DRP ‘gate shaking’ case sent to Prosecutor General

Police have sent a case concerning the Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP)-led protest outside MNDF headquarters in January to the Prosecutor General’s office, following investigation.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the case involved “some DRP members.” DRP Vice Presidents Umar Naseer and Ali Waheed have previously been summoned by police for questioning over the issue.

”It’s unauthorized to gather near the Maldives National Defense Force headquarters,” Shiyam said. “[The protesters] split police forces and shook the main gatesof MNDF,” he explained.

He said the case sent to the PG included “everyone in connection with the case.”

The PG’s office confirmed the case had been received but PG Ahmed Muiz would not give further details to Minivan News.

DRP leader and MP Ahmed Thasmeen Ali said the purpose of trying to prosecute DRP protesters was that they “had been trying to make the government responsible and remind them of their pledges”, and that the prosecution was an attempt “to escape from the unfulfilled pledges made to the people.”

Thasmeen noted that it was also unauthorized to gather and protest near the parliament.

”I have seen people with loudspeakers and microphones near the parliament,” Thasmeen said, ”Why isn’t the government investigating and prosecuting them?”

He said he was surprised that the senior officials of the government had told the people the government was a democracy, but were now trying to arrest protesters.

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Ahmed Shifaz said that he would describe the riot as an act of ”terrorism”

Shifaz said trying to enter a country’s defense force base was “a very serious case”, and that the people involved in it should be prosecuted.

”MNDF have the authority to use weapons when that happens,” he said. ”They did not do it.”

He said whether or not someone was an MP, nobody was above the law.

”A penalty should be given for the people who were involved in the incident,” he said.


16 thoughts on “DRP ‘gate shaking’ case sent to Prosecutor General”

  1. hahah.Most of the MDP memebers ridcule their party and what the party allegedly stand for by making unthinkable stupid comments like the one above by MP Shifaz. When Anni lead violent mobs on the streets of Male' it was democrecy. But when DRP memebers protest they become terrorrists. When MDP deprives foreigners of their basic rights for existence (water) that saving economy. When MDP government wastes public money on politca appointees thats good economic planning and it goes on.

    It seems to me that most senior MDP memebers are finding it difficult to live up to the reality. Hopefully next election will bring some sense to them.

  2. Grow up Thasmeen!

    Give us a better line than "making government responsible" and "escape from unfulfilled pledges"

    Your 4 kazoos are definitely not going to work in your favor.

  3. uhm,gate shaking, what's wrong?, how about shaking hands?

  4. Oh so Thasneem shaking the gates of MNDF, is a way to make the goverment responsible?
    Why oh why can't you just grow up and be a responsible opposition first, one that the rest of Maldives is thirsting to see, controll those thugs in your party, and while at it, how about making people pay up the huge loans taken from BML. Now wouldn't that be a responsible thing to do?

  5. As I recall, the complaint was sent to the police by MNDF, not the government or the MDP. I wonder why the Majlis Secretariat did not do the same when there were disturbances outside the Majlis. Politicians on all sides, please keep your acts and games out of our faces and do what the people are paying you to do, instead of continuing to drag this nation of ours down to your despicable levels.

  6. Mister MP Shifaz, where were you when activist Nasheed was demostrating outside NSS, Majlis, Presidential Palace, they are not act of terrorism? or must be heroism eh? Or perhaps you were not born then? Mr Shifaz, I dont know if you are reading this or perhaps able to read this, but I certainly think you are a smart guy, why? cause you either managed to buy into the majlis or decieved your constituents.

  7. Mdp never got away with protests they more than 638 protesters arrested and charged during the course of reform. its not a problem to jail a few DRP vise leaders who doesnt understand the law..

  8. Thasmeen need to grow up. It is not democracy or freedom of expression to attack and terrorise the headquarters of the defence force. The demostrators gathered, apparently, concerning the reduction of salary to civil servants. I am sure, defence ministry had nothing to do with it. They were not keeping all the money we have (by the way we were in US$800 million debt when Gay-yoom got defeated). If anyone attacks defence force or its buildings, they must be prosecuted. Its not like a "toy" Umar Naseer could give for his daughter to play. It is the headquarters of Maldives National Defence Force!! Now Thasmeen need to worry about collecting all the loan money for BML. Because of him, we all ended up getting visa cards (well, I don't think we all need a card for which US$50 is to be paid by each persoon every year). BML have accounts of nearly 300,000 or more giving them MRF192,750,000 (nearly 193 million Rufiyaa) alone from that plus, of course, the MRF5 per account per month of MRF18,000,000! Thasmeen, Please pay back the MRF1,000,000,000 (US$850 million) you borrowed unlawfully!

  9. hassan raha, do you know what's the meaning of national security, and when it's breached, not only it breaches the security of the nation also paves the way for more greivious attacks even though we are a small country that's our defence force headquarters for god sake, what would have happened if that stupid umar naseer shaked the gates of pentagon,it's more likely that he would end up dead by gunshots .. and only after that they'll come and look at his face .. ( that's how serious national security is for democratic countries even though they enjoy freedom of expression and movement in abundece, there's a limit to everything ..

  10. Rini on Thu, 8th Apr 2010 7:57 PM ------------- sitting quietly on helipad in sagarey park--terrorism at its worst and anni was jailed for that!. what do you think??

  11. Egon ... Exactly my point! The stuff that went on under "dictator Gayoom" is repeating itself now under "democratic president nasheed". It is hard to tell the difference anymore. We seem to have gone full circle.

  12. What Thasmeen said is so cheap like how his naib leaders are speaking. I am afraid I cannot vote for him now. For me Thasneem, Visam, Rozaina, Ali waheed, Ilham, Umar Naseer, Mavota is the same. Try to learn some dicipline and no more fooling the citizens.

  13. is this a joke Thasmeen. Yeah mate you have some serious issues. Making responsible by shaking the deffence force gate? are u mad. Mate u need to learn politics first. It's not like bixness u end up in bankruptcy. it's winning hearts and mind of the people. Look guys.. there are some good comment. "every thing has it won limit." yeah, if some one shaking a gate of a police department of sherif's county office he will end up with two or three bullets. If i were on that gate duty i could have shot them. "it my maldives National Deffence force." Nobody is allowed to do that. even if anni does it. it's just wrong

  14. @benten umar naseer the pin

    LOL. How come you compare pentagon with MNDF. There is no way that you could even compare a fraction of Pentagon with MNDF. Pentagon is targetted globally unlike the tiny little Maldives where every citizen almost knows one another. Even MNDF guys would take these thing as a Joke. But I would rather consider Black friday as more serious than the DRP protest and it was a serious threat even to the national security as it was a planned to topple the then government which was unconstitutional. Dont think you are too smart to deceive everyone.

  15. Shaking the gate of MNDF is a national security issue?
    Did you know that someone kept shooting an AK47 at the white house gate, and was he shot dead by the security forces? They could have easily brought him down with one single bullet,,, Maybe America is not that democratic enough... LMAOL


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