HRCM, Gender Department condemn sexual violence “atrocities”

The Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) and the Department of Gender and Family Protection Services have strongly condemned the recent “atrocities” of sexual violence against minors, women and persons with special needs.

In a press release today, HRCM notes that the prevalence of sexual violence against the most vulnerable members of society, such as the elderly, under-age children and the disabled has “reached worrying levels.”

“We call on the government, state institutions, political parties, civil society organisations and all citizens to work together with renewed courage to stop such inhumane actions, save the community and establish a secure environment,” reads the HRCM statement.

Calling on the authorities to swiftly bring the perpetrators to justice in its press statement yesterday, the Gender Department warned that the surge in sexual violence cases has created an atmosphere of fear and caused psychological distress to a number of families.

Some 14 cases of child sexual abuse have been reported to the department so far this year, including the case of a Jamaaludheen School teacher arrested for allegedly molesting deaf children under his care.

Eight men were arrested last week in Haa Dhaal Dhidhoo for alleged abuse of a 13-year-old girl while among those arrested in other cases include fathers, grandfathers and relatives of the under-age victims.

Chief Inspector Ali Shujau, head of the family and child protection unit, told press today that police investigations have revealed that school children aged 14 to 18 were being lured to guest houses by adults.

Police found that minors were sexually abused at guest houses after being lured through the internet, he said.

In the first three weeks of April, said Shujau, 27 sexual violence cases were reported to police, including 16 child sexual abuse cases and 11 sexual assault cases.

Meanwhile the Health Ministry in collaboration with local NGOs ‘Hope for Women’ and the ‘Manfaa’ centre has announced a protest march in Male’ tomorrow to urge the authorities to take action, reports Sun Online.

The march is to begin at 4pm near the Social Centre and wind down at the artificial beach.

In Addu City, the Family and Child Service Centre in Seenu Hithadhoo together with local NGOs has planned a vehicle round from 4.30pm to 6pm Friday after a 74-year-old woman was brutally raped on Sunday.

According to Haveeru, the victim’s injuries were serious enough that she had to undergo surgery at the Hithadhoo Regional Hospital. A 19-year-old suspect has since been taken into police custody.


11 thoughts on “HRCM, Gender Department condemn sexual violence “atrocities””

  1. These are the signs of a sexually repressed society. Punishing the perpetrators is important no doubt. But it will not solve the problem. A holistic approach is needed to change behaviors, attitudes and repressive social pressures.

  2. Thats an excellent concern raised by HRCM.

    And that is all that is required from you for this year. Now go back to sleep till the end of the year.

  3. a key factor for such "atrocities" is social norms that support male superiority and sexual entitlements. ever since the transition to a "democracy", the fastest spreading propaganda in the maldives has been misogyny ("more women than men in hell") and openly pro-child abuse diatribe ("its ok to marry off young girls as soon as they've had their first menses"), voiced under the guise of Islam, and often broadcast live on national tv and radio. the maldives human rights commission, which has huge financial resources to promote and protect human rights in the maldives, and members with fat salaries, including a 'religious scholar', has never challenged or uttered a word against the systematic spread of the propaganda which legitimises the "atrocities" they are now condemning.

  4. Tis because sexuality in its purest primordial form hath been reborn in Maldives, that now He rears its most horrid hydrad heads.

  5. Condemn!!!! Thats really odd, its not in their mandate. Their mandate is to protect rights of notorious criminals. It must have been a mistake, can minivan news double check...PLEASE!!!!!

  6. Agree Waheed.
    And we have got to stop being uptight about sex and education. We need to bring our children up with responsibility and stop confusing them through double messages.

    This issue scales across all ages, beliefs, lifestyles, religions or lack of,groups. In Maldives the lack of respect to women is widespread, seen as an object for men's sexual release, to be taken even if, at a woman's disapproval and promoted by religious fanatics. It is a space where men place their superiority over women. Men use religion to express their sexual urges and insecurities. In the end the society as a whole is responsible for all the sexual abuse in this country.
    We are looking at these expression which is right up in the face and few dare admit what is going on.
    Bind a woman in a ream of black cloth thousand times over and there is not way men will not have their 1000 sexual thoughts that whizzes through their mind.
    How many will wonder how the woman inside is going to look and how many will go and open the bundle to see.
    The scene is set. The preacher is preaching " Do not spare your thoughts on that black thing cos in heaven waits the virgins". The judge is ready to bring the hammer down - verdict "Man mislead by a woman in a bundle of black cloth and therefore not guilty" and the woman in the bundle is already burning in hell cos she bound herself up to tantalize the men.

  7. HRCM exists only in name. They don't have an adequate knowledge of basic human rights, nor the guts to break taboos and actively participate in public discourse concerning human rights.

  8. with the amount of human rights violations and the lack of commitment or action by the HRCM , it is time the chairman of the HRCM resign.

  9. @ Zulu, and all others-agreed the HRCM is a joke-all talk and no action. They also can be bribed to hide the truths and do nothing when it suits them, and when the truths come out they still sit back and do nothing. Great guys at the HRCM!


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