“Hold down the poison pen” of Haama News journalist, demands Salaf

Religious NGO Jamiyyathul Salaf has demanded the editor of local news paper ‘Haama’ take action against one of the publication’s journalists, accusing him of “insulting the ‘Kaaba’”.

The Kaaba is the most sacred site in Islam, a cube-shaped building in Mecca which all Muslims around the world must face during prayers.

Salaf has sent a letter to the newspaper claiming that the article by Mohamed Naseer violated the Sunnah of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH), “and that the article was against the consensus of the scholars of Islam.”

“Although he has written many articles critisicing the religion, those articles were not read by the scholars, and therefore he was not exposed,’’ the letter said. “The constitution of the Maldives does not allow anybody freely criticise the religion.’’

“Before the poison of his pen reaches your news agency and people who looks after Naseer, we call on you to stop his pen,’’ the NGO threatened.

Salaf also recommended Naseer “to fear God and repent.”

Editor of Haama, Saif Azhar, told Minivan News today that the author of the concerned articles “was not a staff at Haama but a freelance columnist.”

“It was mistakenly published without being approved by the editor,” said Azhar. ”We removed the article as soon as people brought it to our attention.”

Azhar said the article was on the author’s view of eating and sleeping inside the mosque, something the writer noted that Maldivians had never supported.

”We advised him not to write articles like that,” Azhar said. ”We have never supported anti-Islamic articles or anything against religion, and it was just a mistake.”

State Minister for Islamic Affairs Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed could not be reached for comment, and Ministry Spokesperson Sheikh Ahmadulla Jameel declined to comment stating that he was not a religious scholar or political appointee.


42 thoughts on ““Hold down the poison pen” of Haama News journalist, demands Salaf”

  1. Bunch of bullies and nothing more. Salaf Jamiyyaa needs to be cut to size.

  2. Salaf is terrorizing people as usual. Not satisfied with one kid hanging himself off the tower. How many more before we put a stop to this bullying!

  3. Azhar, look at you caving and legitimizing this letter.

    A consensus of scholars? Really? Which consensus? The one 700 years ago who decided to ban further ijthihaad because they wanted to consolidated religious authority unto themselves?

    I do not support anyone's disrespect of our religion. But i also not not condone the use of religion to control, manipulated and threaten.

    Words like "poisoned pen" and to "fear God and repent." Salaf has no right to invoke God's wrath. They are not the keepers of Islam. They are not he adjudicators of our souls. There is no judge of men but God and if anyone should fear for their immortal souls, it is Salaf. These pretenders to righteousness. These seekers of darkness and regression.

  4. Now....this is definitely a terror threat from "Jamiyyathul Salaf". Where is MJA now? Bind, deaf and dumb? Where is the Human Rights Commission?

  5. Silly fools. MJA will only ever criticise those who attack DRP or its media poodles.

  6. Holy crap!

    We should now start banning Internet and computers!

    Why are we so paranoid? Deep down are we afraid that some may turn by reading an article? That's so pathetic. If our faith is so weak, why do we claim what we are, so proudly and loudly?

    This may be reason why the Salaf and the similar cannot really do anything productive and for the betterment of the economy, education, enlightenment, courtesy etc. Instead, really, all they would and could do is bicker and bicker about almost every single variance of what they consider as The Way.

  7. @Salim Waheed

    It’s obvious the tumour has resurfaced and spreading much more progressively than I thought !

  8. What nonsense!

    Criticising Islam is not FREE media and is nothing to do with EDUCATION.

    It's the dirty ITCH!

    Use Itchguard!

  9. @ Sheik Salim Bin Dr.Waheed

    Salim Waheed you make a joke of ur self! You are not even a true Maldivian nor believes in the fundamentals of Islam (according to your comments and articles..Allah Sw knows best). You have hate and enemity to Islamic scholars who call for Islamic revival..and love the Islamic scholars like Gayoom who adovocate Islam to their own wims and desires!
    Salim!! Remember you are no Islamic scholar (Salaf, Fareed, Ilyas and many other) to critize Islamic principles! Do you what your know best..which is playing political game and lies and deception to ordinary citizens! Remember Maldivians dont need your deviant Islamic ideology! Islam in time of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and now doesnt change just because you want or because it was revealed in desert and you live in States or an island! Learn to respect others (specially Scholars) before you enter politics! Perhaps you never got the chance to learn that! Or perhaps you would do it the hard way! Good Luck! And May Allah SW give you the wisdom and knowledge and make you return you to true Islam and NOT your secularised Islam or Deviant form Islam! POINT TO PONDER: how do you know to pray 5 times and the actions in it? How do you know to fast and its details if it wasnt for Sunnah of Prophet and his companions that you reject like a BIG FOOL?? Just becz you have hatrd and feel angry at some culture or way of living doesnt mean Islam needs to change for the fewer kind of you!! THINK DUMB BRAIN! Your Stanford Degree is nothing but a hot gas in ur brain if you dont think critically of ur actions and thoughts which you get from youtube, CNN etc! Be a full Muslim! think and be happy!! You are young and have potiential to be leader in Maldives but first be truthful to yourself..just becoz your parents or ancestors did practice a form of Islam or didnt doesnt mean you have to follow! think! think!!!

  10. yea. where is MJA now. i guess media is been more manipulated and contorlled by the extrems mullaz who hind behind banners like salaf. thses mullaz need to 1st stopped before talking abt. saving islam in maldives.

  11. @heck on Thu, 9th Sep 2010 11:29 PM

    Oh i forgot.

    As per the bloodhound (heck) the author must be stoned to death.

    @ali on Fri, 10th Sep 2010 9:22 PM
    Right on. Itchy not only the beard, the shirt would stink, and no one can stand close proximity. But I am sure he would stamp with dirty feet on the guys next to him in prayers.

  12. Thinking alone is not enough. One must think critically. Just because someone said so doesn't mean its true. Or simply because people kept on doing something the same way for ages doesn't make it right either. What's the use of any education if we cannot be critical. Why did Allah bless us with a brain, if not to think critically. I praise those who have the skills and the courage to be critical. Don't listen to those who blindly follow interpretations from obscure backgrounds.

  13. Jerry, you sad man. I'm going to try very hard not to argue with you. So with this, I'm done.

    You hide behind your pseudonym, while I have absolutely nothing to hide. I am not a scholar, but any man with sense can see the destructive influences of Salafi based ideologies.

    There are 1.5 billion Muslims on God's green earth. And less than 10% believe in Salafism and Hanbali based ideologies. now I admit that it is a big number. But compared to the global Islamic community, you are far more lost than I.

    I maybe lost, but i know my heart and my soul. And yes, I do pray. I do fast. I believe in God and his messenger. And I love my fellow men and women. I try with every once of me to not hate. So in that spirit, Eid Mubarak. I hope you all had a blessed month. And I hope that sometime soon, you and others like you will see the light. Will work to bring our country into it, away from regression and darkness.

    P.S. Don't knock Stanford. Less than 7% of the world's best students who apply get into Stanford. It is anything but a joke.

  14. It seems most of the people who commented here never read the article by Naseer, and are making personal attacks against each other here. I am someone who reads his column regularly and happened to read that particular article referred here, before Haama editor removed it. Naseer, as far as I could see, was saying sleeping in mosques and ending up urinating and drooping all over the mosque and not keeping mosque clean is nothing Maldivians did ever before. He also talked about visiting a mosque in India where he saw cow dong as well as people eating inside mosque keeping that particular mosque in a very unhigenic condition. Also, he mentioned that there are so many "bearded men" (literally hundreds) who just go to Ibrahimi mosque in Sosun Magu just to sleep there from night till Noon prayer, making the work of keeping mosques clean impossible. These very people will just woke up, make ablution and offer the next prayer. Of course, he blamed it all on people who called themselves "Salaf-u-Ah-Salih", or Salafis for short. Some of them even claim that they live like the Pious Predecessors and Sahabah and Prophet (s.a.w.), and everyone else is not living in accordance with Sunnah. But Mr. Naseer's point, as I see is, if Salafis were living according to Sunnah, then why would they be making the mosque appear to be the "dirtiest place" where we all will only acquire various contagious diseases, etc. Prophet (s.a.w.), in a Hadith, more or less said, "cleanliness is 1/3 of faith (Eemaan)". So why would anyone want to make the "House of Allah" on earth a dirty place and disrespect the place? Why should we be focusing on cultures which does not do any good to us? I know, sleeping in a mosque is not prohibited in our religion, yet one has no right to make the place dirty and make people hate to go to mosque because of the smell and bad condition mosques are in. I would love to take my two year old son to the local mosque here, but this mosque maintained by Indians in a very bad condition in terms of cleanliness, I tend to go to university to pray Jummah and use library and other empty classrooms to pray rather than go to a mosque where, I have seen someone's child sleeping and urinating at sleep. They just poured few drops of water on the carpet! I guess, we do not want mosques in Maldives to go to this situation where it really smells bad and not well kept.
    Also one must remember that Prophet(s.a.w.) warned the Sahabah who recited very long Surahs during Isha prayer saying that "why would one try to make it difficult for the believers to hate what Allah(s.w.) wanted them to love?" And directed Sahabah to recite short Surahs in congregational prayers as there will be many with urgent daily needs". So what about urinating and drooping in mosques and sleeping in there without changing their clothes and under garments for weeks? Does that encourage more people to go to mosques or does that sway people away from mosques? Are Salafis going to response to this post?

  15. @Ayya

    "But I am sure he would stamp with dirty feet on the guys next to him in prayers."

    Looks like an OVERSIZED and OVERWEIGHT believer tripped and fell on your HEAD while you were dozing-off in a mosque pretending to pray!

    "As per the bloodhound (heck) the author must be stoned to death."

    Stoning to death is ONLY for adultery, I think.
    No! As per me, I would ask him to write all his ideas in a SEPARATE book called My Dirty Itch !

    "Itchy not only the beard, the shirt would stink, and no one can stand close proximity."

    Looks like you made an ATTEMPT to stand OR lie in "close proximity" to a stinking BEARD? What were DOING?!

    The only people who really smelled, as per me, were those who DID not FOLLOW Islam or people who were too POOR!

    Islamic deodorant is the "hinaigathun" and the "wudhoo"

    No Ayya! I can BET my feet is cleaner than your FACE which I clean AT LEAST five times a day!

    How many times do you wash YOUR face?! Only in the morning before you DART like a bullet to the OFFICE?

  16. @ablho

    "So what about urinating and drooping in mosques and sleeping in there without changing their clothes and under garments for weeks?"

    LOL! Looks like a failed attempt by an islam-hater to DESECRATE the image of a MOSQUE in the minds of those who see it only from outside!

    I don't know which WORLD you are talking about? I have never seen people sleeping inside mosques for EVEN one day.

    Yes! There are people who doze-off after a particular prayer at the back. BUT it's very evident that YOU have painted this picture based on the words of islam-haters WHO again always listened to islam-haters.

    Oh Man! DROOPING and URINATING in mosques? What's that??

    For your information in case you NEVER went into a mosque. The toilets are way out side! The mosque praying area is segregated from the toilets!

    And besides DROOPING and URINATING what other uses are there of a toilet?!

    Hiding and EATING during RAMAZAN?

    See! That's what you were doing all during Ramazan! Kekeke!

    The smell of Sagiko coming out of the toilets during Ramazan. No wonder - you were IN THERE all the time!

  17. waiting for Maldives Media Council to react..Oh wait they didn't even react when Municipality President stole the DhiTV journalist's camera

  18. First of all why we accept a Religion..?I think its to follow it not just to follow blindly...so why not everyone learn more about Islam, like u learn any other subject.No body can argue about Islam unless they know the rulings on every matter..so dont be ignorant..Why Rabbis and priests are converting to Islam because they read and understand n also believe that Islam is the truth...n they tend to be more islamic then born Muslims..

  19. @Salim Waheed
    I have nothing personal against you! And there is no reason that I can think of too! But my identity is hidden because I am an ordinary citizen unlike you who is the Vice Presidents son..who would be protect against all odd and you eat and mere from the public money!
    Secondly, You HATE and have some personal vengence against Islamic Scholars in Salaf, Adaalath, Islamic Foundation etc! If they ever give some public speech or lecture you are first to create public hatrd and discontent! Instead you could meet these scholars and discuss on the matters of disagreement in an open mind to understand their point of view, Islamic ruling and also let them learn from you too! BUT WHAT DO U DO?? You believe you are superior and more educated on Islamic fundamental JUST becoz you have your stanford degree!! I humbly ask you to come down to earth and learn and listen and also tolerate others! I critize you because your arrogance and ignorance! Step outside your family, hype university degree and friends shadows and think!! I do learn from your writings (humble recommendations) BUT hate (for the sake of Allah Sw) you stereotyping of Iraqi, Afgani or any other Islamic countries ordinary citizens or movements for their independence and human rights and also your twisted or deviant Islam!! You have the right to practice your religion BUT don't SHOUT or abuse the Muslims who want to follow Hambali or Salafi or Sunni or..whatever!! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT!!

    Also remember just becoz you went to Stanford or Oxford or Azhar or Madina Universities doesnt make you evil or pious or intelligent or stupid!! Its how you make use of ur knowledge that makes the difference!! There are thousand of ordinary young muslims in this world and hundreds in this tiny Maldives who are verry intelligent to join those universities but were deprived of their education (even primary or secondary) because their parent were poor or some rich elite class or families stealed their opportunity in a trade for educating the spoiled youths of these elite families who have no real objective in life!! Some of the young people got opportunities becoz of their parents contacts not based on merits!! So dont booast!! be humble!! Life (Americans, Europeans, Saudi's or Maldivians politics or social systems) arent black and white! There is good and evil in both..only thing for you young people to do is to learn and be tolerant!!

  20. Instead of turning on one another, why dont you study human history, religions and how they came about and decide when divinity stepped in.

    Do not follow blindly. Ask questions. Seek answers. You may be surprised at the answers you get.

    May be you will see the white light. May be each of you will see a different light altogether, but just make informed and intelligent decisions. And dont impress it on to thy neighbour. Let him figure it out himself.

    May be most will opt muslim. May be no religion at all.

    The age old arguments will go on in any case. Its actually one himself who has to learn, study and then do whats best for yourself.

  21. @heck:
    if you never knew anyone sleeping in a mosque for more than a day, then you have seen very little of the mosques in the world. By the way, I have been fasting 29 or 30 days in Ramadan since I was 9 years and 6 days in Shawwal since I was 16. If you haven't seen much of the mosques and how carelessly some of the mosques in places like India, Pakistan and some West Indian countries are kept, you better make few trips in Jamaa-at to these places and see it to yourself to believe it.
    What I am saying is, mosques are not to be used as a bedroom of anyone. They deserve highest respect and highest levels of cleanliness along the way. They need to become the centre of education, rather than using them as "Masrasaas" where kids are tortured of they make any mistake in reciting Holy Qur'an or praying. Islam did not spread with fear and persecution, rather it spread well when Muslims represented tolerance and forgiveness, honesty and empathy.
    If you so care about, please go to Ibraahimy mosque in Sosun Magu, and see what is happening there. Try staying with those guys who sleep in mosques day-in and day-out for few days or weeks with same clothing.
    The problem is that the illiterates have hijacked our religion and are doing more harm than good to the religion.
    Apparently, even though there are toilets to urinate and defecate, homes to sleep and droop and do other things, some choose mosques to do those things without giving mosques the due respect. They claim that Sahabah (r.a.)slept in mosques, so they could also sleep. But Sahabah were very concerned about mosques in every sense. They kept those places very well and ensured that the high status of mosques are kept as they are the "Houses of Allah (s.w.) on earth". If one does not respect the Holiest place on earth, what else would one do?

  22. @ heck:
    By the way did you read Maalhohu Naseer's article on Haama Daily? Please get hold of it before thinking that self-proclaimed "Salafs" in Maldives are practising Sunnah of Prophet (s.a.w.).

  23. Jerry,

    I hate no one. I am always tolerant though I vehemently disagree with conservatives like yourself.

    I have met with many Muslims scholars, along with Muslim Democrats from around the world. That includes scholars who are from Iraq and Afghanistan and even some Shia' scholars from Iran, though don't agree with their standpoints. I do accept them as part of a larger Muslim Diaspora. Because I believe in inclusiveness and not exclusion, much as Shalut did when he was Grand Imam of Al Azhar.

    And as for hiding behind your pseudonym, in our culture conservatives have nothing to fear. Only those who are moderate and liberal.

    And yes, i do have many faults. I believe arrogance is probably amongst them, but that does not make me wrong (necessarily). 🙂 I do however resent the implication that i was able to go to University just because my family is not destitute. My family paid very little for my education. I took out loans. A lot of them, though most of it was a scholarship. But where i was lucky is the fact that I had more opportunity than most Maldivians. I was given the chance to apply to those schools.

    And that is the same chance i'm working to bring here. There are over 3000 Universities in the US, all willing to give scholarships to able Maldivian students. And for the last year, I've been working to get more opportunity for Maldivians to have access to those opportunities.

    As for the protection, though i'm legally entitled to protection by the MNDF, i have none. And yes, half the time I'm here, i actually come home to eat with my parents. But no, there is no budget for me in Hilaaleege (though i'm also entitled to that). So tell me? What am i abusing?

    I live my life as best I can, and unlike you i have nothing to hide. But have to defend my personal life because of your anonymity. And because just ignoring it in our Maldivian community is tantamount to an admission of guilt. But with this most stringent denial, I'm done arguing with you. Hope you enjoyed this Eid weekend.

  24. @ablho

    One thing I was not able to grasp, is your name - ablho.

    You have made your comment on this article like you were a frequent commentor on MN.

    I am curious. Can you give me another article where you have commented?

    BTW I respect your spirit to keep the mosques clean.

    And I did not know that you were talking about the mosques across the subcontinent, because I never seriously saw those things in OUR mosques, except that DROOPING and URINATING is now a bit common sight and guess who and why?

    I have noticed that, the few cases I have seen in Maldives are due to greedy construction companies who bring the you know who, and dump them here without giving any consideration on their humanitarian needs.

    So guess who uses the mosque toilets frequently and quietly tip-toe out of the mosque premises, drying their hands on their flanks, occassionally getting tiraded by a patiently waiting believer near the toilet door, who came to catch his prayer within the appointed time, but found it was impossible due to an outsider who just came out of the toilet and walked away, without even praying, as if it was the hotel where his Maldivian sponsors kept him!

    Shame on those GREEDY construction companies! They should be FINED to insolvency! And they are playing a considerable PART in desecrating OUR mosques.

    Then the people who you saw sleeping in mosques in other countries - did you even take a good look at those people?
    I think you are referring to extremely poor people who sort of use the mosque as an ORPHANAGE or SHELTER, and they might be thinking that being a Muslim and finding a mosque nearby is to their advantage, where they can relax and relieve!

    I cannot totally blame them. Why? How you can ask a poor person to GET LOST from the house of Allah and if he doesn't take heed do you FORCE him out of the mosque?

    As for me when I am abroad I just pray in my room - because I know Allah will see and hear me even in my room!

  25. @Indigo!
    Anyone having a trace of common sense, can and will agree with what you have said.

    As it is said, Islam, Quraan, Kaabaa they all belong to Allah, and HE is their keeper! They are HIS challenges and who dare?

    If Salaf or anyone else do not believe and understand this what are they up to!

    Can they or will they be better keepers?

  26. i dont understand how this this 'islamic' could write a letter with such hate in it. i have read this article and i agree it was not a jewel inline with the ethics of journalism. then again, it was an opinion piece. but what i know is there is NOTHING against islam,ka'bah or the prophet in it. hell, there wasnt anything against muslims in it. Naseer criticized the wahhabi cult (the many varieties which are found here.

    yes, the wahhabis destroyed several shrines in mecca. yes, wahhabis spilled blood on the holy lands. yes, wahhabis are traitors. why are they traitors? because they have openly declared that they are against the sovereignty of maldives and that the maldives must join the global islamic caliphate in future, and that they are working towards it. see>> http://rayyithukalo.blogspot.com/2010/05/blog-post.html ironically it was these wahhabis that fought (backed by the british) the ottoman caliphate and destroyed it.

    these wahhabis have made it a point to point at the constitution and mock the rest of maldivians saying it says we cant do any thing against islam. YES, it says so. we all know that. but it does not mean we should bow before the wahhabis sheikhs, or accept anything that come out of their mouths.

    i would not have any objection if they wrote that naseer attacked a certain group or community in maldives. but when salaf try to generalise wahhabis as 'islam' it is an attack on the rest of the maldivians and islam itself.

    it is no big secret that the wahhabi ideology have changed a lot around here, and is a ket element in maldivian politics. but our "journalists" never recognize this.or write about this. with good reason i see now.

    i refuse to commit an act of shirk by bowing down before the high priests of the church of wahhabis. it is NOT unislamic to call a wahhabi by that name. it is no mocking the prophet. one can love the prophet and renounce wahhabi ideology at the same time. it IS possible.

  27. Weapon #3 of the terrorists: Threats.

    Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf threatened America if the Ground Zero mosque was to be moved.


    Of course when the militant wing of the adhaalath party spreads terror, the supreme leader is never available for comment. But when citizens fight back against injustice, he is there to call for peace and tolerance and cooperation with the judiciary.

    Just wait until the oil runs out.

  28. In islam Halaal is clear, and haraam is clear , and I don’t consider resting in mosques is prohibited so whoever wrote the piece in haamadaily should come up with obvious facts in matters of religion I guess … There are many important aspects in daily living which are Lawful or Prohibited in Islam, and there reasoning behind why it is either forbidden or allowed… Constructive criticism is based on facts not merely assumption .. the government needs to get these destructive witters to their size

  29. It’s very good to know articles like this give us the strength and gives us freedom to talk about our views. We all are talking about our religion and our point of view for each other. One thing we should always remember before commenting is to not to get too personal towards each other. Remember GOD ask all believers to live a righteous life.

    You have a point in your comment. And I do believe you have seen things in Mosque which you would not like to practice in Mosque around Maldives. The place where I am from they do practice staying overnight, reading Quran and religious talk,..etc beside contact prayers. My believe accept this, but then to a certain limit. I do not like when sometime I see people sleeping (I am not saying Nap) at mosque. This is wrong. We should respect each other and most importantly the house of GOD.

    I very much agree with your comment as well. I am sure GOD will forgive those people who are in needs use the house of GOD for other than contact prayers (like using of Mosque toilets). One thing we cannot allow is to make laws towards these issues. From what I think, if in Maldives, only the foreign workers will be the one to abuse the use of Mosque. So I think we should let it go by flow. One thing we all need to remember is in Quran it’s clearly written how you should use the mosque. GOD wants us to be clean when we go to Mosque. So if we think from our brain, and think outside the box, its very clear.

    (7:31) O children of Adam, you shall be clean and dress nicely when you go to the Masjid. And Eat and drink moderately. Surely, He does not love the gluttons.

    Remember, Mosque is only to worship GOD. Not to other purpose.

    (72:18) The places of worship belong to GOD; do not call on anyone else beside GOD.

    One more thing, we Humans are the most argumentative creatures. GOD does not make anything difficult to any believer who follows QURAN.

  30. one person says hide "certain" information to show u the truth
    the other says learn everything u can to find out the truth urself

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............who am i going to believe

  31. where can i find the original article that that resulted in such a vehement reaction from Salaf?

    IT is a shame that Haama did not stand by their journalist...free lance or not... 🙁

  32. @Munzir

    Wake up!

    Maldivians have already DECIDED that there will NOT be freedom of religion in Maldives! It's not a lapse - IT'S A DECREE, OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE!

    Don't try to eat from the forbidden tree - in your quest for immortality. It will only make you NAKED and nothing else!

    Stop the madness!

  33. @stupid meeha

    "yes, the wahhabis destroyed several shrines in mecca."

    Why? Because some believers went as far as worshipping the supposed shrine of Hawwa (Eve)!

    Do you like to worship Eve?

  34. @sam

    "(7:31) O children of Adam, you shall be clean and dress nicely when you go to the Masjid. And Eat and drink moderately. Surely, He does not love the gluttons."

    I have prayed many a times near a smelly *you know who*, not because they were naturally unclean. But there might not have been any means for them to purify themelves (to our expectation) because they are being ghettoed in tiny cubicles by the dozens.

    They cook, bathe, sleep and breathe in the same cubicle.
    Even if they bathed seven times, by the time they come out of the hell-hole, I think the stench will be an inalienable part of them!

    Didn't you pass by these places? Is there any perfume or deodorant that will deodorize them? Whose fault is that? They are also Muslims and they need to pray. Can you give them a solution?

    Do you say "GET OUT" of the mosque when they go to pray?

    I think that verse is asking us to wear our BEST clothes and to clean ourselves as much as we CAN when we go to the mosque to pray.

    Cleaning in Islam means getting rid of all ritual impurities - not wearing ARMANI, COOLWATER or 212 everytime we approach the mosque. If that's what cleanliness means PRAYING could be a very expensive thing!

    So there are VARYING degrees of cleanliness. Let's not make things so HARD for the believers! Let's be a bit tolerant and a bit patient! Let's not DESPISE the poor!

    God only looks at our hearts not necessarily our outside appearance, and this is by no means an EXCUSE for uncleanliness.

  35. @heck

    "Maldivians have already DECIDED that there will NOT be freedom of religion in Maldives! It’s not a lapse – IT’S A DECREE, OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE!"

    Please prove this. Show your working.

    "Don’t try to eat from the forbidden tree – in your quest for immortality. It will only make you NAKED and nothing else!"

    Typical "maldivian" behavior, to stomp down those who seek the truth with your biblical nonsense.

  36. "It was mistakenly published without being approved by the editor" pretty nice excuse by haama


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