Three injured in Addu City accident

Two young men have sustained serious injuries in an accident in Addu City this afternoon.

According to Haveeru, Hussain Riyaz, 28, and Abdulla Naveel, 22, are undergoing treatment at the intensive care unit of the Hithadhoo regional hospital.

Arrangements are being made to transfer the patients to the capital.

The pair’s motorcycle reportedly collided with a pickup on the Hithadhoo main road while making a turn at high speed.

The pickup’s Bangladeshi driver, Thalib Ahmed, 21, also sustained injuries in the crash.

Three young men have died after road accidents on March 30 and April 10 in the southernmost atoll, where several fatal accidents occur each year.

In November, a 33-year-old man died following a motorcycle accident whilst two men died in September after their motorcycle collided with a pickup.