latheef’s father was in Mecca performing his 35th pilgrimage.

Hajj groups are authorised by the government to provide transport and accommodation for pilgrims in Mecca, as well as offering guidance in helping them complete the religious rituals.

Latheef’s father is the head of the Athama Hajj Group.

Latheef was meanwhile arrested in Colombo, Sri Lanka in November 2012, a month after police issued an Interpol red notice to locate and apprehend him.  Authorities were reported to have arrested Latheef while he was at the Mount Lavinia Hotel in Colombo.

He was released from remand detention and placed under house arrest in January.


10 thoughts on “Group storms home of Maleesha Hajj Group owner over fraud allegations”

  1. How low can he stoop in his greed. But nothing will happen to this lowest of lowest in human form

    He must be well connected to either Ppm or MDP or both

  2. @Connected

    He's not connected, he belongs to the untouchable cast of bearded, short pants, polygamist, pedophiles who are believed to be the holiest of all Maldivians.

    The government fears them, the same weirdos who made sure GMR was kicked out. Dont be surprised if Waheed makes him State minister of Islamic ministry!

  3. HAHAH! 35 pilgrimages and still defrauding? Like most holy mullah con-men he has made a living out of this. The few Maldivians who stormed his house has realised what these mullahs could do - but too late. The rest of the Maldivians haven't and will continue being conned, abused, humiliated and kicked around by their Arab colonial masters. It will take more than a fraud case for brainwashed Maldivian brains to even question their mental slavery to Islamism.

  4. The Latheef reported in the Saudi Gazette is not the same (Ismail)Abdul Latheef. That's his brother Ibrahim Abdul Latheef. And Latheef's father is Abdul Latheef Hussain Manik not Ibrahim Abdul Latheef.

  5. If any one of us would have done this, I am sure we cannot end up anywhere other than hanging upside down to a ceiling fan with a rod pushed from behind!
    He was very much walking the streets of Male' in March as if he did nothing!
    Criminal is not the word for these people! Yet they are untouchables!
    And the Police were never worried that a 175 people were and still are defaulted, bushwhacked and dumped! They were only worried that people had gathered around his home!
    This is pure justice!

  6. Sounds like snake-oil selling is a family business. Let injustice thrive and let Islamofascism rule Maldivians -- the generations that come will turn into terrorits like the post-Nazi German gangs. A fitting fate for fanatics who don't use their faculties.

  7. The biggest crime is that Saudi charges vast amounts of money for the right to visit what already belongs to all Muslims. Now that's fraud.

  8. @homo nice! keep on instigating the local population, see if it makes them more tolerant towards people like you,
    attack their religion and beliefs, and guess what, they already hate people like you and insulting them would make it all the better?
    Tolerance goes both ways, right now you are as intolerant as those mullas you keep talking about

  9. @Damn on Thu, 18th Apr 2013 5:17 AM

    I am not sure of @homo wants out of this, but I don't think it is to instigate hate.

    I want to think it as attempts for some Maldivian ignorants to see light. To see what is really happening in the Saudi led corruption, deception, on human kind.

  10. @andre

    If you looked at history saudis and their brand of islam gained power after the fall of ottoman empire in the world war one, and saudi royal family was aligned with ibn wahhab (from where the name wahhabism comes) who was the originator of the radical ideology. And from the on the concept of tolerance and acceptance was ripped from Islam, it was all about being judgemental towards everyone and scientific progress just came to complete halt after the closed mindedness of the idiots. And homo insulting Islam doesnt do him any favour because it angers even the non-radical ones. Even the radical ones can be shown the light, if you reasoned with, instead of provoking and angering them like the media and guys like homo are doing.


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