Husband restrained while wife gang raped

A group of men are alleged to have gang raped a woman on Fuvahmulah after dragging her to a beach and restraining her husband.

Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shameen from Fuvahmulah police said the group of men, “we don’t know how many”, stopped the couple on their motorbike last night before taking them to a remote beach on the island.

The men restrained the husband while the women was raped.

Shameen said police had brought in three men for questioning, while a special team from Male’ had been dispatched to investigate the incident.

“There has been huge support from islanders,” he said, adding that “we are waiting for the doctor’s report to confirm the couple’s condition.”

An island resident familiar with the situation reported that six attackers had used ‘face veils’ to hide their identities, and pointed a knife at the husband’s neck to restrain him.

The islander also said the woman had suffered severe trauma and was not allowing anyone to come near her.

Atoll councillor Hassan Saeed “strongly condemned” the attack and said “the public should work together to stop such indicents.

“We must always work to maintain the peace and harmony of Fuvahmulah,” he said.


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  1. Hi,
    These monsters will be released back into the community in a few weeks. No one seems to give a damn about the public anymore.

    All that the President cares about is overseas travel. Without a good leader the country has gone to the dogs.

    May god help the Maldives.


  2. "FACE VEILS" to "hide identities" - moonu burugas??? So isn't it time now to ban this inhuman dress code?

    Hasn't someone's wife smuggled a man into her house under a "face veil" too?

  3. Rizni; or into another community.

    Stuff like this has been going on for ages, even under the previous regime. It is only now that more and more are coming to the surface.

    There's a cycle of abuse. Remember that poor girl who was gang raped at axe point a few (?) years ago? And the judge initially ruled that it was consensual?!??!?!

    Politicians DO NOT CARE about things like this.

    Where was the outrage? There was none.


    Money. That's what it's all about; give the people a few liberties here and there to feel like it's all getting better.

    We are becoming so desensitized to rape, murder, and all sorts of atrocities.

    Things just "happen". The (traffic) police, well, they're always "on it".

  4. This isnt something to be politicized. I hope with the team arriving at Fuvahmulah, will be able to find this criminals sooner with new technologies like the finger print, DNA etc.

    There is so many criminals in the societry. Its time everyone work together to rid societies out of these criminals. I hope with new improvements in the education, attention on the drug issues will better our societies and make them safer.

  5. why usually people drag leaders to correct these type of acts?
    They can only control the situation when get worse.
    We need to peep into the culprit's own family, their background and try to find a solution a permanent solution to restrict them from these type of behaviours in future.
    Proper islamic culture and strong basic education is lacking!

  6. Dear Marina, in this article it isnt mentioned abt the moonu buruga wat is meant is guys used clothing to cover their face. dont be a "BOAGALHI".....n do u think the government or watever can ban the MOONU BURUGA, i wud hav to say sorry, NOBODY CAN STOP THAT, insha ALLAH...!!so dont be such a moron.

  7. So easily done... Criminals have advanced definitely. Although rape was common even somehow feels like such criminal behavior has definitely advanced. One main reason is wud b..the lack of such people being given the proper punishment. It happened Before and still continuing now. Thankfully rape, and other types of violence, including violence to children r reported now...and we do hear about it. But we still do not find that proper justice is given.

    Sadly, our complete justice system...including police work...investigation, forensics...etc and the charge shud be done so that such criminal r given the maximum punishment. Ruling shud be weighing heavily on such criminals. And if such laws r weak, then the laws shud b amended.
    How it b so can such criminals think they can get away with such things? ....because they do...

  8. This kind of thing has happens when people are sexually repressed in our society. It is not going to be solved by more repression like banning nigabs (Moonu-Burughas). I wish the things did not exist in our country, but more repression will never be good for our society or its development.

    Rape happens all the time. People are upset with this especially because the Husband was there too!? Maldivians have the foolishness to think and say that any woman who walks or goes out alone is just asking to be rapped. Come on, we've all heard people say ignorant things like this, but is this really okay!?!

    No, its not. Our society should protect everyone, and women should be able to walk around islands and the capital without fear. People do not like this instance because it attacks the notion that being with a woman's husband will keep the girl safe.

    These men thought about the crime, then kidnapped and tortured both individuals while rapping the women. The should be put away for life. Rape is just as bad as Murder, except that victim lives and relives that moment for years to come.

    I've talked with over half a dozen rape victims now, the problem in Maldives has been beyond control for too long. These girls are traumatized and have issues with intimacy, their marriages and relationships are adversely affected and it is not a crime that lasts a few torturous moments or hours. It continues. On and on. Rape can never be condoned. On in jokes, not on mobile videos, not on youtube. Enough is enough.

  9. Although, not quite relevant. Moon buruga is the way used here to disguise the identities to gang rape a married woman. We know for a fact, some of these so-called religious people, do committ all the atrocities in the world under the guise of religion. Be it drug dealing, drug abuse, violent crimes, social disharmoney, promote division, bomb blast etc all these are done under the guise of religion. There may be a few who cover up as a religious obligation. we need to ban this for the greater good of the society and humanity.

  10. Dear Mooonu,
    thank you for commenting on the post.
    I have questioned whether it could have been a moonu burugaa, or not. Maybe it was just any kind of face veil.
    That doesn't matter.
    Fact is, that in the past, people have abused it to smuggle things or even themselves - apart from the fact that it is inhuman. Pakistanizing our society.
    It WAS stopped in the past and it can be stopped again. Probably not with extremists sitting in the Islamic Ministry...

  11. Allah will give the best punishment for this rapist, May Allah help Maldives..
    Main fault is people are not scared of Police, in Maldives if you see a police they looks like funny.

  12. Hey Marina, why don't we ban having such hands in the society..bombs are being detonated using mobile work hard to ban it...

  13. Dearest Marina, even if you ban the veils, do these gangs care about it..drugs are banned every tend to believe they know better than the ONE who created them..u idiot.

  14. "This kind of thing has happens when people are sexually repressed in our society" .... then why is US having one of the highest cases of rape in the world?... are you saying, people are sexually represed in US socity than ours?

  15. Dear Mazin,

    I request you to use the most applicable words in your articles.

    Face veils are mainly used to cover face by women. So it is not applicable to use that word in your article. It should be "masked men".

    I hope you would improve, when working in a online especially like Minivan News.

  16. Hi,
    When does covering the face become inhumane and covering the body is not.
    These rapists were wearing shirts and pants.. should shirts and pants also be banned in the Maldives? Some women have been caught smuggling drugs into the country in their undepants. Does this mean that underpants should also be banned.

    We are moving into the age of liberal democracy. Please dont preach to ban everything people wear or do. Please don't become fanatics.


  17. I think rather than trying to apportion the blame on the leaders and others, why not look at our own selves. We have strayed away from our religion. We do not care if others do anything so long as it does not affect us. It is time that we take the initative and educate the public about these issues. I also wonder what time was it when this crime took place? I suppose usually it is towards midnight.

  18. Let's direct the rage we all feel towards ensuring that the rapists are put behind bars and that the victims are provided with the necessary support systems.
    Everyone should follow this case very closely, check out the judge who will be ruling, keep tabs on the investigations that will (hopefully) be done etc.

  19. In our country courts judges don't believe DNA or any other technologies, only there need is eye witness. So how can anyone stop it, in this incident tell me who is eye witness ??
    It's all about LAW nothing come on to this as politics, cause if proper law enforcer we can't stop this in any way.

  20. isn’t raping prohibited or isn’t it a crime. do you think if you ban face veil criminals wont wear it. do you think criminals are wearing face weil becouse it is not banned. talk sensitively. dont try to make others fool.

  21. we should ban face veils not beacuse it will be used by criminals, but because IT INHIBITS WOMEN.

  22. politicians and dont care about u(maldivians) u already know what they care about.

    Maldives is all about politics, money, power, MDP, DRP, cofee's, bike rides around male', gossips and mating.

    and now the country is going backwards after the religious extremists hijacks the countries democracy..

  23. for every action there is a reaction.How many of us really know the husband of this incident is innocent, may be he might have involved in some kind of relationship with a sister or a wife of one of the gang members........
    And of course we are blessed with a superb judicial system.

  24. If no one is scared of god or punishment for their crimes, then they will never be scared of anybody no police or no one. This is the beginning of all crimes and wrong doings. The materialistic world is free to do whatever they want to do. In our case, in every way our society, politics and governments failed to provide protection and peace in this country. This is exactly what will happen after a dictatorship, every where it is witnessed today. So I call the society to take action and be more responsible. If we do not care about ourselves then who will?. We should love others most importantly our neighborhoods and our society as we love our loved ones or our self. We have been inherited and destructed with crimes, drugs, politics, religion and so on. So society get on your feet and take action to stop crime this is the most powerful action, no police force or court will be able to deliver social harmonization unless we work together for this. I questioned where are the families , parent of these people, how do they eat and live among us. So don't point fingers to others.

  25. amdey: you don't need to be scared of god. u need to understand human values. You need to learn to respect people as much as you want them to respect you.

    Fear is a mechanism in your body for self defense, not to discipline you. Leaders usually take advantage of fear to control people, nations etc.

  26. after 30 years of despotic rule systematically this country has been changed to the most sick society in the world, but most frightening part is that there are much more sick people here who call themselves lawyers who will go and defend these pathetic rapists while knowing that they committed this horrendous act of evil for the same of money...

  27. "... there are much more sick people here who call themselves lawyers who will go and defend these pathetic rapists while knowing that they committed this horrendous act of evil for the same of money…"

    Yes, you've succinctly described what a Lawyer does, and its not exclusive to the Maldives.


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