”Hithaadhu will run out of water in a day,” warns island councilor

Councilor of Hithaadhoo in Baa Atoll Amir Abdul Latheef has claimed the island will run out of water over the weekend if the government does not provide it for them urgently.

Amir said the island office had reports that some people on the island had begun using well water for drinking and cooking, a practice banned by the Health Ministry twelve years ago due to the impurity of the ground water in the island.

”All the water tanks are now almost empty,” Amir said. ”We informed [the government] office one week ago. They said they would deliver water to us, but there has been no response after that.”

He said the islanders were worried over the issue and wondering what to do if the government did not provide aid for them.

He said there was a total population of 1222 people on the island of Hithaadhoo.

Councilor of Kihaadhoo in Baa Atoll Abdulla Naseem said some people on the island had also started using well water for cooking as there was not enough water on the island.

Naseem said the ground water of the island was impure due to sewerage.

”Fifty per-cent of the ground water is polluted while water from some areas is totally impure,” he said.

He said the island would run out of water in two to three months.

”We have already informed [the government] that we might run out of water,” he said. ”Last time the government provided 30,000 litres of water.”

He said 425 people lived on the Island of Kihaadhoo.

State minister for health Abdul Baary Abdulla said there was a long list of islands where the ministry had banned the use of water to drink and cook.

Baary said there were many diseases that could potentially result from the use of contaminated water, including diarrhoea, stomach ailments and skin diseases.


4 thoughts on “”Hithaadhu will run out of water in a day,” warns island councilor”

  1. wow!it is 21 century?new way of democracy after 2008 election?in country where is billions of dollars from internationals donors foundations disappear in V.I.P bank accounts no water for peoples?so new Maldivian democracy way meaning- die as soon as possible?

  2. Why can't we bring all these people to Hulhu Male and give them shelter there and rent these Islands to resort operators.

  3. Whats the big deal about this? let them run out of water, they are big enough to find their own water. Anyway, they didnt vote for MDP candidates.

  4. Dear People of Maldives,

    When I left office in 2008 I set up machinery to store and produce enough water to all Maldivians for the next thirty years, I build drainage system in every habitat islands in Maldives, for my god's sakes what on earth happened to all my hard work.

    Its not even two years since I gave up the leadership of this beautiful country of ours and just look what has happened to our lovely Maldives.

    Dear People its time you bring me back to power, I just can't live to see the ruin of my heaven my country.

    I will built you "Moya moonbay" as soon as I am the president.


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