Independent Institutions Committee investigating CSC Chair for alleged sexual harassment

Parliament’s Independent Institutions Committee has launched an investigation into alleged harassment of a female staff member by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Chair, Mohamed Fahmy.

Local newspaper Haveeru reported that the incident occurred on May 29 and the victim was a female senior research officer.

According to the paper, both Fahmy and the victim were summoned to committee after the complaint was lodged in the first week of June.

Fahmy was alleged to have called the female staff member over to him, taken her hand and asked her to stand in front of him so that others in the office could not see, and caressed her stomach saying ”it won’t do for a beautiful single woman like you to get fat.”

According to local media, the woman told her family about the incident, who then called Fahmy. Fahmy then sent her a text message apologising for the incident, reportedly stating, “I work very closely with everyone. But I have learned my lesson this time.”

Speaking to Minvian News today, Fahmy said the allegation was false “and a blatant lie.”

“The female staff member concerned did not win a scholarship to Singapore, and that is why she is doing this in return,” Fahmy said.

He alleged the claim was politically motivated issue, as she would have otherwise filed the case with police and not parliament.

“All I have to say is that it isn’t true,” he added.

Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef said the police cases database did not show that the case had been reported.


12 thoughts on “Independent Institutions Committee investigating CSC Chair for alleged sexual harassment”

  1. when run away school teachers and ex-headmasters dodge their education bonds and get into politics, you know the country has collapsed.

  2. 'School teachers and ex-headmasters' should especially have better ethics. Just goes to show the unbridled animal inside remains untamed and every once in a while it gets out of hand and primeval instinct can come rearing its monstrous head regardless of place or time. God! What a stifling atmosphere to work in. I have a feeling this is isn't the first time such a thing has happened and to the same female staff too. Because usually there has to be a beginiing and a series of events leading to such a bold act inside a place where there were other people. Compliancy too, to some degree from the female staff, whether from meekness due to his position or she feeling shy or inferior, rendering her inadequate to stand up to the flirtations so far. He, in turn might have taken her silence as consent. God knows, she might even have liked the attention paid to her, perhaps made her feel more womanly and might have told her experience at home for the fun of it. Or I might be very wrong here and she maybe totally innocent and feeling really bad about her experience. Whatever the case, there is more to this. If it had happened to me I would have taught him a more instant lesson. But then again I understand not everyone would be like me to act like me. Oh dear, what a hopeless situation. Now, all kinds of dodgings and accusations have risen. There is no 'proof' as such and each can deny the other's charges. A sticky 'investigation' is involved. Well, I hope the truth comes out and a good lesson be learnt by all office workers.

  3. Not only Fahmy, many Fahmy's are in action. Its also good to investigate other executives of the state institutions. Many cases of abuse of authority in these matters.

  4. Thi anhen kujjakee, kuree ulhunuofeehuge veriyaa aailaa roolaalaa badhuakhulaagee amalu dhemeehun ruhumugai ofeehugai kohfai emme fahun veriaayaa kaiveni kuri kujjaa.

  5. Seriously? This is what Fahmy is going to go with? For the record there hasn't ever been a scholarship from Singapore that was up for grabs at CSC. That is such a blatant lie! I shouldn't be surprised that from a man of his caliber that such a lie should emerge, but nevertheless I find that I still am!

    It would have been better to come up with a more believable excuse. And yes, someone needs to investigate and dig deeper to find out the truth behind his character. I have encountered many a story, women who have been and are afraid to come out and say that they have been harassed by him because the Maldivian society truly is a prejudiced one if there ever was one and you never know how it would react in the face of such controversial issues.

    I am really proud of the way that girl has stood up for herself. At least, people would be doubly cautious now before having the sort of "close" working relationship with their employees as Fahmy prefers to have with the female employees of his.

    Am truly appalled and disgusted with the way Fahmy has reacted with such disregard to the values he has promised to uphold as the head of the civil service, a man who should be an example to all has truly failed!

  6. Fahumy doesn't know!
    there's no fat that is not beauty

  7. Sheik Bon-Aqua did the same thing on video but no case was ever been filed by anyone.

    Fahmy eynage bandu modey hedhee zuvaan kamuge joashu gai jehigen.

  8. I just wonder whether Mr Fahmy had "caressed" his own belly in recent times and gave himself the same advice that he gave to the lady in question.

    I am not saying that Mr Fahmy is guilty, since our law clearly entitles a man to his innocense until proven otherwise. This case deserves attention, since it could uncover a lot of such sinister activities among male bosses in this country.

    This is also not something new, since this sort of derogatory behaviour towards female staff have been going on for decades within the walls of government offices. Quite a few "holier than thou" politicians are very guilty of these crimes.

  9. When Beerahtehi Qabulhi Katheebs leads these type of things are inevitable. These people may hold "doctorates" concering something to do with "small islands" but in fact their brains are not yet properly evolved.

    These Qabulhees are good at "Valhudiya hihkun", Furaalhu Folhun and things of this nature. When Qabulhees are appointed to head government institutions the country will be in a mess.

    Just count the number of Qabulhees in various posts. Qayoom did this knowingly.

  10. Lol. @ ahmed b suvadheeb on Mr Fahmy's advice. That is soo funny. Frown @ Hassan Fareed

  11. The dictators regime exposes women as second rank inferior citizens. Result is that men in higher positions think and act accordingling.

  12. Hassan Fareed. you need to come out of effects of what you eat, "masthu" first, to be able to comment, so that you know who is who, and which is which.


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