Independence Day celebrations: Nasheed vows to continue fight against corruption

The Maldives celebrated its 45th Independence Day on July 26th and 27th.

Following a special prayer conducted after the dawn prayer, President Mohamed Nasheed inaugurated and launched different government offices and institutions in Male’.

Flag Hoisting Ceremony

Following the dawn prayer, a flag hoisting ceremony was held at Jumhoory Maidhaan where the large national flag is located. Students at senior posts of different schools, the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) and police attended the ceremony.

Addressing the nation, President Nasheed promised to fulfill the mandate given him by the people to consolidate democracy and create the foundations of good governance in the Maldives.

Nasheed said the government would remain resolute in freeing the country from “the bondage of corruption”.

“As the flag of independence flies high, it is a greater national duty to free the country from suspicions in the hearts of the people that bribery and corruption have taken root in the legislature and the judiciary,” he said.

“Unlike previous regime changes, the replacement of government in 2008 did not completely end the power of those connected to the previous regime,” Nasheed said.

The same officials who worked in the previous regime remain active in the executive, courts, and other institutions, he said.

“If [after the presidential elections in 2008] any change came to the bond that existed between the previous leadership and the executive and the judicial branches over those 30 long years, such change was only small,” Nasheed said.

He said he did not want to accept that the government’s power lay in the use the force: “of guns, shackles, and the pillory.”

“The government’s power that we believe in is that of serving the people,” said the President.

Describing the reasons for the current political impasse, the President said “because of the restraint shown…against the influence from officials of previous government, their hopes for coming back to power have flared up.”

“As their pace to come back to power quickened, the constitutional framework was becoming unsettled, disrupting the provision of basic services to the people.”

The President said that to find a long term solution to the political impasse, it was essential to strengthen the constitution as it presently “does not allow an effective presidential system.”

“To my mind, if we want to find a [long term] solution to the current problems, we must amend some articles in the constitution.”

The President reiterated that he was “ready to give way for any elections required in order to bring about those amendments.”

“At no point will I hesitate to face the people and learn what they desire.”

Velaanage inauguration

State Dignitary Ibrahim Rasheed inaugurated Velaanaage, the office complex built on the housing compound of the residence of the Velaanaage family who had rendered invaluable services to the Maldives.

Ibrahim Nasir, the first President of the Second Republic of the Maldives, lived in Velaanaage.

Ibrahim Rasheed addressing the people, said the Maldives continue to receive the valuable services from members of Velaanaage family.

At the ceremony, President Mohamed Nasheed donated a historic shield to President Nasir’s Memorial Room in Velaanaage. The shield was sent to President Ibrahim Nasir on his inauguration as the first President of the Second Republic of the Maldives in November 1968 by President Lyndon B. Johnson of USA.

Fifteen years ago, President Nasir gave the shield to his youngest son Ismail Nasir, who later presented it to President Nasheed. He also spoke on the importance of the Memorial Room which will display manuscripts and some other memorabilia belonging to President Nasir and his family.

In his remarks at the ceremony, President Nasheed said the Velaanaage family was one of the oldest families in the Maldives.

Inauguration of Iskandhar Building

Vice president Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik inaugurated the Maldives Police Service Iskandharu Building, a building to house the police forensic department and containing modern technologies for the forensic investigation of crimes.

Dr Waheed said that ensuring the rule of law and protecting the rights of the people were the primary duties of police.

He said that while the key to people’s happiness and society’s strength lay in their confidence in justice and the rule of law and justice, it was a responsibility of police to ensure the rule of law in the country.

In his remarks at the ceremony held at Iskandharu Koshi, to inaugurate the building, Commissioner of Police Ahmed Faseeh said the building would ease the difficulties faced by lack of space and thus help improve the quality of services to the people.

Inauguration of National Museum

President Mohamed Nasheed inaugurated the new National Museum, which was built with the assistance of the Chinese government’s aid program, ‘China Aid’.

Speaking at the ceremony, Nasheed said the Maldives has a long history, with a written history of more than 1,000 years.

Nasheed said the lessons from history “teach us to respect and uphold human rights.” He said that Maldivians, today, would no longer tolerate any form of abuse or torture.

He thanked everyone involved in the Museum project.

“I would especially like to thank Chinese President Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao, the government and the people of China,” he said.

Parade and Guard of Honor

President Mohamed Nasheed and Madam Laila Ali attended a parade and route march held to celebrate the Independence Day.

Upon their arrival at Jumhooree Maidhaan, the President and the First Lady were greeted by Minister of Home Affairs Mohamed Shihab and his wife Aminath Shimla.

The President was received a Presidential Salute, after which the brass band of the MNDF played the National Anthem. The Armed Forces Guard then trooped past the Presidential Stand.

Music Show

In the celebration of the independence day a music show was held at the main stage at Alimas Carnival in Male. Famous actor ‘Chilhiya’ Moosa Manik presented the show. Old traditional songs were performed at the show by different artists. More than 50 people attended to watch the show.

A special function by the President and First lady was held at Dharubaaruge last night. Senior government officials, independent commissions and diplomats attended the function.

Rain cancelled other events

On July 27, other events scheduled for Independence Day were cancelled due to bad weather. The parade of the Maldives National Cadet Corps and bands of students scheduled to be held yesterday evening were also cancelled, along with the other events.


15 thoughts on “Independence Day celebrations: Nasheed vows to continue fight against corruption”

  1. Congrats!! Minivan News for your efficient news reporting capabilties.

  2. Cronyism is the twin brother of corruption. Nasheed established the biggest crony government less a year in office.

  3. That's funny - because the opposition and their cronies are still busy being corrupt. =)

    And even twin brothers can be polar opposites. Ask the Nazi and the Jew.

  4. I find some of these news reports to be a bit long and boring. Maybe its something to do with me and not the reporting style.

  5. this just a fight between two rival political families and there associates in the name of corruption, velaanaage associates and kaamineege associates, while the co founders of corruption in this country is with President nasheed, they are dictator Nasir's loyalists .. they are the people who stole the lands and the money ... and the last thirty years corruption will be on the side of kaaminee family .. so where would we start ? should we leave the co founders of corruption behind? this really is Revenge by Nasir's velaanaage associates, poor masses are in between to abuse

  6. @hameed on Wed, 28th Jul 2010 3:56 PM

    Says: "Cronyism is the twin brother of corruption. Nasheed established the biggest crony government less a year in office."

    This is a complete false ideology and can be regarded as a "logical fallacy".
    Cronyism by definition is partiality to long-standing friends, especially by appointing them to positions of authority, regardless of their qualifications. Hence, cronyism is contrary in practice and principle to meritocracy. Cronyism exists when the appointer and the beneficiary are in social contact; often, the appointer is inadequate to hold his or her own job or position of authority, and for this reason the appointer appoints individuals who will not try to weaken him or her, or express views contrary to those of the appointer. Politically, "cronyism" is derogatorily used.

    In the statements of Hameed he is using it derogatorily.

    In reality any government will have people whom they can trust and effective for the job. That is the only way possible to implement policies of the government in order to make it practically functional and for the benefit of the whole nation.

    The reality on the ground is clear as crystal. An effective,honest and truthful opposition is missing. Instead the Opposition Parties are united to bring down this government out of vengeance,hatred and desires for excessive instant power.

    No one who speaks truth and honest can compare this regime with the previous regime for any traits they possessed while in power. Let alone cronyism!

  7. Independent of what? a country who cannot manufacture a simple paper clip or gram of rice, how can it be independent?

  8. Well, we can't make a gram of rice, but sure as hell know how to consume kilos of cocaine!

    The only permanent solution to our troubles is for certain elements of the former regime to 'retire' from politics. If they do, we can forget about their past dirt.

  9. @ Bismuth

    "The reality on the ground is clear as crystal. An effective,honest and truthful opposition is missing. Instead the Opposition Parties are united to bring down this government out of vengeance,hatred and desires for excessive instant power."

    Let us for a moment assume what you said to be true.
    The question then is do we need an "effective, honest and truthful opposition" for the effective running of the government?

    This leads to more questions in my mind.
    Is the government unable to deliver because something is not right with their opposition?
    Is the government making blunder after blunder because the opposition is not correcting them?
    Has the government ended up in the messy state they are in today because their opposition did not prevent them from being there?
    Has the life for an average Maldivian become so difficult because the opposition is not making it better for them?

    This almost make it seem it is the opposition that is keeping the government standing.

    Accept it, Bismuth, the government is unable to be the government we all expected it to be because of its own faults.

    But, like you, the government has always blamed either the opposition or the courts or the parliament or the CSC for their inefficiency.

    The only solution for the government is, as far as I think, to take a 180 degree turn and start all over again. Otherwise, things will be oscillating at or around the present state of affairs until the next election.

  10. @ Bismuth

    I am thinking 'logical fallacy' is perhaps not quite what you meant? I could find no reason why what hameed said is a logical fallacy.

    @ Rini

    That is because you have heard it and read it too many times before you read it here.

    @ Ekaloa

    Your definition of independence is too narrow that no country can squeeze in. 🙂

  11. Maldives never a colony of the British, we just signed out of a treaty we had with them.

    So its kind of a joke to celebrate as being free from the oppressive British (or English as its said here) rule.


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