5 thoughts on “Imports, exports rise in 2012 as current account deficit worsens”

  1. If they think people will pay such outrageous taxes without a blood-besotted, bitter fight, they're sorely mistaken.

  2. Can any one answer where this Government is leading the country.

    And with all these negative money they want to pay GMR USD 500 Million

    From where will the money come again burden on people

    We people should not accept for all false deeds of this Government

  3. @ahmed on Tue, 4th Dec 2012 10:14 AM.

    The most closest and likely place that we are being lead towards is so far by President Nasheed.

    The coalition who claimed that President Nasheed was over spending people's money, once in power had ruined the universal health insurance and many more other schemes and development programs President Nasheed had introduced and successfully been seen through.

    With the insufficiency of devouring the budget for this year to satisfy the needs of the forces who brought them to power, the very people who like mad wolves howling that President Nasheed was misusing public funds etc. etc. are now unable to meet ends are now ashamelessly increasing GRT to a record 15% in the budget for 2013.

    This to my believe cannot be a figure that President Nasheed would ever come to think of, which ever way he was in need of money for whatsoever!

    Over and above the GRT increment, Customs Duty majority of which President Nasheed had abolished once again is said to be imposed in 2013. This means that tax, in direct and indirect form could to rise to 25% or more!

    This simply is hilarious! And this is the reason why it is possible to believe that we are being blind folded and lead towards a camouflaged pit!

  4. Universal health scheme that Nsheed had introduced is a scam not a genuine policy.

    Why did Nasheed abolish the previous health plan he himself introduced and then form a new scheme ? This is because, the previous health scheme had failed to pay huge amount of money to the supplier and got bankrupted and Nasheed had no choice and then create another scheme .

    Health scheme failed because there were no proper procedures in place to ensure that the policy is not able to misuse by the Nashees associates. Many of the health centers who are entitled to provide the service under the new scheme kept on billing even without doing any work and use the people name to prepare the invoices.

    These places were mostly run by MDP members .

    GMR is the main issue to have shortage of dollars in the country and they are taking 99% of the income out of maldives and 1% is for the Maldives.

    We may not have to pay a huge compensation to GMR and we may ended up paying approximately the advance money that Nasheed had taken.

    GMR will not be able to claim the money that they have given under the table to Nasheed and his associates which is half of the money that they had spent in Maldives.

  5. There is no increase in the Imports iff you consider the volume or weight of the Imports. The CIF value is not an accurate finger. The reason why the value increase is Exchange rate and worldwide increase of commodity price. We know very well that the number of ships calling to Male Port is going down. Why not some do an analysis on this before publishing.


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