Police fail to bring murder suspect to court

Police on Thursday failed to bring murder suspect Mohamed Samah to the Criminal Court for sentencing.

A court official told local media that the verdict was due to be delivered at Thursday’s hearing, which was cancelled after police did not bring the accused to court despite repeated requests by the judge.

Samah is accused of stabbing police Lance Corporal Adam Haleem to death on the island of Kaashidhoo in Kaafu atoll on July 22.

Following his arrest, Samah confessed to the crime and asked for forgiveness, claiming that the incident occurred while he was under the influence of drugs.

At the last hearing in early November, Samah however told the judge that police extracted the confession through torture.

Samah reportedly told the judge that he would prefer to face the death sentence under Islamic shariah than endure torture in custody.

The judge revealed at the last hearing that three of Haleem’s heirs had opted for qisas (retaliation or death for death).

Following Thursday’s hearing, the Criminal Court – along with the Civil Court and High Court – broke for a 15-day recess. The murder trial will therefore resume after December 15.


5 thoughts on “Police fail to bring murder suspect to court”

  1. Oops!
    Police failing to bring the murderer their Lance Corporal for sentencing!
    Minivan News, is this not a joke????

  2. He's probably so battered and bruised it would be bad for them to deliver him.

  3. i wonder HRCM did a check on him.. they have the mandate and the power to do so. but as usual, too lazy to lift their bottoms i guess...

  4. Beating confessions out of suspects is a Gayoom regime tactic. Sad to see this is still the police MO.


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